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  • XOXO1 said:
    How’re you @SmithL35 I hope you’re both doing well xx
    Oops I didn't click on the link, I thought it was quiet!

    Oscar is good thank you, he had gone down to 7lb 9, he is a little poo machine! I was struggling with feeding the other day but have since been feeding lying down which has made a difference :)

    Only problem is my c section wound is infected now, so I am not feeling good! Got antibiotics yesterday and they gave me some codeine for the pain, I really hope it gets better quickly as I feel even more helpless now! My parents are coming round today to help my husband with things, he is running round all over the place! He is back to work on Tuesday and I am nervous that I will still be feeling like this :/

    It is so lovely seeing all the photos!! Oscar is now a week old as of last night, we got a cake for him :)

  • @SmithL35 these pictures are so special. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great. Hopefully the pills will kick in soon. Will your parents be around when your husband goes back? 
  • Hi @VRob123 yes they will come and help and his parents too. My sister is staying with me Tuesday and Wednesday....just need to warn her about the nappies!! X
  • @VRob123 aww that’s so nice that you will have help! It must be hard especially with you being in pain and now an infection 😔 in a few weeks it will all he a distant memory, they are so worth it tho aren’t they 💙
    @XOXO1 I wish I could give a bottle just 1! But Denver won’t entertain it we have tried 6 different bottles and nope!! So if you can give just the one to get some rest do it!! I wish I could xx 
  • @SmithL35 @VRob123 sorry I was ment to put SmithL35 
  • @Wellcome1 ah no probs, I read it this morning and assumed you'd meant me :) but couldn't reply straight away and the day has just gone!! 
    I ended up going to the hospital so they could check my incision as no swab had been taken up to this point. But it was also Oscar's gearing test so it worked out quite well as our first family trip out! X
  • @SmithL35 what a lovely 1st trip😂 hope your swans come back clear!
    did Oscars hearing come bak ok? My second youngest failed at birth so we had to go back.
    hows the feeding coming on? Are you feeling better about it now? X 
  • Ahhh @SmithL35 that’s a beautiful picture. He’s smiling back at his mumma. 😍

    @Wellcome1 I gave Arabella a bottle Friday night and she slept until 4am and then last nights until 3am. I feel amazing 🤣
    she was fussy with the teat so I used the breastfeeding one and she guzzled it xx
  • @XOXO1 what breastfeeding one? I have used mam, avent, Tommee tippee, nuby he won’t take any!! 
    So glad you feel better lv sleep is so important, I miss it lol xx 
  • Thank you @XOXO1 :) my favourite picture ever 😍 x
  • Hey ladies, has anyone had there period return? My little one is 6 weeks on Sunday and for the last couple days Iv had bleeding but not sure if it’s period or not! My bleeding after birth had completely stopped, it just seems so heavy? If anyone has had there period was yours really heavy too? X
  • @Claire1234939 it sounds like your period lv, hoe long ago did you stop bleeding from birth? Are you Breast or bottle feeding? My little boy is 12 weeks old and I’ve had nothing yet ☹️
  • @Wellcome1 I stopped bleeding atleast a couple weeks ago I was just having discharge no blood, I’m bottle feeding. I think it’s my period just seems so heavy it’s freaked me out! X
  • @Claire1234939 it is really heavy the 1st one is awful!! You may find clots also but that can be normal xx 
  • @Wellcome1 ah thank you! I was getting proper worried somthing was wrong 🤣xx
  • @Claire1234939 aww your welcome love it can be quiet scary there does seem to be loads on your 1st period! I remember it well with my others, I’m not looking forward to mine returning not had any signs or anything yet tho! It’s the longest I’ve ever gone after delivery x
  • Hi everyone, 

    I haven't been on for a while, I am still struggling with my c section getting infected. I'm onto the second course of antibiotics now :(

    Apart from that I'm really pleased I am still breastfeeding and Oscar has gone from his birth weight of 8lb 3 to 8lb 9 now :) 

    Hope everyone is well x
  • @SmithL35 oh no, I’m so sorry to hear it’s still infected. Getting to grips with a newborn is difficult enough let alone with the difficulty of healing and pain. I hope you get better soon and have time to rest. Well done for persevering with breast feeding through it all. It does feel great seeing them put weight on and knowing it’s all you ❤️. Never far away if you need to offload xx 
  • Thank you @VRob123, I'm so pleased that we are still going with it. It seems to be hurting a bit more again now, I feel like he latches on ok to start with but then he kind of pulls his head back a but and ends up with just the nipple which is sore. I often start him again but it happens most times now, is that right? Does it get any less painful? X
  • @SmithL35 He’ll get the hang of it I’m sure. I find my little man does it when he’s laying sideways, when he’s properly smooshing his face into my boob it’s ok 🙈. I read somewhere that to get a comfortable latch you need 4 points of contact on the boob. Chin, nose & cheeks. 
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