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Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm @DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here. 

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  • Hi I might as well start off this thread as I’m due August 1st 😃 I’m very nervous as I’ve had a few losses this year as I’m an older mum but I’ve decided to be positive and so write on here anyway. Looking forward to seeing your posts xx 
  • Hi hope you dont mind me commenting , congratulations!! I've just done 5 tests all positive so I think my date is August the 6th 2020 even though I get married 4 weeks before , what timing lol ! Were your tests really dark as mine were so I'm worried as I've had 5 miscarriages so I'm forever worrying x
  • Hi I’m so sorry for the late reply but we’re all really poorly here with the chesty flu thing that’s going round. Yes my tests were pretty dark. I did a clear blue with weeks test which said 2-3 weeks which was right and I’m going to do another at the weekend to see if it’s gone up to 3+ weeks. I’ve had miscarriages too so am extremely anxious especially now I’m I’ll at this vital stage 😞 How are you feeling?
  • Ill not I’ll 
  • Hiya , sorry to hear you all dealing with the flu it made its round over here a few weeks back it was awful , I did a clear blue digital this morning which said 1-2 weeks but I'm still worried because of how dark my tests were so I'm.guessing this puts me at 3-4 weeks so confusing I've never used a digital before , I hope all goes well with you ! Good luck with everything 
  • Yes 1-2 on digital means you are classed as 3-4 weeks pregnant. Have you any photos of your tests? 
  • These are my tests over the past 3 days 
  • Your tests look great. Why are you worried they’re too dark?
  • Think I might do another tonight to check it’s not going lighter 
  • I just thought they were quite dark for how early I am I was expecting a little faint line , did you do another test 
  • No I think your lines are great. Don’t worry. Yes I did another test. I was pleased cos the test line was darker than control line and then this morning I did another clear blue and got 3+ weeks which I was really pleased about as I’m exactly 5 weeks today. But then a bit ago just before I got in the bath I thought I saw a bit of spotting so am now really down. I think my body may have given up as I’m so poorly with this lurgy and my cough is hideous and every cough feels like it’s pulling on my uterus. I just feel really angry now at the timing of these germs. It feels like my poor little one doesn’t stand a chance 😢
  • That's really good news your tests are darker and clear blue is still showing 3+ , spotting apparently is normal at this stage so please try not to panic , I know the timings of these flus are just awful , try and relax and get lots of rest , I'm praying things work out for you , if you are worried is it possible to go to the hospital and see if you can get an early scan ? Hoping all turns out well , I've got a bad back ache still and some cramps so I'm forever worrying about it all x
  • I guess we just have to wait and see don’t we? It’s nice to have you to chat to who understands xx 
  • I hope everything goes well for you , I've got like sharp shooting pains it's horrible so I'm definitely worried , always here if you need to chat x
  • Hiya , I hope all is well with you today and your feeling abit better xx
  • Thankyou. No more spotting but still feeling dreadful with lurgy. Just can’t shift it. Hope you’re ok xx
  • Ah I'm glad your okay ! I'm okay just loads of pressure in my uterus and the occasional sharp like shooting pains so I cant settle xx
  • Hiya I hope all is going well with you and your starting to feel abit better , just wanted to check up 😁 xx
  • Thank you x I don’t think it’s good news for me unfortunately as I’ve had a bit more red bleeding today so I think it might be the beginning of the end. I’ve been so poorly so I feel like my little one never stood a chance 😢 How are you feeling?
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