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  • I don't know how your doing it Charlz, we were out the first full day at home, after being stuck in hospital I just needed to get out in the fresh air. Hope it goes quick for you x

    Amelie is so cute MrsFish can't believe shes 7 weeks already x Harry is 2 weeks 2 days now and it's flown by. 

  • Charley, Jacob is 16days old today. Sometimes he brings a little up, but started to bring up most of the feed recently. So I’ve been starting to burp him (mw said I didn’t need to burp a bf baby) and keeping him upright for at least 20mins which seems to be helping. Just means nighttime’s like right now is a pain as I have to make sure I don’t fall asleep whilst holding him.

    I haven’t used anything for the reflux. Didn’t think I could MrsFish. Amelie is so cute! 😍 can’t believe how quick our babies are growing  already. 

    It’s more of a cultural thing for not leaving the house for the first month (I’m chinese 😂), it’s so that you can fully heal, and focus on looking after the baby. But since my birth was quite straightforward, I feel fine and would go out now if I was allowed. Hubs has this book with loads of recipe/soups for confinement, so it’s nice being looked after and not having to worry about cooking or cleaning as he’s been doing it all. 

    Becky, I don’t want to be wishing the next two weeks away but I defo would like some fresh air, and eat something that doesn’t involve ginger 🤣

  • At least your being well looked after Charlz 😊

  • Charlz I think it’s nice that women are treated with such care and respect after giving birth in your culture, have you got a garden you can sit in? definately wind Jacob, even if he has dropped off to sleep, Amelie burps and farts like a grown man 😵

    I have been awake all night with my little munchkin, she has a bad belly - due her weekly poo 😖 so has been uncomfortable all night, poor little bubba, just when i thought I was getting her back into a cot and started to get some sleep again. she has had reflux in her sleep way after feeding and is straining away - apparently it’s normal for bf babies to settle down to pooing every week, but when they do come they literally go up to her arm pits!! 

  • Morning everyone! hope you're all well.

    itsnlovely to read your comments at early hours of the morning when I'm up with Ivy 🙈!

    ivy is now 3 weeks & 1 day and doing well, still feeding every 2 hours but last night went every 3 I feel good this morning haha. Xxx

  • Morning everyone. 

    Hallie had her injections yesterday. Can you believe she's now 8 weeks old!!! Weighs 10lb 1 now! She hated her injections and cried so much and was so unsettled all yesterday, crying out all the time but she seems much better this morning - still not herself but a lot better. Thank God for Calpol, it meant she didn't really get much of a fever from them.

    She still isn't really smiling. She has done the odd 1 but not consistently. It worries me a bit. I can't wait for her to smile all the time.

    Also the dr measured her head yesterday when doing her checks and it's only when I looked back when I got homelp I noticed in 9 days her head has gone from 25th centile to 75th. I thought that was a big jump (Dr didn't compare it to the last time ) so I tried measuring myself and I think the dr might have measured wrong. I'm going to go to a health visitor drop in today I think just to check all is ok because that seems like a massive jump in such a short space of time to me!

    Hope you and your babies are all well xx

  • Lisl, I can’t believe she is 8 weeks already!! It’s gone soooo quickly!!  We are a few days behind you so have the injections coming up, we are more 9 weeks as nx weeks clinic was cancelled - so not looking forward to it!! Good to hear the calpol helped a bit.

    millie is also not really smiling, she gave a stranger at baby yoga an amazing one last week, and a couple for daddy, but not consistent and couldn’t say it’s not wind for sure - I think it is because she was early, possible same for Hallie, I am sure we will both get some gorgeous grins within the next week 😁 xxx

  • For the ladies using infacol, would I need to speak to midwife or go before buying this?

  • Hi all hope your all well.

    Rauri is coming up to 4 weeks old on sunday. I cant believe it was 4 weeks ago today i went into labour. That time has flown by.

    We had to get him loads of prem and tiny baby stuff even though he was 6 days late and today ive noticed hes outgrown one of his babygrows and he needs to go from a 0 to a number 1 nappy as hes weeing alot more. I cant believe how quickly hes growing. Im gonna take him to be weighed on monday.

    Hes a great sleeper. We do a feed at 10pm then he sleeps untill about half 2/3 and wakes at half 6 for another feed. The last 2 days we have had no plans so weve both gone back to bed untill half 9. Hes a gem.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend xx

  • Charlz, I use Infacol with Harvey with every feed and it does help. I just purchased without speaking to the midwife but do what you feel is right whether that be just pirchasing or going through your midwife.

    Mrs Fish, have you tried Gripe water? Harvey is more constipated on formula than he was with breast milk as he would have a dirty nappy with every other feed But now I have him screeching in pain for a poo as to which he’ll go if his feeding! It keeps his bowels moving frequently but not too frequently and comfortable x

  • Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I have had, for the first time in 3 weeks, 7 hours sleep during the night! Feel so much better. My husband did the overnight feed at 1/2am and I only woke up for the 6am. 

    We are still mix feeding with formula and expressed milk and working well so far.

    Charlz, my daughter had a lot of regurgitation, this happened both with breastfeeding or when bottle feeding. So after every feed I would burp her and lots of milk would come up. But she didnt seem to have colic, as in, she didn’t seem to be uncomfy or have intestinal pain, thankfully. Usually babies with colic cry a lot! She kept putting on weight nicely so even if there was a lot of milk coming out after every feed the dr wasn’t worried.

    Bastian is not like that at all, he burps nicely and doesn’t bring anything up!

    We took some passport pictures of him yesterday. He has such a cheeky face 😍


  • CatKatze look at that face so cute!!!  Wel Jel of your 7 hours sleep, my little munchkin dozed a lot in the evening and decided she needed to be awake between 3am and 5.30 😔 Hubbie did take her after 6.30am feed so I got a couple of extra hours then.

    Charlie tried gripe water earlier, fingers crossed it works, she is so grizzly with being uncomfortable with her tummy, poor little thing. 

    Off to a family BBQ today, lots of extended family who haven’t met Millie yet, we are running late as I wanted to see Megan get out the car and walk down the isle 😉

  • Thanks Charley and Catkatze. I think it’s more distressing for me seeing him bringing up his feed than anything else. He hasn’t grunted as much since I started burping him, but feed still comes up, so I’ve been holding him for longer after feeding/burping. 

    Bastian’s is so cute 😍 I hope I can get 7hours sleep soon. Wishful thinking. 

    Hope you enjoy the family bbq MrsFish. We’ve been invited to a meal in two weeks. I’m really stressing already as it will be two days after my confinement ends, might be the first time we venture out. I sent hubs out to buy Jacob a cute outfit for the meal, as we only have bodysuits and sleepsuits, so he’s got an all in one baby outfit that looks like he’s got shirt and wasitcoat on 🤣 size 0-3months is still way too big.

  • Glad he is better after burping, I too used to hold my daughter for longer so she would bring less milk up. As far as he is happy and putting weight on you are doing it well.

    How was the bbq Mrs Fish?

    How often is everyone bathing their little ones? I was told by the midwife that bathing every 2-3 days is good enough. With my daughter we always did a daily bath. I find they enjoy it and relax, so want it to be part of the night routine, but dont want to overdo it.

    Tomorrow Bastian and I are going to London! its only 1h by train, but I am sure it will be an adventure, not sure if a good or a bad one... we have to go as I need to sort out some papers at the embassy (I am Spanish), and couldn’t delay the visit any longer. 

    Hope everyone is doing well and the little ones are all being cute and behaving well x

  • We do every couple of days Catkatze, both boys love being in water but every few days is enough for us. Don't think you can overdo it but do whatever works for you. 

    We had a busy weekend as my mum came over from France for the 1st time since 2014 and finally met the boys. It was exhausting for me but Oliver loved it and Harry got to meet my side of the family for the 1st time. Harry has been a bit awkward with feeds as he decided to demand feed during the day but stick to his 4 hours overnight but yesterday was better he seemed to go back to his routine but we'll see how long it lasts. 

    It is quite nice that Oliver seems more interested in Harry now he can be really sweet when he wants to be.  imageimage Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed their weekend? 

  • Hi ladies, hope you an all of the April babies are doing okay, my Samuel is just perfect. He literally is as good as gold. He sleeps from 10 till 5 and then goes back down till roughly about 8! It's amazing!! 💙 hes starting to get chunky now because he is guzzling the milk like no tomorrow haha. 


  • You're so lucky! Ivy is 4 weeks on Thursday and feeds every 2 hours and I'm shattered 😴😔 xx

  • It gets better Megan! Abel was an every 2 hour feed and it was difficult, I felt like I never got anything done! Now he goes 3 hours, 4 hours over night, and it’s a godsend! He’s 7 weeks now, I’ve just been looking at photos of him and I can’t believe how much he’a grown 😩 image We’re getting smiles now and it’s honestly the best thing ever!!! 

  • I know I'm just not used to it, my son went straight to 3 then 4 hours lol & I'm on my own so got boobs to share it all with. aww so cute! 

    Heres ivy xximage

  • I feel your pain Megan, J is feeding almost every hour, we get a bit longer during the nights but I feel like I’m no longer human but a milk machine. 

    Is it possible to have an extra hungry baby? Or am I not making enough milk to satisfy him?

    Tired and need of some sleep! 😪

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