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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Congrats Sam xx Great news this Friday!! Have fun celebrating with your oh this weekend!! :)

  • Thank you everyone! I am so happy and exited!! 😍

  • Congratulations Sam hope you have happy and healthy 9 months xx

  • Hi girls,

    Congrats Sam, lovely news.

    Flowers aim tray hoping you get your bfp this month. FC for you. It does sound very promising. 

    Giegie how your tww is kind and goes quick with a libell bfp at the end. I'm die to ovulate in Tuesday or Wednesday so will start bding tonight (oh is out so depends what state he comes back in 😂). 

    GL Billy, looks like you did alot of bding. 

    Genabella glad you got some questions answered and can relax until next cycle starts. Enjoy the relax time. 

    Trying hope things are good with you and bean. 

  • *Flowers I'm really hoping

  • Thank you sas hunni got my 12 week scan 3 weeks today so will feel better once I've had it hope all is ok with you and you get your bfp soon xxx

  • Morning girls, hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! Xxx

    cd27 for me and af due tomorrow. Over the weekend I’ve been feeling sick/not wanting to eat along with aches in my legs and groin area. We will see i don’t have my hopes up. Plan to test on Friday if no af xxx

  • Good luck hun really hope it's your bfp xxx 

  • Good luck huni I hope u get ur bfp

  • Good luck Flowers! Hope af doesn’t show tomorrow for you! And you must be so patient for planning to test only Friday!! :) 

    I decided not to look at any symtoms I may have until at least 10dpo! So that’ll be a challenge this cycle! 

    Happy Monday :)

  • Morning girls,

    Flowers and BillyBilly luck, hope she doesn't turn up 🤞🤞

    I've not taken temps this month but think I may have already ovulated yesterday on CD11 as my cm is now creamy. Won't even get to bd tonight (incase I haventh) asOH daughter is here so I guess I'm unintentionally having a month off. 

    Hope everyone else is good. Xx

  • *Flowers and Billy good luck

  • Sas, a month off is not the worse in the grand scheme of things, and a couple extra weeks to relax and get your mind off ttc might be the best! But with that being said, I hope you get your fertile window covered and that you can have than peace of mind for the next two weeks! :) How old is your oh's daughter?

  • Thanks Billy, you could be right. She's 19 so not a baby and I think she'd know of we were up to any hanky panky! Xx

  • Morning girls, no af for me as yet, going to wait towards the end of the week as yesterday I was stupid and bought home bargains tests for £1 which came negative. So we will see, defo not got my hopes up now xxx

    sas hope you manage to get some bding done 😁xxx

    hope everyone else is well xxx

  • Good morning Flowers! So sorry to hear about the bfn :( Remember that your body went through a lot with the early mc and that it might still be healing! That is what I keep saying to myself to stay hopeful! :) But your af hasn't shown up yet, so you never know xx

    Sas hope you got your fertile window well covered :)

    CD21/7dpo today.. still not going to let myself symptom spot until 10dpo. I am wishing the week away though... not motivated at work at all.. Hubby won an important award, so we are going to the award ceremony tonight, it shall be fun and will definitely get my mind off of ttc :)

    Have a great day ladies

  • Hi guys I'm not coming back on yet as it's too painful just got back from hospital and I've had a missed miscarriage no heart beat and measuring 8 weeks instead of 9 weeks 2 days got to go bk tomorrow to get some tablets to help me miscarry 😭😭😭

  • Trying.. my heart goes out to you! I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Take care of yourself and allow time to heal. Sending you lots of love and courage for the coming days and weeks. xx

  • Oh Trying, I'm so so sorry to hear this. As Billy has said my heart breaks for you and I can't imagine what you must be feeling. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and will be here when you are ready. Sending the biggest hugs. There are no words. Xxx

  • trying I am so so so so sorry and devastated for you, this is horrible to go through but we are here with you every step of the way! Sending so much love and hugs and hope you stay strong❤️❤️

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