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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Omg congratulations kaaayls that’s amazing welcome to the world lily and merry first christmas xxxx

  • Awwww congratulations Kaaayls.she‘s incredible. What a Christmas present!


  • Congratulations Kaaayls, she’s a doll 

  • Congratulations !! So beautiful!!

  • Thank you ladies! She’s absolutely perfect. Can’t believe how tiny she is! The labour was pretty quick but my god it was painful 😂

    who’s due next?x

  • Massive congrats lorew & kaayls both beautiful baby girls ❤️

    Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas 


  • Awww gorgeous pic mummytolily&harry. I hope you had a lovely 

  • I've had 2 misscarriages, one missed pregnancy that I lost at around 4month and my most recent was a known pregnancy but missed misscarriage in Sept I was 7 weeks but didn't find out til 12 week scan.

    I am currently pregnant again, 11 weeks todsy and I just don't feel pregnant anymore my sickness is still here but that's about it. I had an early scan at 7 weeks and saw a healthy baby with a heartbeat . 

    My next scan is next Friday but I'm so nervous am I just panicking or should I be worried

  • Kirby, I’m prob not the best person to comment because I can’t imagine getting through a pregnancy without worrying like mad. All I can say is, what you’re feeling has got to be normal.  You have been through a lot so you are bound to worry. I don’t think you can win either way but if you are feeling sick, that is a good sign. I really hope this is it for you.

    i know how you feel as I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant, very early days I know. I lost a baby at 20 weeks In March and another at 11 weeks in August. I’m praying to god this one works out.xxxx

  • I'm sure you will be fine, oh yes worry is a mummys worst friend but fingers crossed for everyone & I guess it's a sit and wait type of game but 8 days til scan so il just grit and bare it

  • You’re doing so well. You’re bound to be worried for the 12 week scan as that’s when it went wrong last time but remember that every pregnancy is completely different and hopefully this time, everything will be ok.xxxx

  • Congratulations on the new arrivals - well done mumma’s and welcome to the world gorgeous new girlies 😍😍😍

    Did you make it home for Christmas Day kaayls? 

    Merry Christmas to all Mummies, Babies and Angels 😘😘😘😘


    Sipping on a well earned 🍸Amelie still has a sack of pressies to open, but she is taking time to enjoy those she already has.

    Kirby, you will defo worry - a lot and all the way through.  If you can’t hold on until your scan, perhaps pay for a private one or call the EPU - it’s your body, listen to it - good luck xx 

  • Kirby, sorry that sounds really harsh, I tried to delete/edit it and couldn’t work out how to do it. It is super stressful in early pg, especially at around 12 weeks as symptoms come and go.  inhave also had missed mc and a 14 week mc, I would push for extra support due to your circumstances, you should start feeling bubba in a month or 2, that will make life easier for you xx 

  • Ok ladies I need some sense knocking into me. I'm due for a c section 14th Feb. Having a big freak out. Have my two girls already. Keep thinking something will happen to me that leave my girls without me then crying my eyes out. Feeling guilty that my baby I'm having isn't my angel I lost last year. I love this boy so much already but I've been convinced that it wasn't going to happen for so long, that I would loose him like I lost my angel and now suddenly it's very real. So feeling a bit panicked. I just want him to be here and for him and me to be safe and well. Please tell me I'm not the only one to feel like this. Hormones have hit suddenly too. 

    Congrats on the new arrivals xxx

  • You’re definitely not the only one to feel this Honey. With everything you’ve been through, it is completely natural to feel nervous, guilty, upset, excited- a mixture of everything. 

    It’s natural to still be grieving for your angel baby and this baby boy doesn’t replace him but he will help you and your family to heal. 

    Just try to take each day as it comes and this time, you will get your happy

  • Thank you Hun, how are you? It's just so close now and I'm feeling something has to go wrong. Think they may have to give me anxiety meds nearer the time, not sure I will stay too calm x

  • I know what you mean but you’re so close now! You can do this!  

    It’s such early days for me but I keep thinking something will go wrong too. Fingers crossed!


  • I remember that stage so well and send you all my love Hun, it's scary and I hope everything will go well just look after yourself Hun. I've just got to shake this off as I know it's silly, just so many emotions lol xxx

  • Hi ladies, it’s 2 weeks for me and my little angel will be here. I know how you feel honey i know I have aniexty and keep thinking the worse but I know it’s only emotions and I’m going to try and a some kind of focus gain during labor rather it be material or verbally. We’ve got this! Our angels will never be forgotten it’s just now we’ve been blessed with what we’ve waited/ wanted for so long and now that they are almost here our emotions run wild. Think of the beautiful days ahead and how all this will be forgotten once he’s in your arms. Not everybody can experience the storms we have because we are chosen yet strong and soon we’ll have our rainbow babies in the end. 🌈 much love and hugs sent to you. 

  • Yes emj3 and thanks. I think due 1st September have early scan in 2 weeks to check position from previous ectopic so don’t feel I can get excited until then x

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