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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • Ally b it should be enough then :)

  • thanks ladies 

  • Hello ladies, has anyone tried the SMEP plan or the  pineapple core and   Brazil nuts ?? I’ve read about the pineapple will help with   Implantation. And the SMEP plan will help to  conceive 

  • SMEP doesn't seem much different than normal trying to me. I never heard about nuts and pineapple but who knows?

    I did hear about fertility statue in blackpool though 😂

  • Lol right. i was like okay this SMEP is like the same way people try and  conceive. But I will try the  pineapple and nuts and I’ll let y’all know if it works. Lol I’m currently on cycle day 9 and have been baby dancing every other day since cycle day 6. I will start to OPK tomorrow cycle  day 10th. I’m excited to try again 

  • Good luck Ally :) I'd try all of it. Maybe it does work! When I got pregnant we were trying pretty much every day and my hubby hated the O word 😂 

  • My problem with bd'ing is that if we start too early in the cycle, my hubby might not feel like it come Oday.. it is kind of what happened this cycle.. We BD CD9, 11, 12(x2) and Od was CD14 or CD13..

  • It seems ok to me. Sperm can survive for days. We were trying on CD 11,12,13,14&15 and my ovulation was on CD18 and I got pregnant 😁

  • Billythekitty maybe save your man for when you get positive Ovulation test and baby dance from then onwards xx

  • hey ladies has anyone ever gotten cramps days before ovulation?? 

  • Ally b i had cramps befire ovulation last month, don’t get them every month though and not sure what it means to be fair

  • Patia same not sure what it means I’m not sure if I had them last month or maybe I didn’t pay attention lol. 

    Ladies I finally got my flashing smily face on my Clearblue  Digital OPK . this morning CD11 

  • imageWhat y’all think? ovulating coming soon??

  • Hiya guys I am just wondering if you can help me confirm if the test I took earlier is a bfp or bfn?! Only 9dpo so I know it's early but hate the tww! Thanks 🙂imageimage

  • 2018 baby it is negative but keep testing everyday. Good luck xx

  • Ally b yes it’s definitely on its way, the line should be as dark as the test line or even darker. Hope it helps xx

  • Patia thanks. patia have you started testing yet 

  • Ally b i have left it to the nature from now on as it bring a lot of unnecessary stress

  • Sounds like a plan. Good luck 

  • Hi guys, my ovulation ended 7 days ago. My boobs started hurting 4 dpo and I have never experienced such expect  few days to my period. I sleep a lot, have cramps and one bad ass headache. Hope I am pregnant cause me and my man plan to marry next yr
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