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  • ***DUE DATES FOR OUR JUNE BABIES 2019 ⏰👶🏼👶🏽💖💙


    Cars Emz - due 2nd June 💛

    Flippydando - due 2nd June 💛

    Onlyme83 - due 2nd June 💛

    Jade25 - due 5th June 💛

    Tulip05 - due 5th June 💛

    Binceys mummie - due 10th June 

    linzieb - due 10th June 💛

    Manda71418- due 10th June 💛

    Sleepycat - due 13th June 💛

    Kayt2 - due 18th June 💛

    Loza1234 - due 19th June 💛

    HappyHappy2019 - due 19th June 💛

    Bump98 - due 23rd June 💛

    Hopefully3 - due 27th June 💛

    Georgiamf - due 

    Nic1989 - due 

    Kdaisy3687- due

    Lots of dates merging guys.. let me know if ive missed anyone. EXCITTTINNGG EEEKKK

  • Carlsem- mine is the 2nd June but haven't had scan yet. 

  • How is everyone coping with sickness? I have had the worst weekend being sick up to 6 times during the day and I just feel so drained all the time. I’m currently trying to get ready for work, an emotional wreck as I’m not sure how I can cope with a full day there. 

  • Jade- I haven't been sick but the feeling is awful..  hope you feel better soon. Go to the doctor they can give you anti sickness-i feel so drained after my week at work.. it makes me so tired and i generally feel under the weather. 

  • Oh Jade - i was in tears this morning too as i knew i had to go to work :(  the sickness and nausea is the worst thing ever :(  and not knowing how long it will go on for as well!  im finding it very diffiuclt indeed.  I hope yours gets better soon x

  • I’m due 14 June but that will change in the scan and I will be induced early as well.

    i had to go home from work early on Friday and I slept until the boys came home from nursery.

    my boobs have grown again over night and I’m exhausted going to take my eldest to our nearest cafe for lunch today. I can‘t even stomach cooking and anything I do cook 2 bites and I’m done.  I’ve lost 8lbs in 3 weeks but this happened last time 

  • It’s horrible isn’t it. I know it’s all worth It in the end but at the moment I am really struggling. I might book a docs appointment for tomorrow, will see how I get on at work today. I hope everyone starts to feel better soon. My boobs stopped being sore about two weeks ago which is really worrying me, we had a early scan at 7 weeks and everything was fine but I can’t help but think something may be wrong, I’m such a worrier anyway. 

  • Jade if you are being that sick i really wouldnt worry - symptoms can come and go or some get worse and some get better then it all swaps around....i cant stop burping dont know how i will keep that under wraps when my boss arrives and i have to sit near him! Struggling is the word id use so hoping that by December i feel better and all of you feel better to enjoy the christmas build up! x 

  • Welcome Tulip05 and huge congrats! 

  • My due date is 14th June at the moment, will probably change at the scan i think! I wont be finding out the sex, i love the thought of my husband being the one to tell me when ive given birth! I love surprises too :D

    Sickness was bad for me this morning but it seems to fade when i eat, so constantly trying to snack but dont want to be putting any weight on just yet lol. I could do with losing a few pounds as it is! x

  • Im due the 28th carls 😊 xxxx

  • Hi Nic,

    mine is the same and seems to get worse the closer I get to meal times when I don’t feel like eating much.

    ive been having a couple of ritz crackers every so often! 

  • Hi Tulip - yeah liek now its coming up to lunchtime im starting to feel the queasiness return! I dont have any snacks now so roll on the canteen opening for lunch lol!

    When i made my midwife appt they told me to bring a urine sample - really stupid question but for those who have been, what did you take your sample in? I might call into the docs the day before to see if they have any sample pots they can give me. dont fancy taking it in my lunch tuppawear hahaha

  • My nausea was the worst it’s been this morning. I’ve been snacking too at work! I’ve had period like cramps this morning too is this normal? 

  • Hi ladies, 

    I have been reading all of your symptoms. I am 7 weeks today but I don't have any symptom except sore breasts at night. Is this normal? As sometimes I literally don't feel.pregnant at all. 

  • Hi Sohii, i was the same to start with - other than the missed period i didnt really feel any different. My boobs are sore with a little sickness and im 7+3

    Loza - i get period like cramps every now and then, never last long though! its all the strestching/changing our bodies are preparing for

  • My due date is 22nd June! 😊 I’ve seen GP today to see if anything would help with sickness and nausea. I’ve tried mama bands (seabands) eating biscuits when feeling sick, porridge before bed.. tried licking lemons 🙈🙈I’ve tried vitamin b6.. but today I’ve given in drs prescribed some tablets you put between lip and gum so even if you are sick it’s absorbed. I was worried about taking something dr has reassured me theyre completely safe! 😊

  • If mine carries on then I'll be asking about those .. I hate feeling yuck !! 

  • I'm dreading going to work tomorrow.. the past few days i've had a massive hot flush going really sick and not being able to do anything for about 10mins.. so working tomorrow feeling like that will be fun as i work on my own so if it happens there is noone to take over 

  • I wish i could stop worrying! Seeing a tiny bit of slightly pinkybrown tinge in discharge this aft and imagining the worst. 

     Just want to enjoy being pg and allow myself to be happy.  All I keep doing is fearing the worst 😔

    Last time I was worried about blood in discharge the epu had me in for a scan at 7 weeks and all looked ok. I don't want to keep going through that but I know they don't like to reassure you without checking

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