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  • @MUM2TB it was 16 years ago so easy to make light of it now! 
  • Is anyone else struggling to eat? I’m really hungry but when I think about what to eat I instantly feel sick. There is absolutely nothing I want to eat (other than sweet baked stuff!) and I have a horrid taste in my mouth all the time which makes everything taste sort of... fluffy... if that makes sense! It’s getting me down! I mean I don’t think losing a bit of weight is going to do me any harm - but god I just want to eat a normal meal and enjoy it again!!! Xxxx
  • @Katies32 I’m the same I don’t fancy anything because of constant nausea and when o do eat it gets worse!! It’s getting me down as I loved food before and don’t feel I can enjoy myself with the nausea, anything with any sort of fat in or on it makes me so bad as well I get like a coating in my mouth that dosnt go away I even try brushing my teeth multiple times !! How far on are you ? 
  • @abbierk95 - yup that’s exactly the same as me!! It’s  like this horrible kind of sour coating! I literally don’t like the taste of anything!! I’m sick every night after eating (that’s when I manage to eat at all!). I’m 11 weeks 1 day today! Mine isn’t so bad in the morning - that’s the only time I can eat something - but as soon as the afternoon hits I feel like I have been hit by a bus and the nausea starts! God I hope I only have another 5 days of this haha! Xxx
  • I have the horrible taste in my mouth, makes me dry heave. I have never bought so many bottles of mouth wash. I have to eat little and often.... like toast ECT. Can't eat a big meal or I feel sick and if leave it to long to eat then food is put in front of me I feel sick. Oh to feel normal again 🙈😂😂
  • Hi everyone - some sad news. I’ve been for my 11 week scan and my baby had stopped growing at 9.5 weeks and his little heart has stopped. We are devastated but wanted to let you all know before leaving this group. I really hope you all go on to have happy and healthy pregnancies and I really hope I’ll be there to join you one day! All my love Katie. Xxx 
  • Arrr Katie I’m so sorry for your loss this is such sad news my heart goes out to you xxxxx
  • Oh Katie I am so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you x
  • @Katies32 oh god I am so sorry. Absolutely devastating news. I hope you're able to find some comfort during this horrible time. Sending lots of hugs your way xx
  • @Katies32 I have no words, only to say I am truly so sorry for your loss. Absolutely devastating. Loads of love xxx
  • @Katies32 I am so so sorry this has happened to you...heartbreaking I'll be thinking of you xx
  • @Katie32 I'm so sorry this has happened =( sending love xxx
  • Katie I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope you will be ok xxxx
  • Oo @Katies32 I am so so sorry to hear this. It’s just awful. Please feel free to message me at any time if you want to talk about it. Sending so much love your way xx
  • @Katies32 I'm so sorry to hear this. I feel absolutely heartbroken for you. Thinking of you xx
  • Thank you for all your lovely messages ladies. This forum has been so great and I’ve loved getting to know you all. Feeling positive we will get there eventually... just wasn’t supposed to be this time. Sending all the love to you and your beans xxxx
  • @Katies32 aww Katie I’m so sorry to hear this, I’ve been were you are and it’s truly heartbreaking! Thinking of you and look after yourself, allow yourself time ❤️ Xxx 
  • Katie that’s the best way to think of this! I know it’s hard, but it will happen for you! It just wasn’t meant to be this time. You’re Incredibly brave to be looking at it like that already xxx 

    ... that news has left me feeling a little glum! How is everyone else today? X
  • I’m constantly worrying! I’ve got another private scan in two weeks, reassurance again! This one is £45 at Mothercare and is just after my holiday, I’ll be 11 weeks then have my hospital scan at 13 weeks xx 
  • I’m the same. My 12 week scan is tomorrow and I’m very anxious. No reason to be as I’ve had an easy enough pregnancy but can’t shake the feeling that it’s not going to go well x
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