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  • Ivy is on formula and takes between 3 & 5 oz it depends on how she's feeling lol she's a monkey. ithink she's hungry and the milk isn't filling her for long so I'm going to try Hungry baby milk soon and see if that makes a difference. its so hard isn't it. my son was so different..😴😴😴😴

  • Hope everyone is well. 

    Hallie has slept around 6.5 hours 2 nights on the run now. I feel so lucky! She is one of the older ones thought as she was 2 months old yesterday - I can't believe how quickly time is going. Still not getting lots if smiles but we've had the odd 1 or 2.

    Here's a picture of her from Sunday when we went to a friend's christening and also in her 2 month vest yesterday 😍



    Look at those legs 😍 my little chunk. She was 10 pound 1 on Thursday. Amazing considering her birth weigh of 5lb 13. Just on the 25th centile. She hated her injections and was very whiney all day after them. Kept crying poor thing. Hopefully the next lot won't be as bad because it isn't the 1 that causes a fever in that one 🤞

  • Loving all the baby pics, they are all so scrummy 😍

    Abel, you Are super lucky!! I think we are all a little jealous!! 😉  Amelie is still feeding 2-3 hours during the night, but she is starting t have a very small feed at 2am, so i am hoping she gives up that feed at some stage....

    Meghan, hang in there Hun, things will start to ease off in the next few weeks.  You are doing such an amazing job!! It’s so tough and brave doing it by yourself, but you and Ivy will have such a strong amazing relationship! Xx

    Charlz, it does get easier - I promise!! It is always tougher with breast feeding, but he will turn a corner and start to even out his feeds....How do you feel about adding one formula feed during the night, and then you may get a little longer?  My little lady has a breast then bottle feed at 10pm, which gives me  4 ish hours as she Is so full up, but I do feel this is the first feed she will drop as she is taking less and less.  She still feeds 2-3 hourly theoughout the day And the rest of the night- we have had a few nights where she wakes up at 3am-5.30am 😔 she did it again last night!  

  • Thank you mrs Fish. That's what I hope for, that when she's older she will know just what I've done for her. She didn't do too bad last night but it won't last lol it never does xx

  • Yeah it’s hard breastfeeding on demand. I feel I don’t have enough milk at each feed. That’s probably why he’s wanting boob so often, and it doesn’t help he spits up a lot too if I don’t burp him properly or if I put him down too quickly. 

    We have our final midwife visit today. Hopefully all okay and we will be discharged to the HV. 

  • Sounds like we’re all in similar positions! My heart goes out to you ladies up every hour! 😱

    I’m hoping he will go a bit longer throught the night soon, he typically takes 5oz during the day but in the feeds between 12am and 6am I’m lucky if he will take 3 and a half before he’s so tired and can’t wake him! 

    We have health visitor on Friday, excited to see how much he weighs and still waiting for our postnatal check with drs, something I’m not so excited about 💉 

    Also loving all the photos, it’s great to see them growing up when we’ve been on this journey together for all this time!! 

  • Hi all, I’ve had 3 pages to catch up on. Loving all the baby pics, I can’t believe how fast time is passing. 

    My Penelope is 8 weeks on Friday. We had our 6 week check this week. He checked over Penny but didn’t do anything with me, I’m sure I was told it was a check for both of us? 

    So much admiration for you mums doing hourly feeding, I couldnt cope! We‘re so lucky Penelops sleeps 11pm-5/6am (I bet she‘ll prove me wrong and get up at 2am tonight!) But she refuses to nap during the day. Lucky if she has a 30min cat nap, the only time she sleeps is in the car, and only if it’s moving! 

    We’re getting lots of smiles from my chunk- 11lbs 5oz now! 

    image image

  • Hi Ladies, sorry I’ve also had to do a catch up since my last post. My phone wouldn’t allow me to reply and have only just managed to sort it out with having to display the page in desktop mode 🤦🏼‍♀️
    All the picture updates are gorgeous. Megan, sounds like we are in a very similar position. Harvey goes every 2hrs and doesn’t change in the night either. He’s on hungrier baby formula but won’t take anymore than 3oz/90mls.
    I got him weighed Monday too and at 5weeks and 2days he weighed 10lbs 6oz 😳 I right chunky bubba 👶🏼🍼 We also have him battling his sleep when its needed too as he’s just so nosey but yet will moan about being tired 😔
    Here’s a recent pic of our little milk monster..

    image this was last night, he was watching my daughter read to him during his nappy change haha! 😃

  • Loving the pictures it's amazing how quickly they change x 

    We have a greedy milk monster too, Harry does 120ml-150ml every 3-4 hours and occasionally he'll have a top up in between. At night it's not too bad he seems to stick to his 4 hours between feeds but during the day he can be fussier which is fun if you have a fussy toddler as well. 

    Am sure your doing an amazing job Meganh it's hard work with 2 of us let alone doing it all by yourself. Xx

    I'm lucky we split the night feeds so we both get a block of sleep. We feed at 9.30pm hubby stays up with Harry I go to bed then he does the 01.30am feed and comes to bed, I then get up with Harry for the 05.30am feed and stay up until Oliver gets up at 07.30am. I'm still knackered especially by Oliver's bedtime but keep reminding myself that it doesn't last that long in reality and I'll miss the snuggles when he's older and doesn't want to anymore. Can't believe he's 3 weeks already it really is going so quick. 

  • Charley thank you for saying about putting into desktop mode, as I couldn’t post either!! 

     I have given up Dairy this week, as have been told it can really help colicky and distressed breast fed babies.  The first day went well, but second day i cheated and ate white choc I had in the house 😖 and she was super grumpy! Yesterday i was good, but still had a grumpy bubba, so will see what the rest of the week brings, apparently it can take 3 weeks to properly see the effects!  I have stixked up on Borbon biscuits (no dairy) and dark chocolate.

    Loving all the pics, scottjill the grey outfit is adorable - that smile!!! 😍

    Tonistar, sounds like he might be getting ready to give up his night feeds if he doesn’t want to take too much milk?? 

    How did the trip to London go? And the embassy? 

  • imageHi all. New to made for mums. This is baby charlie, born 10/04. First time mom and loving every second. Hoping to make some new Mom friends as non of my friends have babies/children. Thanks all. Sophie xx

  • Hi Sophie, congrats and welcome to the group. Charlie is adorable, how are you finding it? I’m a FTM too, but finding the feeding on demand difficult.

    Jacob finally gave me a good nights sleep. Hubs fed him a bottle of 80ml EBM at around 10pm, he only woke a few times in the night and not his usual every hour. Me and my hubs would joke about it being a night shift, but I think I’m either getting use to it or J is getting better with sleeping through the night. 

    Can’t believe how fast the time is going. Hubs will be going back to work on Tuesday, think I might actually cry.

  • Welcome Sophie and congratulations, what a gorgeous little boy!! 😍

    charlz have faith in yourself, you will do amazing by yourself! It is daunting definitely, but soon you will treasure that bonding time you have with Jacob.  Can someone come and visit you on the first day for a couand lenof hours? Arrange something to look forward to? 

    Yesterday I finally managed to snap a smile, somease as they arent Regular as yet!! Little minx has me up at 3 again last night for a couple of hours 😔


    I am having to get her in all her frilly going out clothes all the time, as she is outgrowing them!! Will be in 3-6 months very soon! Lucky thing has got super long legs.....

    Hows everyone doing with their baby weight? I braved a weigh this week and only about 4lb heavier than pre pregnancy, but pretty sure thTs all on my tummy!! Defo not fitting back into my old clothes yet. 

  • Welcome Sophie, Charlie is gorgeous x

    You lucky thing Charlz having hubby around for so long, it's so nice that he's had that time to bond with Jacob as well. It's daunting at first but you'll soon find a new routine and enjoy that one on one time. 

    Loving all the smiles x 

    Not even thought about my weight yet, I have got back into pre-pregnancy clothes but have a lovely flabby belly. Only 3 weeks since I gave birth though so no rush just nice to have my body back at the moment.

    Can't say I'm missing being pregnant this time, I did 1st time round, it's just nice to feel like me again. Did say to hubby that I think this is it now, always thought we'd have 3 or 4 but I don't think I can do it again. I may change my mind but all the stress of getting pregnant, then staying pregnant and then all the extra worries of my health conditions and having 2 complicated births which all need monitoring and i'm not getting any younger, turning 36 next week, I think I'm done. Anybody else thought about it yet?

  • I’m 2 months post delivery, defo wasn’t considering my weight 3 weeks in - you have done amazing if you are back in old clothes, and with your night time routine!!  At 3 weeks we both had an infection and could barely leave the house!! 

    We are going to try for another one towards the end of the year. I am 39, so also an older Mum, hubby is 44. Amelie has 2 older brothers, one is moving to Oz in December - all booked and visa got etc and the other has Autism.  Her older sister has not really come to terms with us having another baby, and hasn’t really made any effort, so for Millie’s sake, I would like her to have someone To share her life with particularly when she gets older.  Not looking forward to trying again as we lost one and then the twin, so only managed to sustain 1 out of 3 conceived, which is why we are going to start again So quickly - age and being high risk, 🤞 it will all go smoothly next time! 

  • Your doing great MrsFish Amelie looks so happy and content and i have everything crossed that she'll have a new sibling soon xx It's a shame her sister hasn't made an effort hopefully she'll come around soon, my mum didn't 1st time round but has finally met them 2.5 years after Oliver was born. Definitely found that people are less interested this time round which I find a bit sad but it's their loss I suppose.  

  • Hello Sophie! You'll definitely find what you're looking for here, everyone is so lovely, understanding and helpful! I'm a first time mum too!!

    I was really lucky throughout my pregnancy and only put on a stone, so when I weighed myself 2 weeks post delivery I was already back to pre-pregnancy weight. I was really nauseous throughout my whole pregnancy so only ate what I needed as I couldn't stomach much more. 

    In terms of more children, I'd like another one, just to try for a girl although I obviously wouldn't be disappointed either way, every child is a blessing. My OH wasn't sure at first but I think he's already warming up to the idea because he loves Abel so much. If we did have more it would be in a few years, maybe even when Abel is starting school. 

  • Welcome sophie. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Im nearly 5 weeks post delivery and thought right back to slimming world for the first time in 2 years. I was dreading getting on those scales wed eve but turns out i weigh less than pre pregnancy haha i thought i was gonna be at least a stone heavier than what it said. All ive done since my mat leave started was binge on cakes and biscuits. I never normally have a sweet tooth im more savoury.

    Rauri is starting to go longer between feeds in the evening. On Monday i thought i would try and introduce abit of a feeding routine which at 4 weeks old is very early haha but so far so good. He was waking twice in the night if i fed him between 7 and 8 the first being about midnight or 1am but this week ive been feeding him at 10 when i go to bed in the dark bedroom and hes go through untill 4 then through untill 8ish after that. Hes always been very content tho so we are very lucky (touch wood)

    Hope everyone is well. Heres a pic of my little rauri who was made official yesterday being registered xximage

  • Hey everyone. Been a while so I'm not up to date with everything. 

    Nice to read that I'm not the only one struggling with nights. April has me up every 2-3 hours. I'm at a loss with what to do. The other night she fed at 9.30 then woke at 2 then at 5.20 then woke at 8. And I thought great she's going longer. But last night she had a feed at 10.30ish and woke up at 1 then again just before 4 and then 7. Each time she wakes she's up for about an hour. If we're not doing anything that day we stay in bed and I put the telly on and we sometimes fall back to sleep till 10ish. She feeds so much. We had our 6-8 week check today and the little chunk is 12lb 9 at 7weeks1day.. absolute milk monster. Im considering a bottle of formula at night before bed to see if that makes her sleep a little longer. She's still in my bed otherwise i get even less sleep. As a first time mum I just don't know how to go about getting her into a routine to give me (and my boobs) a rest and to give my husband his space in the bed back! I'm kind of just doing what she wants for an easy life but I know it won't be an easy life when's she's older.

    She will soon be in her 3-6 clothes. She's so long. Smiling now which is the most adorable thing. 

    I can't even imagine life without her now, hubby jokes he doesn't want any more as it's to stressful, before her he wanted 5! But I want at least 1 more maybe 2. In a year or so. 

    I haven't even thought about my weight yet but am back in my pre pregnancy clothes. I was lucky to only put on about a stone anyway. My belly is now just floppy so if anything it fits in my jeans better than before! Can't see it lasting as I can't stop with the sugar. Chocolate, coke & biscuits 😍. Need to stop really.

    All the babies looking gorgeous xx

  • Hey everyone! 

    I would like to have another baby soon too, but there is no way I will convince my hubby. He is already talking about having a vasectomy performed soon 😂. I am 41 and have two children so I think 

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