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Due in February 2018

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in February 2018, please do post a reply on this thread and introduce yourself.

If you're due in a different month and would like to join one of our other birth clubs, you can find them here.



  • thanks for adding me xxx

  • Congratulations again Michelle - so glad to hear you got your BFP! We're sure there will be more ladies joining you very soon here. How did your partner take the bug news?

  • he was over the moon just a bit nervous we both are just hoping this wee baby stays were it is this time xx my due date is the 8th feb 2018

  • Absolutely Michelle - wishing you a super sticky bean. 

  • Hi Michelle, congratulations!

    how are you feeling? my due date is the 5th February. when is your first midwife appointment?

  • Hi Tara, huge congratulations on your BFP - we're so pleased to see you've come over from your other thread here! 

  • Hey! Im due 5th Feb i found out on the 29th May and its DRAGGING already! xx

  • Hi Jaydexox, welcome to MFM and huge congratulations! Is this your first baby?

  • Hey! due around 4th February. This is my first so feeling a little overwhelmed. Hoping all goes well over the next few months!

  • Welcome and congratulations Hanlew! How did your partner take the news? 

  • Hi everyone, we just wondered how you're all doing today? 

  • He was very emotional as we've been trying a while! :)

  • So I was in the December baby club but unfortunately miscarried in March... just found out I'm 5 weeks and due Valentine's Day <3

  • Oh Hannylou247, we remember you! We are over the moon that you got your BFP - so many CONGRATULATIONS! Wonderful to have you back. 

  • Congratulations hannylou, I found out I was pregnant last Monday and my due date would also be Valentine's Day.  Keeping fingers crossed for sticky beans for us both X 

  • Hi Skittles123, congratulations and welcome! Wonder if we'll have a load of Valentine babies come February???

    How's everyone doing? 

  • Hello lovely ladies! Congratulations on your happy news!!! I got a very faint bfp yesterday! This will be my second baby- I have a ten month old boy Already :) 

    I'm already having a bit of nausea and I'm trying so hard to cover it up! I wanted to surprise my husband on Father's Day - which is this Sunday! So Im trying to keep it quiet till then. It's so hard! Good thing he has no clue about cycles and periods etc hahaha.  

    ive got a few potential ideas of how I'll surprise him but haven't quite decided yet. I'll share it with you once i do :) 

    i am so relieved this forum exists cos I was dying to tell someone but can't!!! 

    How are you girls all feeling so far? Xxx

  • Well hello AussieDea - we are SO happy to see you back in another birth club - a little brother or sister for Paddy! Congratulations! Now how you're going to keep it quiet from your hubby until Sunday.... good luck! 

  • Hehe thanks so much Danielle! 

    Awwwi know! its going to be interesting seeing how he handles a sibling! 

    I seriously don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm such a blabber mouth! Hehe lets see if I last till then! 

  • AussieDea, congratulations! That's so exciting! The second I found out I couldn't keep my mouth shut for more than a few hours before I told my husband. 😂 We are waiting for our first doctor visit before we tell our families. :) This will be our first child.:) so far I've just had really sore breasts, bloating, very mild cramping and dizzines/slight naseua. No morning sickness yet, Thankfully. 

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