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Due in July 2016 - Part 5

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in July 2016 Birth Club - Part 4 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Wow part 4 ha

  • I said we would get to 7 or 8 parts so I'm on track to be right! Haha!

    i ordered my changing bag last night as well!! Finally getting my butt in to gear- slowly :)

  • I still think 6 our 7 chats wonder wat been the busy chat I think we are a busy busy chat group x

  • Had my last lot of acupuncture 2day as it doing nothing at all gutted but guess just need ride the pain out 2 wee Guy here physio doesn't think I last 11 weeks everybody keeps saying this better no jinx me lol x

  • Same here Jwebster. Saw midwife today she was asking me why I wasn't resting etc and then went to get my whooping cough injection and nurse was saying the same I shud be off work. She said to ask reception to ask doctor for a sick note and I did but they said I need to self cert for 7 days before can get a note. I said not illness related it's pregnancy related and both midwife and nurse have advised it but she wudnt have it. By time I've self certed and been to see a doctor for another note for a week I'll be finished! Peed off with them dunno who they think they are at my doctors on reception. X

  • Oh k85m the Drs receptions are totally job worth sumtimes Mrs why not do wat your midwifes says doesn't head in I am same I not stopping doing this that my wall paper went up 2day but we short so need go get a other roll x

  • imageLove it take a pic when all finnished x

  • imageLove it take a pic when it's all finnished I love it x

  • Looks lovely! x

  • I totally in love with it hehe things make me happy x

  • Woop new thread! Evening ladies!

  • image

    Sorry I can only screen shot off FB lol X 

  • That wallpaper is really really nice jwebster I love that X 

  • I've felt sorry for myself thinking how am I gonna get round the asda to shop on crutches! So thought f-it I'm online shopping all comes tomorrow x x

  • Yeah i get my shopping online sometimes it's the way forward and saves u money too X 

  • I've ended up spending more ha I like to look at what I'm getting if that makes sense going up n down the Isles else I end up forgetting things! I've only spent more though cuz brought sanitary pads for hospital bag n nipple pads and travel toiletries etc ready to go in oh and cartons of baby milk to take with me x

  • I got all my hospital stuff in Asda too! Spent a small fortune as well! I know what u mean I used to be like that i still forget things when I order but at least you can amend the order, or I collect it from Tesco and end up quickly shopping to grab everything I forgot! X 

  • Think end up spending more lol. Anyone else had their whooping cough injection? Had mine yesterday and don't know if it's a coincidence but I feel like absolute poo! X 

  • I had mine Monday.... I haven't felt great this week, particularly tired and have a really sore throat for a couple of days after!! Not sure whether it was a coincidence or not either. 

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