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  • Thanks loulou. I was freezing yesterday but it was a cold day so didn’t think anything of it. still waiting for my appointment from the consultant at hospital. Just really praying this one will be ok got my dad looking down on us on this one so fingers crossed xx

  • I'm waiting for a call back from Dr..  came home from work as I have slight colour tinge to discharge and with my history I'm worried it's another miscarriage. Apparently I won't get an appointment for another couple of days for a scan so I think my husband is going to take me straight to a&e

  • I’ve told my boss and line manager today both extremely happy for me. My line manager has said to make sure I take plenty of breaks as I’m one for sitting at my desk all day 

  • Flippydando please let us know how you get on. Xx wishing you well 

  • im 6 weeks and 2 days my sickness has started today:( I feel very down constantly crying got my early scan tommorow which I’m looking forward too been a stressfull couple days partner lost his dad last  so everything’s so hectic:( xx

  • Finally had my letter through today for my booking in appointment with the midwife, and I've got to wait until the 12th November. Seems so long, why does it always go slow to begin with 

  • Flippydando I have this too today, only a very small amount and the same yesterday but it was very light brownish. I’ve read it could be caused from having sex.... (I don’t know what came over me on Sunday but my partner finally got what he’s been after for weeks 😂) when you say colour change, is yours a brown too? Don’t answer if TMI sorry. 

    I hope you get on okay, please keep us updated 


  • Yes mine is a brownish too .. at the moment there's not alot. I'm still in a&e... looks likely that I'll be back tomorrow for a scan.. so it's a night of uncertainty 

  • Hope everything is ok flippy, wishing you both well!! 

  • Have they given you any idea of what it could be? I’m going to keep an eye on mine. I haven’t had any more since this morning but I think I’m going to take the day off work tomorrow to chill out a bit and see how it goes. 

    Hopefully they will scan you tonight! Fingers and toes crossed for you. Xx 

  • No scan today .. they said it could be nothing .. or it could be the start of a miscarriage. I'm hoping they will scan me tomorrow but if not, we are paying for another private one, there's no way we are waiting 

  • Flippy- keeping things crossed! X

  • Oh flippy I have everything crossed for you. Sorry for asking questions but is yours a lot? Got me worrying about mine now. Xx 

  • i know I’m not a doctor but when I had a miscarriage last year my bleeding was so bad massive clots so I think you would know if it was that, they will scan you tomorrow 🤞🏻And I know it’s hard but just think positive, 

    i know everyones different babe and I honestly hope everything’s ok  xxx 

  • I have doctors tomorrow as keep having funny turns.. dizziness and sick and feel really faint. Happened twice today and a couple of times over the weekend. Anyone else had this? 

  • I have this, this afternoon was awful. Just feel so drained but as my mum keeps telling me, this little peanut is sucking all my energy out of me, I’ve stood up a few times today and felt really light headed. Hope you start to feel better soon xx 

  • Thanks jade you too 

  • im Tucked up in bed already nearly every night I’m in bed by 7:40pm

  • Im really hating work atm 

  • Tomorrow I am going into the office for the first time since I found out I was pregnant, I am willing my body to behave, especially as nobody knows! 🙏 We are going through a restructure so I am waiting until after my scan to tell them. 

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