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Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 3



  • image any idea why it's still counting down to pregnancy test.when we know I'm not? Isn't it supposed to just stop counting until I know what's up with AF? wondering why it gave me another ovulation period. How could something just dissolve n then I have an ovulation? My doctor keeps telling me to be patient n I'm tired of being patient coz the only patient I wanna be is his pregnant patient....  I've zero patience right now. I've never even heard of a cycle 45. Who does that? 

    It's official...I'm a weirdo. 

    Guys, LovibleK has been vomiting since yesterday and will be going to her doctor to find out what's wrong. That's y she's not talking. Hope they say she's pregnant n the pee stick missed it.

  • Oh no, hope she feels better soon... the app might be assuming you haven't ovulated yet... I did hear that if you have cysts that can cause random positive OPKs. Must be so annoying.

    been to the water park today and scared myself silly on the slides! Bus broke down on the way there so they had to send another one out to us at the side of the road!!! Only us!!!!

    am still getting a weird pulling sensation in my tummy but that's about all the symptoms i have.... and a veiny booby! lol BDing away anyway as OV shlould be between Monday-Wednesday next week. Can't wait to get home and POAS! Lol getting withdrawals!!! 

  • HI lovely ladies! 

    Hope everyone is feeling OK! So hard not to get fed up and BD does feel like a chore sometimes this TTC takes the romance put of it for sure! But will be worth it soon ladies when you have your little Bubbas! 

    Butterfly your so funny! POAS withdrawal 😂, sounds like your having a fab time! 

    The Ovia app kept changing my fertility window and pregancy test last month I found it super stressful so kind of ignoring it this month and just putting basic details in. Hope loveiblek is alright? Keep us updated when is the doctors?

    Hope everyone else is OK? Emy, East, Joe, foodie, ready, medusa, louhan ( and anyone else i missed this group is getting big) baby dust and virtual hugs! 

    Any news from baby wanted? I hope she is doing well x


  • Sorry to hear about the bfn easycoast, nice to hear you are still positive though as you still have time for a lovely BFP this cycle.

    Loreli I think ovia is just assuming AF arrived and you didn't put in the info. Hopefully you will be able to Correcut it soon but I suspect it will be messed up for your next cycle too as it will assume a much later ovulation unless you put a positive opk in when you get it then it should sort it's self out, next cycle I mean. If I were you just ignor it at the moment, it doesn't have a clue what's going on with your body. How long will you wait for AF before thinking about giving it a hand or are you completely off that idea ? 

    Very sorry to hear loviblek is feeling unwel, wishing her well soon and hoping its because   has a little bun or maybe two in the oven. 

    Buterfly what a nightmare with the bus at least you got there in the end and sounds like you had fun. Is that just the vainey booby 😂 

    Medusa how are you feeling? 

    Hope everyone else is doing ok, much love to all ❤️❤️

  • Thanks Emy! Staying to stay positive but a little discouraged today.

  • Thnx Emy!

    Here's something funny! I just called my boyfriend my sack of rice n he said I'm such an a$$hole 😂😂 he thought I was making fun of him n telling him that his "sacks" got rice in them Lol!!!!😂  lmfao!!! 

    I can't stop laughing! 

    Emy, say hi to your keg of diesel for me! Lolimage

    Lol!!!!! Thnx for the laugh crazy dude lol!

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 if anyone ever calls me a bag of cement I will cry lol

  • Evening guys.  I am just so tiered all week  I left house at  7:30 morning and got home around 9 pm.  It s just to much.

    Sorry to hear loviblek is not OK but maybe there is a baby growing in there. 

    Dh doesn't like to perform on demand, he did say once he feels like a Sex sclave.  But I just told him Better get down sclave and make me happy. 😆😆 but yeah,  men don't  get our frustration with ttc. And to be fare sometimes I don't feel like bd but I know we have to. 

    God knows what is going on with my body.  I was sure I was pregnant this month.  I felt like I had 2 rocks instead of breasts,  cramps and nausea. Felt just different.  Then symptoms stopped.  Then the black discharge appeared. Now I feel that the witch is here. Tings are turning  red  and cramps are settling in.  Sorry for tmi. At least I get to have a drink this weekend and have a hot bath. 

  • Loreli - what app do you use? it looks better than mine lol

  • My oh says he is not a machine.... whatevs! Dance for me bitch lol

  • Well I'm moving over into your thread now ladies, ov finishes tonight but im exhausted so no bd tonight. I think I actually ov'd a few days ago so hopefully we caught it. 

    My partner had a vasectomy reversal in July and this is our second month of trying so fingers crossed. Good luck ladies!

  • Welcome :) we have a laugh and a moan :)

  • Lol @laugh and moan. Welcome! 

    I use [email protected]

  • Welcome Cer :) omg butterfly.... dance sex slave dance lol I joke because it's all too real for me too lol they don't get it. ill be 12 dpo tomorrow... really praying for that BFP. I felt some cramping today in my ovaries .... it's either a late implanting or AF is gearing up...I don't normally get cramps until AF is already here but who knows. My cycle is 28-32 days ...normally 29 days. Im due on Sunday. At the very latest Tuesday. 

  • Omg flashing smiley face on clearblue today! hoping for my static smiley soon 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Morning girls

    lol loreli 😂😂😂 any news from lovibleks visit to the doctors ? 

    Medusa hoping AF doesn't show Hun

    Hi cer, how's it going? Did your dh have the test to see what his levels are now ? Good luck for this month X 

    eastcoast fingers crossed for a nice BFP from you over the next few days

    louhan get dancing girl, I haven't done mine yet today but hopefully will see flashing or maybe even solid. I haven't been feeling well since last night, got into bed felt very sick and dizzy tried to sleep and ignore it, woke up this morning with a headache and feeling rough and sicky, funny twinges in my tummy. If I was further on in my cycle I would probably convince myself it was implantation or something. Unless I did ovulate early but still assuming that's not the case and it's yet to happen.

    how are the other lovely ladies feeling? Xx

  • Nothing to report here.... still getting bloating and gassy tummy and had a dodgy tum last 2 days but that's prob just over eating! Still getting the twinge in my left side. Last full day today so relaxing some more 😂 lots of no pressure BDing :) 

    cp is high and soft still... looking forward to POAS on Sunday 😂

  • Good luck for Sunday butterfly, hope u have lots of fun today on your last day. Wave at me as you come into land tomorrow x

    i did an opk with my smu and its nearly positive so I think I am going to ovulate on time as expected. Only confusing thing is CB digital dual hormone was completely neg solid circle. But will try again later today if opk is a bit stronger than the last one. Can't wait to get in to the tww officially. Feeling very hopeful for this month 😬. image 

  • Yay :) mine is from Monday I think, am cd9 today.... or not... eek! Lol 

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