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Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 3



  • Hey Louhun moan away sweetie that's what we are here for. I had exactly the same issue with dh last cycle we had huge rows about it 2 days in a row and I felt pretty devastated that it was reducing my chances, the following day was ovulation day so I got him twice that day lol, which is not normal for us. Men just don't seam to understand the effect it has on us, we have to wait a whole cycle for that chance again and when ur ttc it feels like a life time away. 

    My opks are playing tricks on me too this cycle, I'm just about to do another one today cd12 but so far they are practically nothing since the strong one on cd 8. Also CB digital never shows anything for me with fmu I always use smu, was wasting tests doing it when ur meant to xx

  • Thank you Emy xx no  our other halves don't seem to understand how stressed we get. We spend hours temping , poas, researching and all we expect from them is a couple of mins BDing and even that seems like too much trouble for them sometimes ! Like you say, the next cycle seems like a lifetime away. Could you have ovulated on cd8? What do your temps say? My clearblue is the dual hormone one and says to use fmu. Is yours the dual hormone one? Maybe I should try smu. Thanks for your help xx 

  • Yes mine is the dual hormone one too, just never shows with fmu even though they say fmu. It's odd. It's possible I could have ovulated early or I'm going to ovulate late. Just trying to cover whole month with bding just in case. Will screen shot my temps X 

  • image Silly me forgot to check it yesterday though. 

  • That one shows o slightly later because I ovulated late last month on my second surge x

  • I will try smu then with my clearblue. Like you say, they are expensive so don't want to be wasting them. You do have a dip about CD8 so maybe you did ovulate. Perhaps see if your temps continue to rise now. This is what our dh's don't realise we do - all this stressing and analysing . They get the easy bit to do! The annoying thing is when we are not  ttc he is more  than happy to oblige but he just hates feeling like he has  got to perform on demand 😁

  • Good morning everyone. CD45.... this is sooooooooooo getting to me.  Cramping a bit so hoping the witch will show.... or maybe it's just gas. Super gassy. 

    Medusa it could still be IB. Maybe normally 5-12dpo I think but maybe the day u predicted for O may not have been n it happened orrrrrr the blood is really late coming out.

    Louhan you should treat yourself to something you like. This gets really stressful. I don't have that issue with OH. Maybe becuz he doesn't like when I b*tch. If I want I have to get or I'm gonna take it. Lol! He has no choice in this really.... if he's too tired at times I understand but I transform into a monster if he even gives an attitude as if he's not in the mood lol

  • Lol loreli you are funny!!! 

  • Good morning ladies.  How is everyone doing?  I'm currently watching A baby story. I'm so jealous lol. I want a baby 😊

  • Hi Ladies 

    Well just to confuse matters all together I had a private scan carried out today for a full fertility check 

    I posted this morning my ff chart and opk results ff  chart showing ovulation and opk a possible ovulation.   Now I opk from the start of this month 2x a day morning and early evening. All opk test are crystal clear from sat evening Sunday. 

    Got everything scanned and surprise there is a nice big fat ripe egg ready to release in 2 to 3 days.

    The next few days and weekend will be very interesting regarding my opk results and temp.  I will keep you all informed how that goes and if it matches what is found on the scan.

    But leaves me questioning are the temperature and opk as reliable as we think and could we be missing out by reading we have ovulate and taken a break from sex to find that actually we are only days away again from ovulation 

  • Gosh ready and waiting - it just shows that you can't trust the apps completely. Yes keep us updated with your opks and temps. What are your opks showing today? Looks like you have a busy weekend ahead 😉😉

  • Everything is showing a big fat negative and chart says 3dpo so it does just show at least I know not to give up and keep going me and dh enjoying being close again and even on the nights I tell him to take a break he still can't help it lol so at least it's fun still.  Will certainly keep you all updated as this is so strange for me also lol

  • Maybe I won't give up hope yet either then. Mine are all negative and am on cd14 . Hopefully I will be the same as you. good luck xxxx

  • Ready and waiting thank you so much for posting that info it's very interesting to know, did they have any insigh as to why opks are not showing anything? Looking forward to seeing what happens for you. Xx

  • If you dont mind me asking ready and waiting what is your cervical mucus like? Even though my opks are negative I seem to have loads of CM which I thought was a fertile sign. Is so confusing! 

  • Hey Louhun - I know what you mean about the DH - mine hates performing on demand or having to "schedule" it in - it causes friction for sure. I actually don't like it either - but I want a baby sooooo badly. (My sister just had a baby girl on the summer and I am trying not to be jealous but I sooooo am) anyhow, I know the DH wants a baby too but I think they are just wired differently and think it'll just happen...he's more relaxed about it for sure. As for the CM - I am 11 DPO I have a creamy white CM - not a lot - I had more of it around 5-9  DPO.... my CP is very high and soft....but I hear that is not an accurate way to test for pregnancy. I got a BFN this morning when I tested....UGH! AF is due in 4 days... so we will see. I am hopeful still. I try and tell myself to not test daily as it totally ruins the mood for the day but I cannot help it!!! I never thought having a baby would be this stressful. SO many of the girl at work are preggers right now too.... or perhaps I am just seeing beautiful pregnant bellies everywhere because it's on my mind so much!

  • Yes starlight I keep seeing pregnant bellies everywhere. It's hard . It must be even harder for you if your sister has just had a baby. You will get there. Hopefully this month. I will keep my fingers crossed for your bfp next time you test xxxx

  • Lo han Deffo don't give up its crazy I am CD 16 or 3dpo lol so just keep trying will let you know how my tests go

  • Thank you @Louhan

    Baby dust to all :)

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