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  • Aah lovely rainbow I have a feeling I'm still breech too still feeling kicks low down 
  • @Rainbowsunshine so glad all is well 😊.
    I had an appointment today, I can’t tolerate the GTT test so I’ve been measuring my blood sugars the last few days. I’m literally right on the limit so looks like I’ll be diagnosed with Gestational diabetes, which I’ve not had before. Does anyone have any experience of it? Did you have massive babies and were they ok? My biggest has been 7lb 15 at 42 weeks so now I’m terrified of having a 12 lb bub 😓
  • my first was 9lbs but 3 weeks early without gestational diabetes. He was a section delivery because of concerns over his weight but he still felt tiny when they handed him to me x
  • I've known women birthing big babies and saying it was a lot easier than their smaller ones. My friend had it with her first baby and she was 7lbs I think she was induced 2 weeks early though. Has anyone heard of the positive birthing company? It's an inexpensive hypnobirthing online course, I've started the digital pack and I cant recommend it enough. Its changed my outlook on birth hoping to have a lot more positive experience than the first time round. It's got a great science section and an access to a private fb group which is full of positive birth stories. Its brill I'm actually feeling excited rather than petrified like i did with my first xx
  • @Geriatricmum I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy I couldnt diet control my numbers so ended up on metaform tablets I didnt need insulin only when I had placenta issues and was given the steroid shots they made my sugars to high so had insulin then through a drip she was born at 36 week and 6lb 11oz my smallest they was going to induce at 39 weeks because of the diabetes but due to placenta I had to have her earlier you will definitely have growth scan if you have it to keep an eye on how big baby is mine have mainly all been over 8 pound and near two near the 9lb mark and I was fine with them delivering naturally 

    That sounds quite interesting @mum2tb I will have a look as I dont know how I'm giving birth as of yet but I am quite nervous actually very ha xx
  • I haven’t tried that actually. My PCT offers a hypnobirthing course but they said that they couldn’t book me on til mid December and I feel like that’s too close to the birth (due 6th Jan and little boy came 3 weeks early) so was looking for an alternative! Will check them out x
  • @Rainbowsunshine thank you! I’ve got a growth scan on Monday and consultant obstetrician appointment so fingers crossed! Xx
  • I personally haven't had GD however many of my friends did! I don't believe any of them had babies any bigger than what is considered normal, and aside from the awkward adjustment period with food portions, they had no issues. Many of them actually lost a bit of weight! 

    My GTT results came back fine however my iron levels were borderline anemic so I've had to go on iron tablets. Explains why I've been so exhausted! 

    I haven't even thought about labour yet, although I guess I should probably start soon lol. I had a really positive birth last time (90% of labour at home, came into the hospital 9cm and he was born 1.5 hours later. No drugs and no tearing) so I have a good memory to feed back on. Hypnobirthing sounds interesting though, so I might suss out some info!
  • I’ve got my 4D scan Sunday, will be gone 27 weeks. They are able to give estimated birth weight so will be interesting! I’ve definitely got a bump and feeling lots of kicks lower down but people telling me my bump isn’t massive so be interesting to see how scan goes 💙 xx 
  • Hi ladies, had my 4D scan but he wasn’t playing...head down, covering face with hands etc so having a free rescan next Saturday. 
    They also told me baby boy is measuring on the bottom line of centile chart for his growth / weight so need to contact my midwife tomorrow just to inform her incase she wants to see me or to have growth scans 😢 Going to worry me now, just want him here safe and healthy! 💙 xx 
  • Oh Long that’s worrying for you but try not to panic. If baby wasn’t playing ball today it may be that the measurements aren’t as accurate as they might be. My little boy was measured twice within a week and they had a huge difference in growth. I went from being told he was very big to being told his growth had stalled and they were worried.... and then back to he’s fine and big. He arrived safe and healthy. The doctors just seemed to think he was lying awkwardly causing inaccurate measurements. Definitely speak to your midwife but try to stay calm and positive xx
  • I’m going to push for a couple of growth scans when I speak to my midwife tomorrow just to be on the safe side. He may just be a little baby. Thankfully heart rate was fine & he’s been moving around today. He’s also breech but plenty of time to move yet. A couple of friends have said there babies measured wrong...bigger / smaller etc. He’s within range just literally sat on the line at the bottom bless him 💙 Glad I’m getting a rescan for free next Saturday as like you say it may say different xx 
  • Well growth scans are reassuring and a lovely extra glimpse at baby so worth getting for peace of mind. Hope you get good news regardless.
    I have a growth scan tomorrow cause big brother was so big but the 4D scan place measured this one as bang on average so hopefully that’s not changed x
  • Don't worry too much, Long! I think that even if they measure small, as long as he keeps growing at the same rate then he should be fine! But yay for more scans haha. I don't think I get any more this pregnancy :(

    Has anyone else started getting much swelling? My feet and ankles are starting to get realllll fat by the end of the day! I don't know if its the heat (the weather is finally starting to warm up here!) or what, but the other day I could barely squeeze out of my sandals. I've got 4 weeks of work left so spending a lot of time sitting and using a wheely chair to get to and from my students hahaha
  • @Long35 good luck for your growth scan, hope it all goes well, try not to take it to heart with my first I was told he would be huge when I was 36 weeks, he was born at 42 weeks and was 7lb 15! I’ve got a growth scant his afternoon too... which
    is a bit rubbish as hubby whisked me off to Lancashire to meet up with some old friends so we have to leave stupidly early this morning OMG to get back in time 😂.
    i haven’t got much swelling @lozzz apart from worsened varicose veins, but I had fat ankles to start with!
    have a great day ladies
  • Lol I would love to use a wheel chair in my classroom but there are too many tiny chairs and tables in the way! 
    No swelling but itchy itchy skin! Especially at night! Drives me bananas! Midwife said it’s normal  and to let her know if it moves to palms of hands or soles of feet but it’s so irritating!! Oh the joys! 😂
    hope you had a lovely time with your friends Ger, even if you had to get up extra early x
  • Hope your growth scan went well Ger. 
    Had mine this afternoon and it was all good. Baby boy is fine and growing exactly on the average line which is great in comparison to his big brother. Have another on at 34 weeks to decide on method of delivery as he was breech today. He’s got 4 weeks to get himself sorted the right way round! X
  • Gosh 34 weeks? I thought it was 36 weeks? My baby definitely switched positions kicks are now high up but I know they can switch again and again hopefully it will be a lot more comfy this way. I have my growth scan next week but they say if the baby is on track I wont need the others and to just cancel. My midwives didnt quite understand why I have them since my first baby wasnt considered small. At least I can see baby again though was really disappointed at 20 weeks my sonographer hardly turned the screen for me to see. I do feel a lot bigger this time and my belly button has popped out x
  • Mine was good thanks ninja, he’s measuring for on 50th centile with a supposed current weight of 1441 grams! Didn’t see much on scan as he’s head down but he’s measuring 33 weeks in length (I’m 29 weeks tomorrow!) belly size was spot on though. I’ve started fragmin injections today as I have a high bmi and family history of clots. Fingers crossed your little man turns around , plenty of time yet x 
  • Oh he’s going to be a tall boy isn’t he! Great news that all’s well though.

    mum2b it might be different guidelines in N.Ireland. If you’re told 36 weeks then that’s what it’ll be for you x
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