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  • fibally it's letting my reply on here. 

    The thought of another baby scares me, quite happy with the 2 i have, although maybe I'd change my mind if I had a partner? who knows haha.

    talking about getting back to our pre baby bodies I am 1 stone 9lbs down & had to go buy new jeans as they were all too big ☺️ Yey!! Gonna try keep it off now though xx

  • Ups! Sent before finishing...

    We are happy with the two kids, we actually don’t have space in the house for more.

    Bastian is 4 weeks today, I am also trying to start some sort of routine with the feeds, though is a bit early. At the moment he has a feed at 8pm ish, then sleeps until 12-1am and gets another feed. He then wakes up at 4-5am and feeds, and is up again around 7-8 am. He is usually up for about 1h during each feed, he usually has a poo during the feed so we do a nappy change as well.

     I put about 15kg during pregnancy (2 stone and a half, I think). Have lost 12Kg already and back on pre-pregnancy clothes. I did contemplate going back to slimming world, but so far I am doing well on my own. I am actually not eating much as not feeling hungry, I was sooo hungry during the last trimester of pregnancy... 

    The London trip to the embassy was good. It was tricky to go with the pushchair on the undeground, but lots of lovely people helped me out and Bastian slept all the way. He didn’t get to see London or the embassy as he was only awake on the train for his feeds!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  • I want another one but not until Hallie is 4 - ship one to school bring another in 😂😂😂

    I'm back in my pre pregnancy clothes. I do have a bit of weight I want to lose but that's from pre pregnancy.

    Hallie went just over 8 hours last night 🙌 and I finally managed to catch some smiles on camera this morning too 😍


  • Gorgeous smile Lisl 😁

    so jealous of all you ladies getting 4+ hours at night, especially those getting 8!!   We seems to be stagnant at 3ish hours, normally 2 feeds over night and often up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night 😔 during the day 1.5-2hours, I think it is because she is breast fed, and boob mummies getting 4+ hours? If so what’s your secret lol xx 

  • Good morning ladies 😃 I’m feeling fresh and have been for the last 2 nights. Even though Harvey loves his 2hourly feeds, we’ve managed to find a nice night time routine as well as times that’s he has gone with himself. We are now bathing each night as found that bath nights, he slept more so I also cream him after to prevent his skin drying out.

    Thursday night he bathed at 8pm, fed at 8:30pm, fell asleep at 9:30pm and woke at 1am, then 6am Friday morning and last night he bathed at 8pm, fed at 8:30pm, slept about 9:30ish and woke me this morning at 3:45am and then 7am. Let’s hope this sticks. 🤞🏻

    Welcome to the group Sophie and baby Charlie is lovely 💙 I’ve started going to a baby and mum group with babies of Harvey’s age because friends of mine don’t have babys or they are the age of my older children. 

    I’m back into some of my old clothes but in fairness I’ve brought a few new bits as my wardrobe needing a makeover but just the jelly belly to tone.

  • So jealous of the long sleepers! J was crying prett much all night. (Again) he didn’t nap very well either. Can’t put him down without him crying. Swaddling did not work.  

    We will have visitors today. I hope he behaves. I am getting to the point of giving up on breastfeeding and giving him a formula to satisfy his constant feeding. Hubs has been brainwashed by my SIL on how formula is bad, I just wanted to tell him to shut his trap.

  • Charlz don’t give up. I gave up breastfeeding because of feeling like Harvey was constantly attached to mw. I mixed fed him for a while to give myself a break and that did work (maybe you could try that) but because I then swayed towards formula more, I wasn’t putting him in me enough to keep up my supply so now in a way I do miss it. Breast milk is easier for them to digest so they will demand feed sooner than formula fed babies. Harvey was every 2 hours regardless and he still is but he now self soothes in his crib when he’s tired rather than myself having to constantly rock him to sleep or be on my to sleep. 

    Formula by no means is bad but people do have their strong views about it and each to their own opinion. My older 3 were only formula fed babies (didn’t feel I gained enough knowledge regarding breast feeding and didn’t push myself to find out either) and they are all exceeding school expectations for their ages. They are hardly ill tooand have only gone to the doctors for things like chicken pox, conjunctivitis etc. Could you try expressing milk and trying him with the odd bottle first? Then hubby can help and you get ‘you’ time.

  • *sorry I should of read my response before sending 🙈 #mistakes lol x

  • Big hugs Charlz, I don't know what it's like to bf but feeding is definitely the most stressful part of babies so try and give yourself a break your doing great and your not alone. X

    Maybe speak to your hv see if they can give you some help or suggestions? As for swaddling, both mine hate being confined and are fussier/more upset if you try to swaddle them, so it doesn't work for everyone. Like Charley said formula isn't the evil thing it can be portrayed as and Oliver is perfectly healthy and happy, is in no way overweight, slow or ill for being fed it. Try not to give up but do what is right for you and not anyone else. Xxx 

  • Sorry ladies, was a bit emotional when writing that this morning. My aunt and cousins came over and I was telling them how he doesnt sleep etc. But he slept the whole way through the visit, and only just woke for a feed and back to sleeping. 

    I feel refreshed now that I managed to have a hour and half nap. So rewarding BF baby but I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself. All the stuff I read online bf babies should feed minimum 8-12times a day every 2-3hours. Felt like I was doing something wrong. I feed minimum 20times a day and manage 1hour inbetween 2hrs max. 

    Hopefully he settles soon. He’s starting to get proper chubby cheeks. 

  • Charlz, it is super stressful the first 4-6 weeks of breast feeding.  I was as stressed as you sound, worrying I wasn’t producing enough milk, sometimes even now she still seems hungry and my boobs are empty.  I can’t express as I have nothing to spare, so hubby will have to give formula if I am not around - which will happen Tuesday as I am going to get my hair done, The following weekend I have a Hen party to go to, so again she will have to have formula.  Now at 9 weeks old I love breast feeding, but I shed so many tears until week 6, it made me feel inadequate and that I couldn’t provide enough milk for my baby, and my body wasn’t functioning properly.  It was super hard, but I kept going.  She still feeds every 1.5-3 hours during the day and 2-3.5 hours at night, but takes less at night.  You have to do what is best for you, for some Mums formula is best, for others it is breast.  Luckily on this site no one judges the choices you make for you and your baby, and it is a safe place to discuss the Challenges we face with Support and encouragement.  Try and talk openly to your husband, and if you want to top up with formula, do! At times it will ease the pressure from you, a happy Mummy is a happy baby xxx

  • I exclusively feed Abel with formula, have done from birth and he’s doing great, he was three weeks early and weighed 6lbs 2oz and at 7 weeks old he‘s now 10lbs 14oz. He had some issues with the toilet to beginning with because formula was hard to process with his slightly immature system but everything is fine now! I’d have loved to have breast fed but we had issues so I didn’t really have a choice, but he has by no means suffered because we couldn’t :) 

  • I have formula fed both my children as breast feeding didn't appeal to me & it's a personal choice as it is breast feeding. it's what works for you :)

    hope everyone is well! im shattered as per, sort of getting used to it now like 😴.

    imageHere's me & my two babies xx

  • Megan such a beautiful picture 😍 such a gorgeous family xx 

  • Thank you Mrs Fish xx

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  • Abel had his first round of vaccinations today and he’s not a happy boy :( hes not a crier but has been on top form today, only happy in my arms and screams if you move positions and he’s awake. We’re giving calpol and keeping eye on temp but it’s so sad to hear him crying that badly! 😩 Fingers crosses he’s feeling better by tomorrow! 

  • Aww tonistar hope Abel feels better soon xx

    So we had to visit the children’s assessment centre at the hospital today as J’s jaundice result was over the 200cut off (result was 243 on day 21), blood retested and the bilirubin levels have increased to 250 (day28)? We have been invited back tomorrow for more bloods to see if there is an underlying reason why the levels are not decreasing. I’m so worried that something may be wrong, he feeds (a lot), loads of we/dirty nappies, alert when awake, don’t understand why the levels increased instead of decreasing.

    When can I get a break! 

  • How did Abel get on over night? We also had jabs yesterday, Amelie has been super sleepy, sleeping through feeds etc, only given her 2 doses of calpol as she has just slept and was quite drowsy. 

    Charlz, I am so sorry he is still struggling - it can take a while to come down, so try not to worry too much. I think if you put him in front of the window in his nappy it can help bring his levels down - might be worth a try?? 

    I hope everyone else is doing well? Xx

  • April had her jabs yesterday too. Was horrible. She screamed and she was very clingy afterwards. Much the same as you tonistar if I move just even my leg she will start crying. She went down for bed like 10ish but was quite wriggily. She slept till 1.40 when I fed her, changed her etc. Her temp was then 39.1 so gave her the 3rd dose of paracetamol. She then refused to go/sleep anywhere other than my chest. We both fell asleep with her there and when I woke at about 4.30 and tried to move her she kicked off. She is still now glued to me. If I move, her face is hilarious, her eyes open so wide it's like a look of pure shock and her arms fly in the air as if she's falling. Poor little bubba. She's still hot to touch.a MIL says give her another dose Calpol but she's had the 3 they say?

    Hope Abel is doing well this morning. 

    When April was jaundice someone said the same to me, to pop her by the window for some light. Fingers crossed xx

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