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Welcome to Due in December 2021 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

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  • Hiya! I should be due around the 9th December according to nhs website! I’ve got 2 children, who are 6 and 4, (both summer babies so be nice to not have a simmer one this time around) had a loss in between them two and I had chemicals at the end of jan and start of this month, but they never got enough hormones to show up on a digital so I’m optimistic! Xx
  • Hi mummae26 I got my BFP this morning. I’m around 3weeks and 3 days, due around 14th ish I think! 🥰 congratulations on your BFP xx
  • @loza1234 congratulations ❤️
  • Thank you! You too xx
  • Ladies I think I’m ready to join you. I’m 11dpo - around 4 weeks today and testing every day to watch my lines get stronger 🥰 EDD 13th Dec. We’re both 34 and this will be our first baby together. I have 2 girls aged 7 and 11, my partner had a daughter who sadly passed away in 2014 when she was 8 and also has 2 boys aged 10 and 13. We get married next October so this really is the icing on the cake ☺️🥲 Awful symptoms so far, headaches, cramps and backache, nausea and I’m completely off my food. Congratulations to you all and Im looking forward to getting to know you and support each other on this amazing journey together 💗 x

  • Congratulations Lh8609! Beautiful news! I’m due on the 13th of December too! Due date twins 🥰 my boobs are starting to get sore, I’m absolutely knackered every day and my back hurts too! X
  • Awesome!! Yeah I’ve been working all weekend and I’m pooped. I need to speak to my boss actually I replenish stock in a supermarket and I don’t want to be lifting heavy stuff any more. My boobs aren’t too bad yet just a bit tender. I keep pulling stomach muscles too! Is this your first @loza1234 x
  • I’ve told mine am hopefully they don’t give me bad jobs at work. I’m a nursery nurse so quite tough lol. No my second baby. My little boy is 2 in June! Xx
  • Awwww how lovely x
  • So I have my first scan booked 2 weeks tomorrow I should be 6+5 then. Just wanted a little reassurance before we start telling people. Then booking in with midwife on the 28th, starting to feel real now! Hope everyone’s ok and feeling well xxx
  • Hi hunny. I’ve got a scan booked for when I’m 8 weeks. I have a feeling it could be twins so I have the midwife ringing me tomorrow I’m gunna ask if she can book me in for a scan at 6 weeks to check. I’m okay, cramping has kicked in again. Waves of nausea and I’m extremely tired. How are you feeling? Xx
  • Oh wow that would be so exciting! I’m ok, I feel worryingly normal today actually after days of feeling bloated and sick and having funny feelings in my tummy, hoping it’s just my body getting used to it. On the plus side my skin looks great and my hairs so shiny 😂 I was toying with the idea of speaking to my manager at work this weekend but I don’t think I’m quite ready so I’m just gona keep quiet till after the scan I think and just be careful with what I’m lifting etc x
  • My cramping is bad today I haven’t had it for a couple of days. My little boy is testing me today as well haha! I’m very bloated too x
  • I’ve had some quite nasty cramps too, I don’t remember much from my first 2 pregnancies but then they are 11 and 7 now lol. I don’t remember feeling as sh-Texas I have this time tho. I’ve got 2 clear blue digitals with weeks indicator just cuz I want to see the numbers get higher 😂 I’m so paranoid lol x
  • Me too. I did one yesterday and it said 3+ but I’m only 4+3 lol strong tests! 
  • Oh wow yes very strong 😊 mine said 1-2 on Sunday I was tempted to do another today but I’ll be devastated if it hasn’t changed so I might wait x
  • I just caved and did it lol, it said 2-3 😊 beyond happy lol I should be 4+4 today so it’s spot on x
  • Yay happy for you!! ♥️ I’m 4+3. Could be twins if my was 3+ 🤣 do you have WhatsApp would be good to speak on there! 🥰
  • well I think I can finally join this group...been testing positive for a few days but only very very faint lines, got this today which is a bit more reassuring. Not actually due af until tomorrow though and I cant help but think it will just come as normal and I'm wrong about the positive test lol 
  • Yaaaayyyy huge congrats hun welcome x
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