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  • Hallie doesn't even crawl yet but is trying. We have a bum shuffler and she also will by arching her back and pushing herself off. They said because she bum shuffles rather than crawling that walking might be a bit later. She is attempting to crawl though now, she makes more of an effort than she used to but doesn't actually move once in position Haha. 
    I also think she might be slow to walk due to her feet, they are tiny! She still fits in size 3-6 month pram shoes 😂 she is only on the 9th centile for length though and I've got small feet so it looks like that's the one thing she got from me because she's all daddy! X
  • I think both mine are both A lot like daddy, tall, blonde, long eye lashes and light eyes but in old pics of me and my brother they do look like me a bit and Harry looks just like my brother.
    One day it will just click and she'll walk, then run and there will be no stopping her, definitely found that with mine. One day it'll seem like they'll never get it and the next it just happens like it was no big deal. 
  • Today is Hallie's 1st birthday! So crazy how fast this last year has gone. We have celebrated by spending the day at Chester zoo and we have her party on Sunday. Hope you are all well xx

  • Happy 1st birthday Hallie. Sounds like you have had a great day xx 
  • Happy birthday Hallie xx she looks like she's having a brilliant day 😁
  • Hi everyone, and happy birthday to Hallie for last week.

    As we’re sure you know all too well, April is around the corner, which means your baby is likely to be turning 1 very soon, if they haven’t already. Happy birthday!

    This also means that April 2018 Babies is moving on to become April 2018 Toddlers!   
    Please do come on over to the new thread and tell us about your child's first birthday or what you might have planned for it. We really hope to see you over on the new thread soon. 

    PS. Please hit the green star next to the thread title, to bookmark any threads so you don’t miss any notifications.

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