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  • Morning Ladies, how is everyone getting on?

    I wonder if any of you could recommend pull ups that come in a size 3 for my skinny girl? I can't find anything below a 4 and nappy changes are becoming a nightmare!

    Here's some updated pics of my pair (including big girl at her table, I'm amazed by how well she works her cup already!)

  • Awww @EvelynsMummy6390 they are just gorgeous pics! Such nice memories to keep. Evie looks so grown up next to Jamie!! 

    We’re all good thanks! I only have 5 weeks left of maternity! Yikes. Matilda will be 6, nearly 7 months when she starts nursery in March! It’s scary!!!!

    can’t help with the pull ups sorry- can you not order them online?xxxx

  • Matilda had a little visit to nursery today! We just had a look around.xx
  • @EmJ3 how did she get on with the visit? I love her wee coat and hat combo, super cosy! Are you heading back to work full time? 

    I can only find pampers size 3s that will deliver to me and the normal pampers nappies leak constantly on her, although may have to just bite the bullet and try them!

    Jamie had his 6 week check yesterday. He's now up to 10lb7 so a full pound and a half in 2 weeks, just over the 25th centile finally ❤️. He's also 59cm so a tall one like his sister. Still a bit sad about the breastfeeding but accepted that he just needed to grow. They're talking about maybe moving him on to Neocate instead as the current formula is making him quite gassy and constipated but I've to give it a couple more weeks poor wee boy! 
  • Awww Jamie’s really coming on! He’s putting on weight well isn’t he. Hopefully he will settle on a milk that helps him though- it’s so hard!
    Hopefully the pampers will be ok on Evie- it’s because she’s so skinny! I wish I was! Haha! My babies are usually chunky but Matilda’s not really. Just average. Got her weighed yesterday and she’s 14 lb 12 at 23 weeks. Going to start her on food this week!

    Matilda was fine at nursery but I was with her! I’m dreading leaving her. Yeah I’m going back full time in about 5 weeks!😬😬😬😬😢😢 I can’t really do anything because if I tried to go part time, I’d have to give up any leadership role and I’d lose too much money. Never mind I’m sure we’ll love getting back on that treadmill of work, tea, sleep, work, tea, sleep!!!!😉😉xxx

  • @EmJ3 how is Matilda getting on with her food and nursery? Are you back to work now? Evie is sitting at 23lbs and she's 18 months on 3rd March, I believe it's just above the 50th for weight but she's 97th for height - kid eats like a horse too its embarrassing, we visit people and she begs for snacks like I don't feed her 😂. 
  • Hey me again, not sure if anyone's still about but hoping someone might have some decent advice for me about the wee boy. He's now 3 months old with his CMPA and we now suspense a soya/legume allergy. He's on baby gaviscon to stop himself throwing up his milk (amino acid formula so it's like water) and he seems to be in constant pain. Have you come across anything that might help me to settle him a bit better? I'm at a loss and you ladies always have good advice!

  • Hey @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 unfortunately we’ve never had anything like that here 😔 is he pain because of his tummy? 😔 poor little sausage he’s super cute though! 
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 have you tried homeopathy?
    My little rainbow Cai is 8 month already. Growing so fast. Already learned how to stand and tries walk holding my hands. He is super cheeky and I almost don't have free time as always need to be near him.
    He hates being somewhere whe he cannot stand. Straight away starts crying and if I am not paying attention. He doing fake cough knowing I will Come same moment 😂
  • @Mummytolilyandharry I think it's a combination tummy pain and reflux burning. I called the dietitian a week ago today and still heard nothing so we ended up at the doctors demanding the gaviscon for him. Hopefully it will sort him but he cried for 4 hours straight last night. How are the kids getting on?

    @Sigsauer someone had recommended we try osteopathy but tbh on maternity pay I can't afford it. You're the first mention of homeopathy though so if he doesn't settle we might look into it. I cant believe your little one is 8 months already. They know just how to get your attention though eh! 
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390
    homeopathy is great tbh. i love it and trust it....never failed me..

    yeah this 8 month just gone with blink of the eye...

  • @Sigsauer will defo look into it when we're allowed out! 

    Hope everyone is doing OK and not too affected by the virus. There was a case in my office last week but thankfully I'm on Mat leave - I say thankfully but we are on lock down. Kids and hubby are both OK but my temp is up at 39 and I have a cough, feels like a cold but we have to be safe! His work is also closing for 45 days from tomorrow and all staff are getting a 30% reduction in pay. Its not ideal but we are better off than some so can't complain! 

  • i am happy that schools are closing down...been way to anxious about it..have no idea how i will cope with home learning and baby that tries to get anywhere he can see,but at least i can control boys more and look after their hygine
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 I hope you get better soon 😔 it’s horrible I’m petrified everyday, not so much of the virus itself as we have been staying following advice on social distancing and I pulled lily out of school on Tuesday, me & Luke both still working but I clean a school so I work alone and Luke’s job isn’t ideal as he does see a lot of people everyday but we just have to make do for now! Unsure as to what’s going to happen with my job as there’s talks of the kids not going back til September so apart from a deep clean there’s not really much else I can do 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hopefully get some answers today! 

    Stay safe everyone xx
  • @Mummytolilyandharry hopefully you're still needed if the kids of key workers are still to go to school 🤞.

    Hopefully this is over soon guys, and everyone comes through it unaffected x
  • Hi everyone, I haven’t had notifications if this thread. I hope everyone’s doing well. It’s crazy times isn’t it.

    Matilda is 7 months old, just over and I’ve been back at work for a month, although my school is now mainly closed. I have to go in a couple of days a week to help with the vulnerable and key workers children but I’m just going to keep my distance! 

    Matilda did 2 weeks in nursery and then has been off for a week with a temp due to teething. So it’s already a fortune. I’m wondering what the nurseries are going to say about payments as their not really going to be in now!! 


  • This was Matilda yesterday morning!!! She’s lovely to wake up
  • @EmJ3 someone in Jamies birth club is having to pay full nursery fees when it's shut! Although that was before yesterdays announcement so hopefully theyve all changed their tune if government support is available to them x
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 I really hope we don’t have to that. There’s always the option of taking her out and then putting her back in when it’s open again but I don’t want to have to do that. There would definitely be places as they’re not at full capacity. It feels wrong though. I’ll just have to
  • @EmJ3 that's what I'd be doing if they wanted the full whack, it's not your fault. We still have to pay Evies ballet but they're doing daily online classes which are giving me sanity and a chance to eat in relative peace so I'm happy to pay it.

    She's driving me up the wall today. They both are!

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