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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Morning all, 

    Flowers glad that you are feeling better, hopefully this all leads to your bfp. Not long to go. FC 🤞🤞

    Giegie, hope you manage to get some more bding in before O. 

    Genabella hope you get your answers today, and I agree with Giegie get them to run lots of tests (I'm sure they will with it being private). Thinking of you. 

    Trying, Hope all is good with you and bean and your symptoms are not too bad. 

    CD8 for me so entering my fertile patch. Been nice to chill and relax over the last week. Other half has a nerve damage to hip so not sure we'll be able to BD much this month. We will see. 

  • Hey

    I'm so confused as I'm now getting no lines!

  • Good luck Flowers, it sounds promising :)

    Sam, so sorry to hear you don't see any line today. Did you try with a first response? And did you use first morning urine? Good luck xo

    I am cd16/2dpo today! We managed to bd cd12-13-14-15. Not bad for a girl that thought she was going to miss her fertile window - we ended her covering it pretty well! DH is leaving for a week at the end of my tww, so if I get a bfp, I'd have to wait almost a week to tell him in person... maybe it'll help me test later if af doesn't show up :P

    Happy valentine's day ladies xx

  • to be fair it would annoy me if af turns up for me now cos then shows I can’t go by my symptoms either 😩xxx 

    Sas hope you manage to get in the crucial bds and hope your oh nerve gets better!xxx

    sam sorry to hear no line, how many days late are you?xxx

    billy glad to read you got all those bds in thahs amazing lol hope for a bfp at the end of the tww for you xxx 

  • Hi ladies. 

    Not long home from dr and thought I’d update u. 

    He was very nice, very positive. Basically he did a scan and it was a bit blurred so he did an internal scan also, which showed clearly my ovaries, womb etc. He was happy with how it all looked from that, and said I did ovulate this month from my right ovary, and there was some blood still in there, he saod sometimes a bleed can happen with ovulation and he didn’t think it was anything g to worry about it unless it continues all the time or is very heavy. We have set up a plan for 21 day bloods to check hormone levels, we were just too late for it this month. If they came back ok he suggested my hubby could do a sperm count analysis too. so I will try to relax and see what happens. My period is due in a few days so I can start to count towards ovulation and day 21. He also told me to throw the opks in the bin all they are doing g is adding stress to my life. He said sex between days 12-20 is important, but no more than every other day, doing it every day decreases sperm count dramatically, for eg 3days in a row means by the third day there’s likely to be very little left. I feel relaxed today and im really gonna just try to go with the flow and see what happens

  • Flowers - last cycle went to show me not to rely on the symptoms I had associated with my previous bfp. I was so disappointed when af showed up because I was certain I was pregnant.. So I will try not to symptom watch this month. But of course, there must be some symptoms that are clear indicators of bfp! Good luck!!

    Genabella - So glad to hear your doctor calmed you down and that everything looks good! It must be a relief! And next month with further tests you'll know for good! You must be happy you decided to go to the private clinic!! I agree with no opk, and just lots of sex during the fertile window! However, I hope sex 4 days in a row isn't a deal breaker as that's what we did this cycle! Only time will tell.. Good luck to you lovely xx

  • Good to hear from you Sas. I think getting one or two BD in 1-3 days b4 OV  should also be fine. Good luck catching the egg.

    OV day today for me CD 14, and only bdied twice CD 12 and CD 13. Will try and get one BD in tmrw or Sat in case of delayed OV.  Of course that may not be necessary if my temp shoots up tmrw morning.

    Good advice Gena. Your Dr seem to be on the ball. Goodluck with your tests.

    I really wish that I didn't start opks, I can't seem to stop now. The few times I didn't use them or temp, I had the shortest cycles and was more obsessed. It's now all in my mind  😐. I hope to get my BFP b4 I get totally fed up.

    Keeping my fx for you Flowers. It's hard not to get ones hope up especially if there are so many symptoms. 

    Hope you have a relaxing TWW Billy (If you can 😉).

    Sorry to hear that Sam. 

  • By the sound of it a few of us are all pretty close together in our cycles! I hope one of us get a bfp this cycle :)

  • hey ladies
    i am ttc baby #1 since july 2018 had 2 miscarriages since last one was on the 5th of January 2018. i didnt track my cycle since but today i took a ovulation test and a pregnancy test . The opk is positive but i can also see a faint line on the pregnancy test what could this mean? (hpt line is hard to see in pic)
    Thanks ximage

  • Hey sam996. Maybe do another HPT in morn with first pee of the day and see what happens? Sorry can tbe of more help

  • Temp spike this morning suggesting that I ovulated yesterday. So I guess I've now joined you in the TWW Flowers and Billy. See you soon "in the wait" in what - 7 days time Sas? 

    Flowers,  when did you say you were planning to test?

  • That’s good giegie did you manage to get a bd in before yesterday? Af is due on the 19th so will test if I’m a few days late as not getting my hopes up lol. My nipples are really sore along with my hips aching and a full ache in my abdomen so not sure what’s going on xxx

    fx for all of us to get our bfps soon!xxx

    Sam I think I see a very faint line on there. Are you late?xxx

  • Yes I did Flowers.  Whoa! Your symptoms are full on aren't they? Very promising🤞🤞. I  can understand why you would be pissed if it's not a BFP. Hopefully that won't be the case hun. 

  • Just before my first bfp i had similar symptoms to what I have now and before af I just used to have slightly sensitive nipples. I don’t have back ache which is a sign of af for me. I’m not getting my hopes up at all and I’m quite proud of myself lol xxx

    glad to hear you got bds in and you defo ovulated. Fx for you giegie xxx

  • Good morning ladies!! Welcome to the wait Giegie. And Flowers, I really hope all those symptoms turn out to be bfp and not af!

    I read an article yesterday and it reminded me that symptoms of pregnancy are pretty much non-existent in the first two weeks and that it is surely just the rise of progesterone tricking us! So I will try to remind myself that for the next two weeks and not symptom spot! I am cd17/3dpo today :)

    Happy Friday! :)

  • OMG Sam thats deffo a line!! Congrats!!

  • What a beautiful line Sam, no need to squint for this one. Keeping my fx for darker lines for you hun. Congratulations and wishing you a happy and healthy nine months.

  • Congrats Sam that’s wonderful news! I would do a clear blue in a couple of days xxx

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