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Due in January 2020 - Part 3



  • Haha @lozzz

    Soooooo I'm still waiting for baby to make an appearence currently waiting for  a sweep at the midwifes 
    Definitely a february baby it seems ,just too comfy
    Hope everyones doing well xxx
  • @lozzz I was like that for the first week! Hubby and I did the deed for the first time last night and my god I wish we hadn’t, it’s restarted the bleeding and I am so sore, don’t think I’ll bother trying for another few months now 😂
  • @MUM2TB oh god you poor bloody thing! I hope bubs gets the memo soon and gets the hell out of there! My son's birthday is Feb 5, maybe they'll be birthday twins 🤣

    @Geriatricmum 🙈🙈 on no! Not exactly how you want the first time post birth to go lol. 

    Did you ever watch sex and the city? There's a scene where Carrie talks about just wanting to feel the weight of a man on top of her - that's what I'm like! Not even necessarily the sex itself, but everything else that comes with it, like the intimacy and stuff. I think maybe because the husband and I haven't really had a chance to have that romance in a while and I'm just missing it. Towards the end sex was just a means of getting the baby out lol. 
  • I've just had my bloody show can I expect labour soon lol I'm having some contractions now I dont want to get to ahead of myself. I am only 1cm dilated but my cervix is soft and central so at least it's making a journey! Xx
  • @MUM2TB that’s so exciting, surely baby must finally be thinking about making an appearance! Keep us updated,
    thinking of you xx 
  • @mum2tb hope this will be it for you...not long now good luck 

    @Geriatricmum the same thing happened with us I started bleeding after again urghh I'll be 6 weeks tuesday and still spotting 🙄 xxx
  • Sorry been away.. Came on to check @MUM2TB
    Good sign girl. I was only few cm and told labour was no where near morning of blood show. Contractions and baby arrive soon after. Hope your same best luck x
  • Hi everyone, as we're into February now and awaiting one more baby (we think!), we're going to close this thread now. A quick reminder to all to please come on over to the January 2020 Babies thread. We can't wait to see you over there. 
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