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6 dpo - Anyone having symptoms? Xx



  • It does look pink to me! And I did one the day after and it was thinner than the control line but still a pink faint line, but now I can't see anything on any tests im doing so my head is all over the place! Im thinking they must be evaps or something because surely my hcg would be going up? I dont think it's possible for it to detect them 3 days ago and now nothing?!


  • Craly have you tried a digital test? Mine's were very faint lines on Tesco own make brand. I go a BFP from evening urine. Didn't drink anything for at least couple hours beforehand xx

  • yes i used ovulation sticks xx

  • I think they could've been evaps. Wait few days and test again. I really think it was too early to show yet

    Hi Brookes :) congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

  • Patia I’m 6 days away from AF and I haven’t bothered testing yet. I think it’s too early, the spotting may be implantion, so you wouldn’t necesscarily get a BFP right at the same time, sounds like you may get one soon tho! Hcg may need some extra time to build So test can detect it. Exciting! 

    I havent had spotting this time and didn’t with my previous mc So don’t have much experience of this. 

    My head is banging though, can you take paracetamol? is it ibuprofen they don’t recommend as it messes with implantation or the uterus lining or something? So many rules 🙈 can’t keep up! 

    Craly if you have few positives I don’t think you need to worry, certain tests will be more sensitive and maybe your body is just building hcG. I’d test with first response in a few days and hopefully will return to BFP! If you had a chemical mc you almost always bleed heavily. So try not to worry! Fingers crossed For you xxx

  • Sorry Broody fof misspelling your name! I've seen you joined April mums :)

    Craly I think it must've been a bad batch or something. But at the same time it doesn't mean you're not pregnant. Were you ttc for long?

  • SBW i won’t test again unless my AF is late as it’s wearing me out now lol 😂 

    i wish there’s no internet to be fair as there’s so many things people say and you don’t know what’s right or wrong and what should or shouldn’t be , it can be really daunting lol

    i need to relax 😎 lol

  • SBW paracetamol is fine, I'd take that :) Ibuprofen is not good but I'm not sure why either 🤷🏼‍♀️ when is your flight?

    Oh btw I need to share with you what I've read about today! Apparently low dose aspirin (75mg) every day can help to get pregnant as it helps to increase the flow of blood to the uterus. They say that it can be taken also in first trimester but I don't have the guts to test it.

    4 more hours for me 😂 I feel a bit more relaxed today, I actually had like 10 seconds of feeling sick. So maybe my symptoms are improving

  • Mag never heard about intake of aspirin in pregnancy to be fair🤔

  • Patia, same I’m trying to block it out my mind for a week & relax 😂 and if anyone looked at my google search history over the last week I’d be embarrassed, I’ve googled all sorts of strange things 😂 nothing like the internet for self diagnosis 🙈

    ive been awful today my husband is so sick of me moaning. Headaches not stop all day (could be sun/heat) plus sicky vomit feeling morning-mid aft. And so tired. I really have been a joy to be around 🙄🙄 if AF comes it’s going to be one hell of a period! Or ive ate something dodgy. 

    I fly on Tuesday Mag, dreading it! I know it shouldn’t have any affect but the circumstances are so similar to when I had the Mc. I tend to travel a lot so it’s so hard balancing that with TTC. Like putting your life on hold all the time! Glad you are relaxing a little now - so so excited for you!! Xxx

  • SBW, I feel like I've seen the whole internet! 😂 I've searched for "Can you get a positive pregnancy test if you have a phantom pregnancy" and "Do feet really grow during pregnancy" 😂

    Flying is safe :) don't worry!  And all the symptoms, it looks very very promising :)

  • Hi girls,

    I am hoping for a May '19 baby. I'm on my first cycle of ttc and have been symptom spotting the past 2 weeks. I've had bad nausea, sore boobs, cramping, very tired.. you name it. Did a digital early detection test (I know - I couldn't resist) as I am due in 4 days and it came back negative. Will try again in a few days, but the whole process is a lot more stressful than I anticipated. The best advice my pregnant friends gave me is to not stress, but I really feel as though I am pregnant.

    Fingers crossed for all of you!

  • Ohh I really hope so!! I don’t want to get too ahead of myself though. As this is first/second proper month back trying after the mc. 

    Haha that made me laugh, I hope my feet don’t get any bigger if I do get pregnant 😂 don’t want to have To buy all new shoes 😂! 

    Its hard with the symptoms because I don’t think you would get them this early so I’m inclined to think it’s just AF or something else. 🤷🏼‍♀️ fingers crossed though I’d love to be in our little pregnancy club! ☺️

    your Appointment is getting closerrr!! Excited For your news 😊 Xxx

  • Also do the folic acid tablets make anyone else feel a bit queasy? I’m not sure whether it’s them making me feel sick! Xxx

  • SBW i’m taking pregnacare conception and they have folic acid in them but i’ve not had any side effects xx

  • Mine are just from boots folic acid and vitamin D, i Picked them as they were quite small tablets and easier to take, but I swear it’s them making me feel sick now come to think of it, as the nausea starts about 30mins/1hr after I take them! I’ll switch them when I get home. read the reviews on boots website and there a few saying the same thing! Xx

  • Since Wednesday night I've been getting ... not really cramps? Twinges. Not really painful, but definitely there. By last night I was feeling pain in my right abdomen. Today I got sharp pains in my left abdomen.

    No aversion from food, no sore boobs. I do feel bloated, but my pants aren't tighter. Stuffy nose, constant thirst. 7dpo, still a BFN with first response (too early), and AF is due in 6 days.

    I normally don't get AF cramps until two days into it.

  • SBW - I take a multi vitamin and if I do not eat breakfast soon after I also feel sick. Might be too harsh on an empty stomach? Try eating before taking it! :)

  • Rosebelle - The TWW is a lot more nerve wracking than I anticipated too!I read so much about all the early pregnancy symptoms that I swear I could feel all of them! Anyway, I feel a lot more positive and ready this time around! I am beginning my second cycle trying for #1.Good luck to you xx

  • Doubling down on what billythekitty said. Eat something with your multivitamin. They turn my stomach otherwise.

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