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1 dpo - anyone else want to join me? - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the 1 dpo - anyone want to join me? posters, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hi ladies! Let's hope this brand new thread offer us the fresh beginning we all need and that we fill it with BFP good news and positivity!! xx

  • Eeekk yes! Can't believe we have a new thread haha!  Xx

  • Yes! 😃 sure it will!x

  • I'm feeling really irritable and uncomfortable this afternoon. My nipples are sensitive especially to the cold and I just want to hold them lol. Also I'm getting slight AF type cramps but very very dull. These are all new ones for me this cycle! Xx

  • Char - you never know! It might still be too early to tell, but it could also be linked to implantation maybe??

    I am still feeling wet with a little cm and bloated in the morning.. I might have noticed some pinching sensation in my lower belly, but it was very mild..

  • Ohhh we have a new thread! Oh I’m glad! I was thinking I won’t be able to talk to you all again :( 

    im still carrying on testing with my opks like a crazy woman! 

    These opks though I’m not convinced with them, one of mine earlier and yesterday didn’t even work! 


  • Yeah Billy I thought that but don't want to get my hopes up yet! 

    What CD are you on Ellie? How strange they are not working? How's your CM? XX

  • That’s frustrating your ppl don’t work Ellie.. as Char said, try to go by your Cm maybe

    Talking about cm, I had so much in my underwear tonight.. and I am still feeling bloated and fat! 

    Looking forward to see how the second half of the tww evolves.. 

    have a good night ladies! Xx

  • *your opk! 

  • I still have Cm but not as much as a few days ago! If I ovulated Saturday then I’m 4dpo. But if I haven’t then no idea but I’m not suppose to ovulate until Friday according to my app! So I just have to keep testing and bding every 2 days which is what I have been doing since the 13th of jan! my opks are only the cheap ones from eBay. 

    Billy, I always get bloated but if it’s not normal for you then it could be a sign :)) at the moment if I am 4soo then I have nothing which could be a good sign for me! 


  • My CM seems to have stopped pretty much now! I think last month I had loads so hopefully being different is a good sign haha! I had the weirdest dreams last night and woke up and was sweating. I never wake up usually. Let's hope that's a sign too although of corse I'm not symptoms spotting at all haha!!

    Yes nearly into the second week now of the TWW! 

    Ellie I reckon you will get your positive the end of the week. You have only had a nearly positive haven't you? Either way, your covering yourselves by DTD every other day so wouldn't worry! Xx

  • Sounds good all round ladies. Anything that doesn’t seem normal for you I always assume is a good sign 😊

    ellie if your opks are playing up then trust your app but defo sounds like you’ve covered it well either way x

  • Good morning Ladies!

    Ellie, I would keep BDing every other day and then regardless of the OPKs you should be covered. What cycle day are you on? Sometimes I think why do I even bother with OPKs if even without them I would do exactly the same thing as with them? They just put pressure on us. I think Kitty doesn't use them at all. 

    My temperature went up this morning so I can see the progesterone started working, I don't know if any of you have had this, but I do find charting exciting :) As you see the temp drop right before ovulation, then going up nicely it is somewhat satisfying, I probably sound very odd, sorry :) Probably the fact that seeing that my body is operating the way it is supposed to. 

  • Yeah that’s true actually, as long as you BD every other day I do prob have it covered! 

    Roll on end of the week! I’m on cycle day 14 now. So technically I should ovulate in the next couple days but when you get a late period sometimes you could ovulate earlier like you would of the month before! Thats why this is abit confusing, I’ve had lots of Cm since just after AF finished! So from the 13th of January so there is a possibility that I have already ovulated. 

    Hare the waiting game lol xx

  • *hate the waiting game I mean! 

  • Char - hard not to symptom spot especially when you get different ones than you're used to! Vivid/strange dreams always get me! But this time of the cycle there is naturally a boost in progesterone, so I guess it is normal to feel the effects of it, and that's where it gets confusing!

    Ags - I can see how fun charting could be as it would be really satisfying to see the line go up.. as long as it doesn't go down!! Good luck this cycle, I really wish you all the best!

    Ellie - I don't use opk, just bd every other day, and more often when I approach cd13-14-15.. I caught it before, so it must work hah! Just need to pay attention to cm and to any twinges. When I get to one year of ttc, I might consider opk test! But I don't feel like we are in any rush right now, so may as well enjoy the ride as stress-free as possible! I suppose by the end of the week you'll have your strong opk!! But keep bd'ing, you definitely will have it all covered!! :)

    I am 8dpo today. I had such a vivid dream. I dreamt that I had twins. I didn't even know I was pregnant, and I was not ready. I didn't even tell my employer I was pregnant, and now I had to call her to say I was on maternity leave! haha! It was weird! Still feeling wet, but not bloated today.

    Happy Wednesday!

  • I am just looking at my symptoms notes from the past 3 cycles. For 7-8-9 dpo all I had written down is back and belly cramps, tingly bbs, and heavy/bloated. Never experienced cm this early on. The earliest I had it was 11dpo.. Also for the last few minutes, I had a pinching sensation in my right ovary/uterus. It is not painful, just noticeable. I am cautiously excited and hopeful!!

  • I usually have some vivid dreams from time to time to be honest but none to wake me up. Let's hope it's a good sign and not just the usual progesterone haha! 

    Great news Billy, some good symptoms there! Fingers crossed for you! I'm either 6dpo or 7dpo today...a week until AF is due eeekk xx

  • The next 7ish days should go fast, especially with the weekend in the middle!

  • Ahhh I'm nervous...please don't come AF!!!!

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