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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • I really can't believe this. I am so sorry to hear about what has happened Trying. Words can't describe the anguish you must be feeling.  Please do take time off and pop back whenever you are ready. Lots of best wishes and hugs hun. Really disheartening.

  • Morning girls,

    Sorry haven't been on here much so just catching up. 

    Flowers I hope AF hasn't turned up for you 🤞

    Giegie how many dpo are you now? 

    Where is everyone else in cycle?

    I think I've definitely ovulated as took a random temp this morning and it was sitting within my normal pre ovulation temps but not sure when. Didn't DTD in fertile window this month so looks like I'm having a month off.

    Trying I'll be thinking of you today ❤️

  • *post not pre ovulation 🤦

  • Hi Sas, also not been here as much. 6dpo today. Sorry tmi- felt like the last BD a day b4 OV was not effective as the whole stuff just flowed back out. Guess it's the position.. i read that it doesn't matter but who knows. Counting on the other BD 2 days before OV. 

    OH is getting frustrated so we've decided to look into IUI b4 the IVF. I wonder if the NHS does private ones as they do with private IVF.

    You seemed to have ovulated earlier than normal. Did you get to BD few days b4 OV? If yes, don't rule yourself out.

    Fx for those waiting to test. 

  • Hey girl, still no af for me so 2 days late, plan to test at the weekend if still now af however now my mum knows we are ttc she wants me to test now 😂 to be fair with the way I’m feeling I’m going to be so annoyed if I’m not pregnant but I’m so worried about seeinf a negative but what will be will be xxx

    sas if you are certain you are having a month off try and enjoy it lovely and relax xxx

    Giegie I hope it works out for you whatever you do you got to make sure you and your oh are comfortable, however hopefully this cycle will be yours 🤞xxx 

    trying sending so much love and hugs xxx

  • Flowers, that is exciting to be 2 days late. I can't believe you haven't tested yet! But I am with you, it would be way nicer to get a nice thick line rather than a super faint/unclear one! :) It must be nice to have your mom in on your secret! Ttc would be easier with a good support system of friends and family. So why does it have to be so taboo!

    Sas, enjoy your month off fully! You'll feel energized and motivated for next cycle :)

    Giegie, it only takes one! And they say the stuff that comes out is the protein juice the little guys float in, so I am sure a few of them got a chance at it! But if not, I hope the earlier bd's will be enough to make it happen!

    Trying, we will be here for you when you come back. Sending you all the love and comfort xx

    I am cd22/8dpo today. Still trying not to symptom spot and reminding myself that any symptom is only related to the progesterone rising as usual at this stage..  

  • Thanks Flowers. I share your worry about testing early. Will you be able to hold off testing till weekend though? Is being late the same as having a BFP for you, especially  if you are usually never late?

    For me, seeing BFN is a bit more bearable than the unhealthy obsession and stress of checking for line progression after a BFP (I realise that this may not come across well with those that are even struggling to get one BFP- apologies). I don't want to experience that again after 3 chemical pregnancies. So, I'm testing a week after AF is due. 

  • Thanks Billy. Spot on, also attributing all my symptoms to progesterone to lessen any disappointment. It's like a yoyo with with me, positive one minute and negative the next😁. I kind of envy Flowers being 2 days late ☺. For me, that will be an almost clear signal that I'm pregnant since I'm hardly late. Fx for you. When are you testing?

  • Giegie, I totally agree.. When I got my bfp, I tested at cd16 and it was a faint line, I tested again 3 days in a row and the line was the same.. went to the doctor for blood test, and he confirmed my pregnancy and we planned another blood test a week later.. I miscarried right after that second blood test, so I knew the results even before it came in :( So next time I miss af, I will want to wait at least a week to test so I don't have to go through that again...  

  • I also envy Flowers, to me it would be a clear indicator to be late as I am always 28 days and af even comes around the same time every time. It is not due until next Wednesday.. And my dh will be gone until the following Monday.. So I am not planning to test until next Sunday if she doesn't show up! What about you Giegie?

  • I think I’m worried incase my body is still messing around from the miscarriage however last cycle I felt ovulation and exactly 2 weeks later af turned up so makes me think is my body ok? Oh said if my mum wants to buy me a test today we should do it but I suppose If I’m late and the way I feel I feel like when I had my last bfp. Whatever will happen will happen! Love the support I get from your guys. Love you all xxx

  • From you girls*

  • Flowers, I think you should at least wait and test with fmu! Same symptoms as last bfp and late 2 days surely are great indicators. Wishing you all the best xx

    Hoping for more bfp's on this thread :) Fingers crossed for all of us!

  • Hi ladies
    I took a wondfo pregnancy test a couple of days ago which was positive since then i have been taking them everyday and have been getting positives. Until today i took a first response and a clearblue digital both negative. I am heartbroken as i think i got a false positive! Anyone had this happen to them and any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thanks x

  • Flowers- it's really lovely to have support from your family. Is mum more anxious after what you have been through. I agree with you hun, what will be will be. 🤞🤞 for you. 

    Billy, yes. We need more STICKY BFPs on this thread. Feels like we've all been here for too long😕.

    Sorry to hear this Sam. Have you tried another brand other than 1st response and cbd? Better still, could you try for a blood test at your Drs to end this horrible limbo, seeing as AF hasn't arrived.  Keeping my fx for you. 

  • Oh no Sam, I am so sorry you got a bfn.. I am sending you lots of love and courage xxx 

  • Morning all,

    Flowers have you tested? 

    Sorry Sam, as suggested might be worth you going to doctors to get blood tests. 

    Hope everyone else is well. 


  • Morning girls, Im not sure what’s happening as I’ve had light pink spotting this morning only there when I wipe. Normally when af turns up she comes in full force bright red blood, we see how the day goes and if she turns up then I’m not going to test and if she doesn’t I will test just to confirm the negative, so confused as I felt pregnant but obviously I’m not 😭xxx

    sam hope you get it sorted and get awnsers xxx

    Hope all you ladies are ok and well xxx

  • Now have the tiniest bit of brown discharge Xxx

  • I hope you get your answer Flowers. Please let us know how you get on. Xx

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