Due in June 2017 - Part 3

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This is a new continuation thread for the Due in June 2017 part 2 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • I think we talk too much 😂 how funny! Hope everyone ok! Is anyone planning on using a baby box?

  • So i ended up going to AAU yesterday but fortunately for me - it was just me panicking.  We are both ok !! Though I need to watch out that I'm not putting myself under too much stress as I will start going dizzy etc again ...... easier said than done at the moment !

    Didn't get the job - bit gutted TBH and now I don't see any career progression where I am now ....so towards the end of my Mat leave it looks like I will be job hunting !!!

    My cot , crib etc etc are here there and flipping everywhere but good news is I can move into my new place from tomorrow, so I have just put the notice in on my current place. Its only a 6 month stop gap to allow us to save money (we are getting it rent free for 6 months - lucky us) for hopefully buying our own place and it is only 1 bed so bubs won't have her own room just yet !! Bit of a squeeze but we will manage !

    Although my hospital bag and babies hospital bag are packed (except snacks) and I have pretty much everything !

    I'm now at the panicking stage of OMG there is an actual human that is going to come out of me soon ...... and I'm going to be responsible to make sure she is ok !

    Who decided I was ready or good enough for this task hey !!!

    Anyway enough of my rabbling / ranting - hope you are all ok

    p.s. Idea's for a bump shoot are much wanted- I have one on Saturday and I'm rubbish at thinking up ideas for these things (3 outfits..... what poses) all I know is there will be no bare belly shots my skin is not pretty enough for that !

  • Hope everyone's doing well! Hit 30 weeks and feels a bit like the final stretch now!! Bit of an embarrassing one, I'm having quite a lot of discharge at the moment. Googled it and it seems normal but it's a bit itchy feels like I've got thrush, has anyone had it since they have been pregnant? Is it ok to use canestan or do you think I need to ring midwife?? 

  • Hey, I had thrush after being on antibiotics, its ok to use the cream and pessary (being very careful not pushing it in so far thay it would hit your cervix). But do not use the tablet x

  • Thanks, did you get it checked or just know it's thrush and got the canestan? I have had it before so know it is but just didn't know weather to check in case it can be something else, even though it's not anything else, paranoid lol 

  • I asked the midwife before I even got thrush just incase as I always seem to get it when I have antibiotics and she said its fine to use that, I deffo know when I have thrush after all the antibiotics over the years but if your not 100% maybe just give her a call or see the docs to be sure :) x

  • Thanks, I know it is so will go get the stuff tomorrow x

  • Jeanettea glad everything is ok. Best to be cautious about things. 

    I am 30 weeks on Sunday nd have so much to do. Haven't packed my hospital bag yet. 

    I had my whooping cough vaccination today.

    Very difficult lying on that side.

    Hope you are all well. 


  • first and Excited- I have had thrush twice and was given the Canestab pessary with a tablet, as well as cream. The peasant is the k my thing that works. I'm starting to think my hubs may have it too and keeps re-infecting me!!!

    Flouncy- relived you are ok. My heart jumped when I read your post as I have been busy for a few days and not had a chance to catch up. 

    Runner- had my injection a few weeks ago. I walked away thinking that didn't hurt at all, but that arm was tender and sore for about 3 days. 

    I haven't got much sorted. moses basket ready and bags but bubba doesn't have a home as yet as will be sharing our room for the first year. Plan to breastfeed like I did with our little girl so it's just easier. Then baby will move into a room with his sisters until we can save up and get the loft conversion done!

    hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather. I'm dreaming about getting the patio done as our garden is a mess since the builders left. No grass just rubble and soil!!!

    9 weeks to go. My last pregnancy so trying to enjoy it. Skin feels so tight on bump I need to keep moisturising it! 

  • Im not a wimp at all with injections but my arm felt dead for 2/3 days after whooping cough! Apparently it's because it's a tetnus and others as well not just whoppinh on it's own!! I've got to have anti d injection this afternoon- in the bum!!! Not looking forward to that at all!! Time is going to fly by, we bought big things like cot pram etc but need to start thinking of the little bits! Husband is on two weeks of nights so after that is planning on hitting the nursery with my dad between them should only take a week then just need carpet and time to put everything up!! I hadn't thought of hospital bag yet but suppose really should do that in the next couple of weeks!!! 

  • I had thrush a couple weeks ago, i went to the Dr and she gave me the cream. It worked well

  • Did my hospital tour yesterday it's all getting real now!!!! 

    Hope you all have nice weekends planned x

  • My hospital don't do tours Lbester. Very sad. Did it live up to your expectations?

    Thank you and you too. Shopping today at Swindon Designer outlet and tomorrow a walk to enjoy the weather.


  • Runner it was really good it was just nice to see the rooms and the general set up x 

  • Thanks for your concern everyone! It all seems fine so I'm not stressing about it... we also have our 2nd baby moon to look forward to in Crete so I'm focusing on that for now.... less than 9weeks baby will be here one way or another eek!!!! Xxx

  • Evening everyone, hope you're all enjoying the amazing weather this weekend!

    flouncy relieved to hear all is ok, must have been so scary.

    regarding discharge, just be cautious! With my last pregnancy I assumed it was just discharge I was losing over a 3/4 day period...but it turned out to be amniotic fluid and I had to be induced immediately. I have been losing fluid again but it's such a quick check at the hospital, they just take a swab and put it through a testing machine. Had it checked and all was fine, but sometimes discharge and fluid are easily confused so better to be safe.

    had my consultant appointment on Thursday....and i got a yes for birth centre! So excited! At first I was told no and I burst into tears. It was escalated to the next level, still got a no. Escalated to the highest level and I finally got an agreement! Just have to hope all goes smoothly between now and the birth. Get me in that pool!!!

  • I bet it was Lbester and to know what to expect there.

    Flouncy that's great news. 

    LauraLouisandbump that's also great news. It's so nice to be able to have the birth experience you want and to have support.

    I am getting a little nervous about my VBAC but hopefully all will be fine. It would have been nice if I didn't have to have the antibiotics during labour too and could have toured the hospital but oh well. I'm sure it will be fine. I was overdue last time so I probably have an additional week to get my head round it.


  • Laura Louise and bump I sooooooo want the birth centre but am under a consultant for fibroids so hoping that doesn't stand in my way 😢

  • Lbester it shouldn't unless they are concerned you may need an emergency section.  For my first son I had to have a hospital birth because I had previously had a myomectomy to remove an extremely large fibroid from my womb and as it turned out we needed an emergency section for a completely unrelated reason - Sepsis GBS.

    Make sure you are very clear on your wishes as it is so easy to get swept along with things. Hopefully you can have the birth you want.


  • Hi Ladies, I have only just found this page now... So late on in my pregnancy! imageI am 29 weeks pregnant today, with a little baby boy, who has gastroschisis. Has anyone elses baby been diagnosed with this or know anyone who has? Hope all of your pregnancies are going well and you are enjoying the weather! 

    Love Louise X 

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