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First trimester August to October.



  • @Purpledolly0101 glad its not just me, i'm not actually being sick but really off food and struggling to eat anything other than carbs so worried a little as not the best nutrition at the moment trying to eat fruit when I can but it tastes wrong just now (only way to describe it).  Wow at your friend losing so much that is crazy, I am hyper aware that I should realistically only put 11-20lbs on because of my weight so Iam just hoping this helps me prevent too much gain in later pregnancy.  

    not good the midwife lost your bloods 3 times, ouch.  I have another 4 weeks till my first scan and it seems so far away.
  • Hey everyone! I am 11 + 5 today. I’m so sorry a lot of you have been sick. I’m that annoying pregnant person that hasn’t gotten any morning sickness 🙈 I didn’t get any with my son either though. I hope it lets up for you ladies soon!

    @Lillian2410 We are due on the same day!! 
  • @Chellefish I’m the same wasn’t throwing up but could only eat sweet stuff and carbs, my midwife said it’s normal at this stage lol

    yeah 3 times bloody disaster so  hoping they are in touch this week for a scan date ! My husband works quite a bit away and due to the complex nature of his work he needs notice so he can plan accordingly so hopefully it’s not going to be a short notice thing . 

    @Rachel.a21 ur very lucky lol 

    anyone craving things they wouldn’t normally eat? I really want fish fingers and they are not something I’d normally eat lol 
  • I’ve eaten a lot of supernoodles, pasta and bread 🙈 I used to be so healthy and have salad for lunch everyday.  Don’t fancy salad or greens at all 🤢 beige is still winning! 
  • Anyone else got a lot of extra hair haha aka snail trail 😩😩😩 my bump
    is starting to show and look at the hairs 
  • @Lilsivin Yes that’s my least favorite part of pregnancy lol you’ll get a line down your belly. How far along are you?
  • My app says 13 weeks but my dating scan is Wednesday so it will be confirmed I’m so so fat tho I’m not sure what’s happened 
  • @Lilsivin You are not fat!! It’s baby in there ☺️ My stomach is starting to stick out some though it’s not noticeable in my clothes yet. I didn’t show with my son until 20 weeks but I know that won’t be the case this time I’m sure 
  • Aw!! I love seeing the bumps! Try not to worry about them. Everyone shows or doesn’t show differently. I’m a little heavier but am definitely already showing at almost 14 weeks. I always get big quickly and always hear comments like ‘are you sure there’s not more than one in there’ ruuuuude. 

    @Chellefish I’m heavier and have lost about 10lbs since finding out I was pregnant. It was mostly from weeks 6-10. Now that I’m feeling a bit better, I’m hungrier. I’m being careful with what I eat and have been able to maintain my eight pretty well the last 4 weeks. It’s hard because I’m not used to eating little meals through the day, but, it seems to be what works best. And I’m definitely craving carbs. I want ALL the pasta. Before I got pregnant I was losing weight pretty well and eating very healthy, so the carbs are really out of the norm. 

    I have my first glucose test tomorrow and am hopeful it comes back ok. I’ve never had a problem before and have been eating pretty healthy, so fingers crossed. 

    I also think we’ve decided to pay for the early gender scan sometime within the next two weeks. All these places guarantee gender so early, it just makes me nervous. If we wait two full weeks I’ll be almost 16 weeks, so hopefully accurate. 

    Sorry for the long post! Took me a bit to catch up with you all

  • @Rockinmom2 I am doing the early scan too! Mine is on the 15th and I’ll be 14.5 weeks
  • I’m probs going to go about 16 weeks as that’s when I went with my boy n found out no problem, although it’s likely if they say girl I won’t believe them 😂
  • Here in the US, our normal gender scan is 18 weeks. Early scans with 4D can start at 14 weeks which is what I'm doing. I won't believe them if they say girl either lol I am mentally preparing myself for a boy (still happy about a boy) just so I'm not sad if it is indeed a boy lol but I will be thrilled if it's a girl so I can have one of each.
  • Sunshine8888Sunshine8888 Regular
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    So exciting about the gender scans! I’m missing seeing baby! I hope she’s ok in there. I’ve told most people now, it’s so nice sharing the news! Waiting on my 20 week scan date but it’s likely to be mid December! I can’t wait to start feeling her move 

    I’ll try and do a bump update pic later. I haven’t noticed any hair or a line yet! 
  • I haven’t got the brown line yet but I have got much more hair which is annoying 😂 
  • I haven’t had a brown line with either of my others, but definitely get hairy. Already happening lol. You’re not alone
  • I’m Defs Getting hairier Lol and I just look like I have a bit of a gut at the moment, still waiting on a 12 week scan date I just want to know all is well in there, with all the chaos of losing my bloods 3 times and then my file I’m riddled with anxiety! 

    Can anyone in UK/Ireland tell me how long after booking appointment they received date for 12 week scan ??

  • @Purpledolly0101 I’m in south west England and got my 12 week scan date through a couple of days after booking appointment and then my screening results one week after the scan 
  • Finally the wait is over and I’ve had my scan measuring ahead at 12+5 and due 8th May everything all good and baby jumping around, anyone want to play guess the gender game!? ❤️
  • Aw lovely !!!

    got my date! Monday week ! 
  • @Lilsivin congrats! I guess boy 💙
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