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Due in August 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in August 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Sorry not posted but I am still here lol

    So not feeling well have constipation at the mo nightmare and not having many fluids as I still feel sick xx

  • Meme210 names can be so tricky cant they at least you still have a while to decide. We are opposite to you we have a girls name but cant decide on a boys name.

    Bobble how did you get on?? 

    Emma108pd - shame your still feeling sick hopefuly it will go soon. You have had a bad time with the sickness


  • Yeah had it since week 7 xx

    I have a girls name but not a boys names xx

  • my sickness has pretty much gone but on random days it tears it ugly head.  Today I threw my bread fast up half way though.  Hubby said I looked like I was going to be sick but I wasnt sure if I was or if it was a burp (I get lots of them and hiccups) hunny knew best.  

  • I just don't like the hospital visits as it's uncomfortable in there beds and you can wait up to 4 hours to see a doctor so the chairs are so bad hopefully no more vivits to the hospital apart from the scheduled one lol

  • Babas a girl! 💟💟💟

  • Congrats Bobble 💟😀💟😀💟 that's brilliant news. So that's 2 team pink and 1 team blue xxx

  • Am waiting till the 20 week scan in 6 weeks to find out sex I actually cannot wait to find out and start to buy thing but I did buy one little sleep suit for the hospital image

  • Thanks kgraham and lizzie thts lush! Xx

  • That's cute Lizzie 😀 what size are you all buying? I bought my wee man his going home outfit and i got up to a month/up to 10lb. I had a look a new born but it seems to be up to 7.7lb. My other boys were 8lb 6 and 8lb 12..... so I'm thinking this one could easily be at least 9lb. 

  • Congratulations Bobble. Glad she let you find out this time! Kgraham when my boy was born he was 7,11 not that big but he was quite long he never fit any of the newborn clothes so id definatly get more up to a month/10lb clothes. Lizzie that outfits so sweet. Ahhh cant wait to meet the baby already!!! Xxxxx

  • I’ve bought a range of sizes in different clothes from newborn & first size today even 3-6 months.  her first hospital outfit was newborn size I hope it fits ile be gutted if not 


  • Actually it says first size but doesn’t give indication in weight 

  • congratulations on team pink bobble ❤️

  • Thanks guys am buying 0-3 because to be fair all the babies in my family have been big so am expecting the same specially with been diabetic to. Got the best news on tuesday that my sugars are now at the perfect rate now to just keep it that way. So do we have any bump pictures yet from anyone 

  • Girls I had midwife today.... so they gave me a quick scan ( not proper 20 week one ) anyway HC is measuring 5 days ahead!!!! Think my baby boy is going to be a bruiser. 

  • Hello ! Took me a while to work out there was a new thread 🙈 Nice to catch up with everyone. Congrats on those who have had gender scans so exciting. Finally had my first scan ! 14 weeks image they changed my date to 27th August ! x

  • Glad you had a good scan lozzyben, what was your original date? Xx

  • Hi all I'm new here I'm 41 due baby no 5 14th August. My eldest is 21 and my youngest 11. Have had a few scans so far and have amniocentesos tomorrow as my bloods came back 1 in 5 chance baby has downs. We are keeping baby no matter what :-)

  • Congratulations must be mad! What big age gaps between your children, although absolutely ideal for babysitting duties!! Are they excited? It sounds like you've had quite a stressful pregnancy so far, I will cross everything I have that your amnio goes well today and little one stays still, rather than dances around for you all!!

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