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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in May 2016 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on. (We know there’s a couple of you left to have your baby, so we won't be closing the Due In May thread just yet, but this is your new thread, too, of course!).

If you've not been part of the Due in May 2016 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born May 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot!

And to kick this thread off, we've got a lovely SwaddlePlus from the new aden by aden + anais range (see pic) to send to everyone who joins this thread in the next week or so, so get posting!



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  • image Daddy and Olivia catching up on TV :D Love these 2 to bits. After a bit of a rocky start Olivia is putting weight on now and seems to be a very content little girl :D My scar is healing well after a week. Can't believe that she is a week old already. 

    How are you and your little ones doing? 

  • Hi Kitcat! Lovely pic! glad to hear your healing well. My stitches have healed up well too thankfully, thought I'd never feel normal again lol. 

    My wee Mya is doing great. She's 3 weeks now and is upto 9lbs1. She loves the boob! Sleep is pretty sporadic. She's up every 1.5-2hrs at night. She's had a couple of bad days and I was panicking that colic was setting in but the past couple of days have been ok. My Best Buy so far has definitely been a fabric sling, it's the only thing that settles her sometimes- in the sling and bouncing on my birth ball haha. I thought that after labour my bouncing days were over.

    anyone else any tips for baby soothing?


  • Hi ladies, glad your scars are starting to heal. Mine is too but I am still having a little difficulty getting around, I'm also having such bad headaches, is anyone else?

    My little lady has been putting on weight, she went down to 6 pounds 12 but was 7 pounds 1 on the last weigh in. The problem is she is crying all the time and seems to never sleep. Every feed is a battle, she seems to be struggling so bad with colic, bringing her legs up to her tummy and literally banging her head against me trying to get the wind up. It's so exhausting. I have tried changing bottles, infacol and also changing milk. I tried to massage her stomach but she hates it and kicks me away. I am expressing breast milk and supplementing with formula. We started off on cow and gate and I am now trying aptamil comfort milk. 

    We are going to the doctors tomorrow, but does anyone have any advice on this? Help please! 

  • Aww katie I feel for you. I got some Nelsons colic powders and have been using them the past couple of days and they seem to have helped. They are homeop and I was a bit sceptical but they are working for us. There is also Colief lactase drops that you could try. They breakdown the lactose in the milk- ask your pharma about them. I'm sure it's very hard for you , just take one day at a time. Hopefully you will find something that will work for your little lady soon xxx

  • Hi ladies, I didn't realise how many may mummies ended up with a c section. Luckily I managed to have a natural birth which I am so thankful for. And I too am in the club of no sleeping. I began expressing milk for partner to help with the night feeds but she looks at me with her eyes and I just know she's trying to push the bottle away and root to my boob. She's 10 days old now and is 8lb 2oz and was 8lb 1oz at birth so the health visitor is happy she's gaining already. 

    Got a few pictures to share! 


  • So here's my birth story. 

    Woke up at 9am with some contractions, very mild but I was hopefully they'd progress. But they were never really more than 5-10 mins apart. Had a sweep Apptmt at half 12 but when I got there she confirmed they were contractions and wouldnt do it, so i went home and managed on the ball. 

    By about 3pm they were 3/4 mins apart and by 4pm harder to manage. So I called the hospital and they told me to have a bath... Was a bit confused as they'd been regular for an hour and I couldn't speak through them. Tried a bath but they were so strong I knew I'd struggle in the Car if I waited longer. 

    took 45 mins to get to hospital - with me being sick all the way, and contractions unbearable - couldn't wear a seatbelt! I was on all fours on the back seat. Got here and was at least 6cm She said. I asked for epidural but there was no one available due to a triplet delivery! That was my birth plan Out the window...

    Was offered the pool but whilst she was running it I started pushing involuntarily And screaming my head off...used gas and air alone. couldnt believe it when in about 6 pushes she was out ! My waters only went about 15 mins prior to that, and a show about half an hour before !! 

    had a graze and a few stitches but nothing horrific.  Baby born at 8pm and weighing 7lb 5oz. 

    so pleased with how it went and she's an absolute doll. 

  • Wow that is amazing!  I have to say I think that's one of the best birth stories I've heard so must be really proud of yourself! I was pushing for 40 minutes!  On my way to the hospital I was also on all fours in the back seats haha x

  • Well done you Coxy1985, sounds like a super chilled birth! You did so well!
    Please do let us know when you have a name and go on, give us another pic!

  • Love hearing your stories :) still feels surreal that our babies are here 🙈 Emma that's an amazing idea with the sling I've now ordered one as baby Emellia constantly wants a cuddle on my chest before she settles, and her being 10lbs now my arms are dead lol. 

    Coxy I got advised to have an epidural with mine as she was back to back and due to her weight!  But the anethasist was in hand over! And didn't turn up until it was too late!  But isnt it a great feeling to look back and think how proud you are that you only used gas and air :)?  

    Baby doing well weighed 9lbs13 at birth and is now 10lbs still can't belive she's 8 days old it's going way too quick! 

    Anyone got tips in regard to epiostomy? Stitches still very sore and cannot sit directly on it have to sit on my side or on my doughnut pillow.? 

    here's a few photos of Emellia Rose :) 





  • Hey Emma, yeah it is a nightmare! Thanks for the advice on those products, I will have a look at them. Would you still use the colief with the comfort milk? As the comfort milk is supposed to have less lactose which is easier to digest ( says the aptamil website!). We went to the doctors today and the gp didnt seem concerned at all... She said a lot of babies have these problems and 'it will get better '. that's not really helpful when your baby is in pain. Niamh is constantly kicking off, we even had to have a private room at the doctors surgery because she was so loud! In the end the doctor prescribed Niamh some infant gaviscon so I guess I will try that and see what happens. You have to mix it in the milk which I think will just end up making it really thick as the comfort milk is thicker anyway. I also have to have some cream for my c section scar as a part of it is irritated, not a great morning! After that I got stuck in the car park with the pram not going down, I probably should have practiced that before I left the house. :(:(:( 

    Stephie- lovely photos! Glad to hear youre getting on well with the breastfeeding.

    coxy- congratulations! I bet you're pleased she is finally here! Have you chosen a name yet? Xxx

  • haha Katie I was the exact same with my pram! Twice! Once in car park trying to put car seat in pram and then in a breast feeding support group when I couldn't get the seat out of the pram, it was so embarrassing- the other mums must have thought I was an idiot. Had to end up googling it and had a midwife and health visitor help me :/. All part of the learning curve I guess.

    Bet124 have you tried padsicles? They are great. Or get a bottle of witch hazel and keep it in the fridge and put some on your pads each time. Other than that paracetamol and ibuprofen to help the pain. it will get better, I was ok after about 2 weeks. 

    Coxy what a great story for things not going to get plan. I'm sure your so pleased. 

  • Oh too! I was standing there on google and in the end had to call the pram shop where I bought the pram! They must have thought I was a right tool. Some old man came over to try to help! Lol :-/ not what you need is it! 

    Bet 124 I had a c section but my friend who had a natural birth and episiotomy swears by ice packs down there and Epsom salts in a cool bath. I can't speak from experience but just thought I'd mention it xx

  • imageimageimage

    So, this happened yesterday! I gave birth to a beautiful, not so little girl at 9lbs 3...and a half! (The half makes a difference 😂) Had a pool birth on gas and air alone and it was amazing. To think they had me in for growth scans only 2 weeks ago, because she was going to be small is just ridiculous. Another very quick labour after all the false starts. We only left our house at 11am, she arrived at 1.50pm. We are all totally smitten, can not believe the hair on her! We called her Heidi xx

  • Shellington, look at all that hair she's adorable! I think water births are definitely the way forward,  I couldn't have done it without the pool! 


  • Hello ladies, sorry I've not posted in ages - it has been manic! So love being a mum and am totally besotted with my babba - see pic above (can't work out how to post pic & write at same time!).

    My LO has had problems with reflux so I am goinf dairy free to see if that helps.

    congratulations to you all on all of your beautiful babies! Aren't we lucky!!

  • Wow, congratulations Shellington - can not believe Heidi's weight and the professionals thinking she was small! And that head of hair is incredible! She's perfect, congratulations!

    esspee, we are so glad to hear from you! When did you have your beautiful baby and how was the birth? Also what did you call your baby? That reflux is a horrible, horrible thing (had it with my second) so we hope you see an improvement going dairy free.

  • Aww congrats shellington! is it just me or does it seem like most of us have had little girls!

    esspee- which dairy free are you going to use? Let us know how you get on, I think I am heading that way too xx

  • image

    Yay congratulations Shellington and Espee!! 

    totally besotted with our little girl, she's such an angel. Have had some issues with breastfeeding, can't get her latched so today I've bought a Pump. In the meantime I've expressed colostrum and used formula. was planning to combi feed anyway so im ok with that. but at the time I was pretty upset about not being physically able to BF, especially as she was hungry. 

    hope everyone is getting on well. Here's an updated pic. 

  • Coxy1985, she is so, so gorgeous. Has she got a name yet? Breastfeeding can be so hard - good luck with it and do keep us posted how you get on?

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