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  • Hi guys! 

    i tested 2-3 weeks on clearblue too so I think I’m around 4-5 weeks pregnant too!

    ive had some queasiness and nausea but only for a few hours a day so far. 

    We’re telling our parents this morning but waiting to tell everyone else.

    My GP hasn’t got an appointment until 20th November so I’m nervous i’ll be late to organise my midwife appointments etc. Did anyone self refer to arrange to see their midwife?

    Very exciting!

  • Hello ladies I got this little beauty last night on CD31. The app is giving me a due date around the 4th July all being well. 

    So nervous this time as had a chemical pregnancy in august. Keeping everything crossed ❤

    Congrats to you all on your BFP x


  • Tinker I know in Scotland it's self referral now. When I went to GP in august they don't test your urine anymore. Just gave me a number to self refer x

  • Yeah I’m Scotland and my GP just put me in touch with the midwives directly x 

  • Welcome and congratulations SarBear92, it's lovely to have you here! 
    And Broodyfor2, we are thrilled to see you back in this birth club - we're over the moon for you! 

  • Hello mummas. congrats we are all pregnant !! Xx I had my mirena removed september 5th and then successfully fell pregnant first cycle and ovulated on 10th October. Which makes me 5 weeks today. I have a doctors appoiname the tomorrow. Also super nervous about misscarrige I had a chemical pregnancy and misscarried at 5 weeks Then concieving my son a month later. When is everyone planning on getting there ultrasounds? Xx 

  • I’m hopefully a july mummy if all goes well. I got my BFP 7dp5dt with ivf. This is my 2nd pregnanc. 1st resulted in a missed miscarriage so I’m highly cautious this time. I want to get so excited but have to hold myself back a bit. Not much in way of symptoms except a increased appetite and more toilet trips. X

  • Thank you Danielle I'm so glad to be back 👍 xx

  • Congrats ladies. Fingers crossed it happy and healthy 9 months for us all. It's not easy and the worry of ttc is only replaced by more worry for a healthy pregnancy!!

    Babymumma. Im in Scotland so I'll refer myself end of next week and hopefully get dates for midwife, scans etc then. Have you referred yourself to maternity unit? Xx

  • Welcome and huge congratulations Babymumma17: were you shocked it happened so quickly? 

    And huge congrats to you too Tinkerbelle79 - we are thrilled for you. While you're here, might we borrow your expertise on IVF and ask you to check out this IVF area of the forum - so often posts go unanswered there, we're hoping you might be able to help? 

  • Yes of course xx

  • Hi Ladies, 

    It's very exciting to be a part of this group. I just found to be pregnant at 4w 1day with my baby#2 and is due in 1st week of July. Congratulations to everyone who are going to have babies in July 2019

    Booked a doctor appointment for blood test. I had the at 4w 3d and results was show as hcg levels at 344.Doctor said that was still very low. Iam worried to hear that results were very low.  Has anyone come across this situation.

    Any suggestions


  • Hi Sam3103, welcome to the forum. Do you have follow up blood tests booked in?  

  • Thanks Danielle

    Yes I do, I have another bloods to be done at 5w.

    But not sure if iam in normal range 

  • It doesn’t seem that low. Its more about the doubling. Can you ask the dr to repeat in 48 hours instead and then 48 hours after? that way he will see if it’s doubling correctly x

  • SarBear92, Broodyfor2, Sam3103 and Babymumma17,

    CONGRATS!!! It's so exciting isn't it! I'm a nervous wreck right now though, haha.

    Broodyfor2, we have the same due date :) July 4th for me as well. My app is telling me that I'm 4wks4days today, I can't wait until we're past the three month mark. This is going to be a long 2 months!

  • Was not really surprised as I new I ovulated (cd16)  had sex 100% couldny have missed it. new something was changing in my body even from 1dpo all the way to 9 dpo. Got a BFN 8dpoand a clear as day BFP on 9dpo. craampy Right side sometimes left.  have a 2 year old born July 12 , 6 weeks premature. My birthday 17th and now bubs number ##2 is July 2nd. 5 weeks today according to the bump app. Doctors appointment today!!!!! I’m in Australia 🇦🇺

  • Hopefulmama due date buddies haha. Im the exact same all I've done is worry since I got a positive test. Im actually praying for nausea and sore breasts because I'm so worried I'll misscarry again!! 🙈

    I'm trying my best not too worry but can't help myself. I feel the same I'll be glad when I'm passed the risky first trimester and can relax a little xx

  • These early weeks of pregnancy can be so worrying, can't they? Hang in there ladies! 

  • Broodyfor2, yes! Me too, I want the nausea so bad. I didn't have it with my last pregnancy (mmc), so I really want it this time, I guess I'm not the only weird one ;)

    I had my first craving this morning. I was driving to work and realized I wanted– no, needed– olives. Green, cold olives. I think I'll have to go to the grocery store at my morning break, haha!

    How's everyone else doing?

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