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Hoping for a BFP July 2020 <3

For anyone hoping for a BFP in July 🤗


  • @RiaMushk yay, thanks for creating it 
  • Yay here's to lots of bfp's this month!! CD8 for me so much looking forward to fertile week. I am using BBT and OPK this month. Good luck ladies!! 💕💕💕 
  • Exciting @Pennylane87 ! Just shout if you need to help and we will try our best! 
    Last month I should have used OPKs earlier than I did as I almost missed my peak by ovulating earlier than usual! So I would check early rather than later, to avoid that 🤗 
    CD2 for me, and @BethO hopefully you won’t be here soon!!  
    Good luck ladies xxx
  • @RiaMushk what CD should I start testing if I have a 30-33 day cycle? Usually its 30 but last month was 33 randomly so I have no idea now 😩 I was going to start on CD 13 just to be safe. 
  • @Pennylane87 yeh I would say CD13 should be good for you then, for me it would be too late but my cycles are between 26-28 days. 
    Depends how many OPKs you have but always better to be sorry and test early! Especial if it’s your first month doing OPKs, everyone is different and has different lengths of highs and peaks so you might have a short one and miss it or you might have Several days of one! 
    Keep us updated and we can help xxx
    such a huge congrats @BethO - those words ‘pregnant’ I bet you’re over the moon!!!  Xxxx
  • Sorry guys I was adamant I would be in this group but I’m not! I wish you all the best of luck!!!! 😍😍😍 
  • @RiaMushk I've started to spot this morning so imagine I'll be joining you all in this group xx
  • @Chloe888 😢 I’m sorry to hear hun, still hope though, lots of people have spotting etc in early pregnancy? 
    Let us know, always here to chat. Xx
  • We’re back on finally!
  • Yayyyyyy so happy we are back! 
  • Hello everyone, we are so sorry for the delay, but we had some gremlins that took the tech team a while to fix. Thank you so much for your patience over the past few days, we're so glad to welcome you back. 
  • @Siiia I know right I’ve been checking back every day!!!! 

    @Chloe888 are you ok? I was left wondering! 
  • @RiaMushk haha same! And super disappointed every time it came up with an error! 😭😭 @Chloe888 how are you doing? I’ve been praying it did turn out in a bfp for you xx
  • @Pennylane87 Woop Woop! 

    @Siiia honestly, hasn’t it been strange!? 
    Where are you in your cycle? 

    Who have we got here 🤗

    im on CD 9, due to ovulate CD 14 🙏🏻
  • @RiaMushk I am cd15 today 
  • @Siiia & @RiaMushk unfortunately af came she has gone now though and on to CD7 and a fresh start I guess ! Still can't explain the lines on the tests but onwards and upwards haha ! Trying sperm meets egg plan this month 🤞 xx
  • @Pennylane87 have you ovulated then? Or you a late one? 

    @Chloe888 😔 so sorry to hear but glad you’re out of it and ready to go! We are more or less the same 🙏🏻
    Whats this sperm meets egg plan??? Xx
  • @RiaMushk I’m currently 9dpo, cd20 and due af in 6 days or so. 
    @Chloe888 aww bless you! The time will come for that bfp, stay hopefully and best of luck this cycle! I’ve had that though using the one step amazon cheapie test sticks where I kept getting faint lines 11dpo and then the line don’t get any darker and then eventually disappear! I’ve had that happen to me on two cycles and I was so so so disappointed :(
  • @RiaMushk I think i ovulate late but last month was my first full cycle back to normal so I'll have to really track with my opks. Last cycle I was like CD23 I think when I actually ovulated! It's suppose to really help the SMEP plan I will put the link in and also she has a book with a more detailed version in and its free to download. The basics behind it really are that you only have a 20% or something chance every month and this is to make sure you give yourself the full 20% chance. Im on a baby centre group for other women who have gone through what i have and 3 of them did it last month and maybe luck (as we all know baby making is haha) but they all got there BFP's some had been trying months. Xx

    @Siiia that's exactly what happened to me on the frer's !! Im positive this month though xx
  • @Chloe888 that’s the attitude 🙏🏻
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