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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in January 2020 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in January 2020 birth club thread so far, but have a baby born around January 2020, do please feel free to post and join in. 

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  • Tagging all the new mums so far... @Rainbowsunshine @Geriatricmum @Long35 @Ninjabunni @#Jules# @beckzie

    And our due soon ladies... @lozzz @MUM2TB @Crazykmom
    Fingers crossed that's everyone but if it's not, please do tag away. 
  • @Geriatricmum @Crazykmom @Rainbowsunshine @lozzz @#Jules# and all the other ladies. How are you and your babies doing? 
  • Going well! Zoe is pretty chilled most of the time which has been really handy - my husband is back at work on Thursday though, so the real test will begin then I think! In saying that though, I'm currently onto my third energy drink of the day 😳😬

    How are you going, @Ninjabunni?
  • Lol well I have found a new love of coffee, all the coffee!! 
    My husband has been at work for a week now so I’m just starting to get the hang of this parenting two malarkey although no doubt something will happen to change that!! Glad wee Zoe is chilled out. Lewis is much more settled now we have his reflux under control which is great so long may it last x
  • We’re doing ok thanks, I’m also ranked on coffee and really feeling my age 😂. Freddie and my hubby have colds... of course Freddie is being far more manly about it than Andy, if he deliberately exhales super hard so he wheezes again I might just flip because I am doing all the night duties and sleeping with little man in the spare room so he can recover from his bloody man flu! 🙄. Men really have no idea! Glad everyone else is doing well xx
  • Oh Ger that’s rough! I’ve gone down with the cold, as has my older boy so hoping Lewis avoids it. Thankfully no manflu sufferers here yet! X
  • @Ninjabunni glad lewis is alot more settled the infacol has really worked for us she still struggled but no way near as much as she was and night times are much more bearable shes actually gone 10-5 one night and 11-5.35 another but they haven't been in a row and last night was every 3 hours but I dont mind as long as she settles after her feed 

    Aww poor Freddie and hubby hope they get over it quickly that did make me laugh that Freddie's dealing with it alot better 😂 

    I'm at hospital tomorrow not sure if it's for checking my blood sugars or if it's the post c section check as I have one there on the 11th aswell respetionist at doctors hasn't given me a 6 week check as I told her I had two hospital appointment but health visitor has said I should be having my post natal check at the doctors so I dont know if I should ring and tell them I need one xx

  • Just got everleighs first little smile 😍😍 xx
  • Oh what a beauty!! Gorgeous girl!

    My boys just like to torture me with smiles. It’s a running joke in our family that my eldest boys first smile was at the glass light shade hanging in my parents’ living room...... and this week Lewis smiled for the first time at the same damn light!! 😂 I could cope with him smiling at his nanny or his brother or even a random person but a light?? Honestly it’s ridiculous but the smile was mega cute x
  • Oh wow what a stunning smile, she is an absolute cutie 🥰
    @Ninjabunni that is so harsh, I convince myself that any milestones I missed with any of mine people overexaggerated about 😂. I don’t think Freddie has smiled properly yet... he’s just a bag of windy smiles! 
  • @Rainbowsunshine adorable, she's ridiculously cute! Newborn smiles are just the best 🥰

    I'm struggling a bit today with the interrupted sleep. Zoe is really good, she normally feeds around 10/11pm and then around 2:30/3am and then again at 6:30/7am. So really, it's just the one time normally overnight, and my husband and I have been alternating them so we only need to get up once. However, today my eyes hurt and I can just tell it's starting to catch up to me. 😴

    I'm off to Kmart today to buy some new clothes, need some in-between ones because my maternity clothes are too big but my regular jeans/shorts are still a bit snug.
  • Hi everyone

    Hope your all doing well. Lovely picture rainbow. It's making me jealous that your all eith your babies right now. That's right I'm still waiting can you believe it!

    I've been avoiding people as the constant messages I'm getting everyday sure arent helping. I think I've been pregnant for a year honestly I dont know how long I can hold on. Had my second sweep yesterday and dtd this morning. Having a reflexology session tomorrow and if all else fails induction on the sunday. My plug has all gone and I've got mild period pains. I had instant contractions after the sweeps but they all tailed off into nothing. This baby is far too comfy. Does anyone have any tips for me? I honestly feel il be having a baby in March at this rate. It's my daughters 3rd birthday on saturday I just have a feeling I will go then and really dont want to spend the day in hospital on her bday 😭 makes me sad. I'm still bouncing on this blimmin ball. I'm currently 3 cm dilated babys head is very low and bulging membranes please pray for me its soon 😭
  • Oh mum2b that’s rotten luck to still be waiting! Hopefully the little rascal comes soon!

    no tips for starting labour but my little boy’s 3rd birthday was while I was in hospital and I just didn’t tell him til I was home so he was born on the 9th Jan but we told him it was his birthday and celebrated with everyone at home on the 12th. He didn’t have a clue and it took the stress off us xx
  • Oh no @MUM2TB I was 2 weeks over with my first so I totally understand how you’re feeling, I think it was loads of fresh pineapple that did it for me that time  xx
  • Aw thanks ladies. I think I will do the same for my little girls bday I want to make it special and I feel guilty that most of the attention will be on new baby with family etc. Anyway theres nothing I can do I hate not knowing though. Xx
  • That was my thoughts too so we had a little party with all the family which we told the big one was for his birthday but also allowed everyone to meet Lewis without Connor feeling like his nose was out of joint because it was his party. Worked really well in the end x
  • Hi everyone, lovely to see you all over here!
    Oh @MUM2TB I know where you're coming from - both mine were 10/11 days late, and the constant 'have you had the baby yet' messages were so draining - it's like, you would know if the baby was here!!! Anyhow, send people this link if they're driving you mad:
  • Hahaha thank you @DanielleMFM that made me smile! 
  • Hi everyone, didn’t realise we had a new thread, I thought everyone was been quiet! 😂
    Well any tips to reduce night feeds would be much appreciated! George is waking every 2/3hrs for a feed and husband is back away with work Mon-Friday so it’s all down to me, I really felt the tiredness yesterday 😴 xx 
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