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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in June 2017 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby or are about to give birth! And we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on!

If you've not been part of the Due in June 2017 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born June 2017), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 




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    Hey everybody! How we all getting on?! Ive just done my first mad pram walk around the garden and he settled straight away. James is a windy baby- he's forever pulling funny faces in his sleep! I've started him on infacol which has eased slightly. loving mommy life but this heat is a little inconvenient- 20 degrees would be ideal lol hes in a nappyall the time I can't put him in his lovely clothes! hope all are well! Xxx

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    Harry is living in a nappy too, which he keeps filling 🙈 I hope he doesn't grow out of his lovely clothes too soon he's not had chance to wear half of them. James is absolutely gorgeous! im quite lucky Harry doesn't get much wind, and he's never sick, makes up for it the other end though without a doubt! 

    I cant seem to settle him off me, tried him on his belly last night and he slept soundly, and again today straight off for 2hours woke up for some boob and back off for 2and a half hours. I've had chance to shower, iron some of his things for his photoshoot and paint my nails (just in case I get in any pictures, I'm used to acrylics) doubt I'll be getting much sleep tonight now he's slept loads for him. 

    my friend suggested putting one of my pillow cases over his crib mattress to help settle him because it'll smell like me, might be worth trying if anyone's struggling to settle their little ones xxxx 

  • imageToby is another one living in his nappy!! Sooo hot! Even though I have a next to me cot he only seems to settle right next to me in the bed which is a pain. Maybe will try the pillowcase thing.

    Oh and he loves a foot and leg massage haha xx

  • imageLogan is doing well! I went back and forward between breast and formula but just couldn't deal with the breast my nipples were too sore and he wasn't actuakky getting much food as when I toooed him uo with a bottle he would guzzle it. I was getting very emotional so decided to just go bottle to get a routine and some normality back and heal my nipples x 

  • Night-feeds!
    Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know about a new thread for all of you up doing night-feeds - please click the green FOLLOW button on this new thread, and when you're up in the night, come and stop by, and meet other new mums from the new babies threads, who'll likely be up feeding the same time as you too.  

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    Am i even allowed in this group ? I don't wanna move to a new group now but Amelia is a May baby ...... 

    She pulls some very funny faces and i have a million pics on my phone lol xx

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    Did somebody say funny faces 😂 Harry loves going cross eyed. He looks so geeky on this I love it! 

    And yes id say you're allowed in this group!

    how often does Amelia feed? Harry seems to want me constantly, I'm not worried he's not getting enough because I'm definitely producing plenty of milk and can hear him gulping, plenty of wet and dirty nappies. he feeds every hour in the night and it's exhausting! Xxx

  • Ahhh lovely photos! I love the windy faces they pull 😍😍image

  • That is a fab piccie !!

    It depends what time of the day it is....i seem to be very lucky. In the day anywhere between 1.5 and 4 hours ....the evening i might aswell be permanently attatched and then after 11pm im a lucky lucky lady .... I know im supposed to be waking her up every 4ish hours to feed but she usually goes about 5.5 hours in the night so about 4am ish and then she will go back down until 9- 9.30 am.

    If she wasnt getting enough im sure she would scream at me !! 

  • imagethis was the other night .... She looks like she is wetting herself laughing at us fact she was just about to cry but i love it anyway lol xx

  • You lucky girl!! I've had a few 4 hour stints but it's mostly hourly he wants me. im certain it's for comfort too. So draining, he's asleep now but I can't unwind and as soon as I think about squeezing a nap in he will wake. 

    love the silly faces 😂 So gorgeous aren't they! 

    hes so strong and feels the need to kick my scar a lot 😌

  • jeanettea, we wouldn't have you anywhere else but here! 

  • In the day sometimes Toby just feeds constantly I feel!! Takes me hours to get out the house!

    He has been quite good at night lately but still feel shattered!


  •   come on over peanut ... im sure you won't be long and the wait is exciting for us all

    imageBest funny face from phoenix caught on camera 😂.... living all the pictures xx

  • imageThinking face haha :) x

  • imagesleepy smiler !!! Excuse the mess of the bed lol 

  • image grumpy face 😁

  • I love grumpy faces Amelia pulls loads. Sometimes she just looks at you like 'really mom are you serious' its so funny x

  • Oh Ange, that's a great grumpy face, bless him! Loving seeing all your beautiful babies!

    My midwife appointment today was good, baby is 2/5 engaged and she said the sweep was successful - cervix is open and 2cm dilated! So pleased to hear there's been some progress as was starting to feel very fed up, haha!

    Still back to back so been told to bounce like a nutter and be on all fours as much as poss! Need to learn to sleep on the ball 😂

    Induction is booked for 12 July if we have to wait that long!

  • imageI'm just loving waking up to this beauty! He is my everything.

    hes feeding 3oz every 2-3 hours but only pooping once a day 🤔

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