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  • Mrs Tonkin, I am so sorry, I cant even imagine how awful that is for you!  Make sure you seek support and lean on your friends and family at this awful time xxxx

    Charlez, we were swaddling initially, but she gets herself free now she is 7 weeks, she defo did settle much better when she was being swaddled and did settle in her moses basket then. 

    Megan, I can’t imagine how tough it is for you! I hope you are really proud of yourself, such a tough thing to do, bringing up a baby by yourself, especially when you have another small one!! I hope you can get a bit of support from friends and family to allow you some rest? does Your little boy go to nursery? So you can snooze when baby does in the mornings? 

    Charley you defo have your hands full with 4! I can’t velieve he is 4 weeks already, the time is flying now our babies are here......

  • 😢👼🏼 oh Mrs Tonkin, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your forever in my thoughts, take it day at a time and talk to those around you for support ❤️❤️ If you need to talk and let it out, we are all here for you 😘

    Definitely is a challenge trying to find a new routine with number 4, especially when you forget how much you have to leave the house with when you have a baby 😂 

  • Mrs Fish.. I have good family and friends but unfortunately they all work so it's hard. jacks at school now but Ivy doesn't really sleep for long during the day so I just start to drop to sleep and she's awake again lol. 

    im proud of myself but sometimes feel like I'm failing when I'm so tired and my emotions are all over the place.

    ive just managed to get a bath, an actual soak in the bath it felt amazing!! Haha 😂 

  • Oh MrsTonkin I can't imagine what your going through. You are in my thoughts and i hope you and your husband have all of the love and support you need to help you through.  Xxx

  • Mrs Tonkin, we are so terribly sad to read your post. We are so very sorry for what you're going through, and we have dropped you a PM. Sending you much love and strength. 

  • Evie has had  her injection today they have made her very clingy were I can’t move and constantly crying 

    she has now been put on cow and gate reflux milk as the baby gavison wasn’t working for her 

    I’m so sorry for ur loss  mrs tonkin 

  • Mrs tonkin im so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you. Xx

  • Thinking of you, MrsTonkin. Sending love and hugs to you and your family xx

  • Hi everyone! I was in the due in May group but had my baby boy on 27th of April so thought I would join this group. The May group has been a very quiet one so I have been following the due in April one through my pregnancy, so I feel like I know you all 😊

    My pregnancy was pretty much uneventful other than being 40 years old which put me at a higher risk. This was my second pregnancy, I have a daughter who is 7 years old, so a big gap with my baby boy. Labour was not as straight forward as my waters went before labor started, I was going to be induced but luckily labour started 27h after and I delivered my baby boy very quickly.

    He is now 2 weeks and 5 days old and so far all is going well. Meaning we are both happy. He is a good sleeper and is now feeding every 3h during the day and night. We are doing a mix feed, he doesnt latch well (my daughter was the same) so I am expressing and toping up with formula. I sometimes don’t have much time to express during the day, so probably doing half and half at the moment. Not sure how long I will be able to express, but I am ok with formula only if need be.

     I stressed lots with breastfeeding with my daughter, cried so much back then, felt like a failure, it was hard. I decided I would make it easier for both this time, he needs a happy mum!

    During the day he sleeps either in my arms, on his babybjorn bouncer seat, pushchair if we are out or on his cot. At night he sleeps on his cot. Its a compact cot that is just beside my bed. Sometimes I put him down and he wakes up so I have to either nurse him or rock him to sleep, and he will then fall sleep for a good 2-3h. 

    I can see a few are having problems with babies sleeping on their cribs, I had the same with my daughter and it did eventually improve. I remember always having her on me so we could both sleep!

    Here is a picture of my baby Bastian Odin 💙


  • Catkatze, so glad to see you over here! 

  • Welcome Catkatze nice to see you here. Bastian is adorable x

    Went to register Harry this morning, so he is now official. He's doing well and is still a milk monster and putting on weight. He sleeps pretty well, some days better than others but that's to be expected I suppose and he's better in the basket than Oliver was. Hubby is back to work this evening and just hoping they both behave at bedtime as Oliver has been playing up and can make it hard work at the end of the day. 


    Hope everyone is doing OK? X 

  • Mrs Tonkin I am so sorry. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through. It must be the most horrific time for you all, take care and make sure you talk and seek support xxx

    babygirl1987 ask your doctor to put your little one on ranitidine, it works wonders for reflux xx

  • Welcome to the group Catkatze 💙 Bastian is gorgeous.

    Ah Becky his lovely and looks so peaceful 😴 

    Babygirl how are you finding the milk? Better? 

    Harvey is suffering with Nasal congestion worse than he was. At first i could use a cotton bud to dislodge the muck from his nose and it would come out. Now he’s really snuffling, gags while his asleep and generally sounds like George and Peppa Pig Even during a feed. This morning after the school run, I went and brought a nasal aspirator and saline spray to help soften and clear the mucous as I hardly slept last night due to the gagging 😔 x

  • Hi everyone, we really hope you and your babies are doing well?

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  • hi all the milk is working brilliant at the minute Charley 

    scottjill I will ask if this milk doesn’t work but all seems really good since she has been having it  thanks for the info 

    how is everyone’s babies doing hope all is ok 

  • Glad to hear the Milk is working so far. 😃

    We finally got Harveys smiles on camera today (I did a video and took pictures while filming) and it’s definitely not wind Lol. He’s 4weeks+4days old today 😍imageimageimage

  • Harry says Thank you for his Gerri Giraffe image

  • Harvey is adorable 😍 can’t believe hes 4wks+5 already! Is he settling better now? Or are your other kiddies still wanting to give him attention. 

    Lack of sleep for me, Jacob has been really unsettled crying, kicking and grunting all night. When I finish feeding he brings up some of the milk. i thought it might be reflux but when googling the symptoms and it mentions colic, still don’t understand what that is. Midwife didn’t seem to worry about it when I mentioned it, she even saw him bring up his feed and she just said ‘oh thats normal’

    He still has a bit of jaundice as well, Midwife said it should fade by the third week. She wasnt too concerned as he was feeding well and loads of wet and dirty nappies. So she will come back on the 23rd to check and hopefully discharge me to the health visitor. HV visited yesterday, she seems lovely, had a good laugh with the hubs as well. I can’t wait til Jacob is one month old so we can finally brave the outside. 

    Hope everyone is well. Xx

  • Settling better and yes, his siblings are still wanting to give him the attention but not so much the older one, it’s the younger 2 who argue over who asked to hold/feed him first 🙈

    Is the brought up milk only a little bit Charlz or most of his feed? How old is Jacob now? I was out the house on day 2 and missed the midwife as the hadn’t told me she was coming round as I thought they ring to book appointments lol x

  • what A gorgeous smile Harvey has, loving the hair! 

    Becky, super cute pic munching on Geri!  How old is Harry now? 

    Charlz we have had similar issues with the reflux, are you using infacol or anything? It’s tough when they are uncomfortable, my health visitor said it is very normal as babies tummies are super sensitive when they are little, apparently they do grow out of it......

    Charlz is it a faith thing not leaving the house for 1 month? I am sure I heard something similar for Chinese, that mum stays in with baby and family support with cooking, cleaning and shopping et.

    So I have cracked the sleeping and finally she is settling in her beside me cot, however, she will only sleep on her tummy, as soon as she is on her back she goes crazy, wont even go in her carry cot, so am having to use a sling.  I know it is far from ideal her sleeping on her tummy and against best practice 😔 I have spoke to GP and health visitor And use a sensor pad under her - I do super worry about SIDS but do feel she is better in her cot on her tummy with a sensor than in my arms in bed snuggled into me. 

    Amelie was weighed today and is 9lb5, on the 25th centimetres for weight and 75th for her length.  they didn’t take into account that she was 4 weeks early with the chart but I don’t suppose it matters, she is 7+ weeks already!! 



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