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Due in March 2018 - Part 2



  • Thanks ladies. 

    Cant wait to seen our bean again. I’m a little superstitious also Mel but I’m to much of a planner to let t bother me I’d love to get the babies room sorted before I get to big to move but I might wait until my birthday weekend in jan when I have a few days and some paint would be on sale hopefully lol

  • Yeh i totally get you MrsP! As for prams, we’re thinking of Silvercross Wave at the minute. Leaving it until nearer Christmas to purchase. xx

  • Thanks Mel and I get it, I havent bought much either, apart from those two vests and the pram. 

    Deffo agree Kara, the time between the private scan I had at 16 weeks and today's 20 week scan has flown. One reason for sure being, I know the gender!

    All this nursery talk has made me want to get the cot built up again and prep babys side of the room 🙈😂 

  • We have a Moses basket, cot, furniture and loads of little essentials like a baby bath, quite a lot of clothes now thanks to my very excited Mum, and we have a swing and bouncer as well as loads of little bits and bobs. Just need to get a pram sorted. Our parents have said they will go halves each on a pram for our Christmas present! So that’s very exciting!! We definitely want to get a 3 in 1 where the car seat etc is included but we don’t want to go overboard as they are paying for it. We Have our gender scan next Week and family are coming up so I reckon we will go and look at prams then to start to get a feel for what we want 😍

  • Hi everyone. We were hoping you would help us out on this thread: we'd love to know, what was your first pregnancy symptom that made you think to yourself 'Yup! I'm definitely pregnant' Please do come and tell us on this thread - we'd love to hear from you! 

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm needing some support/reassuring!! I'm currently 18+5 but showing absolutely no sign of baby what so ever. Everyone is quite shocked that I have no bump yet and it's making me quite upset that everyone else seems to have a prominent bump but I don't have anything!

    It's my first pregnancy and am usually a size 12/14. If I lay down I can feel my tummy is a lot firmer and it seems to go harder at either side of my belly button just below. I'm pretty certain I've felt baby but with it being my first I'm starting to doubt that too!!

    Baby's heartbeat was fine at my 16 week midwife appointment. Part of me is worried though since I don't seem to be showing or feeling regular movement! Has anyone had any experience of people showing later on? I just want to show off my little baby but without knowing you'd never have guessed I'm coming up 19weeks!! image

  • Hi samantha, many first time mums dont show until 16-25 weeks. So you're still within the normal range. I can understand how you are feeling though as you just want to "pop" and have a bump. I have a friend who didn't show AT ALL until 26 weeks and even then her bump was barely noticeable! Some people just have really good abs 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 

    Have you got a date for your 20 week scan? They should be able to put your mind at ease when they do all the measurements of baby 😊

  • I wouldn’t stress your Over it. You constantly hear of ladies we don’t show at all even at 9months. Movents can be hard to notice for first time mums a friend of mine is around 19weeks also and she hasn’t felt any distinguished movements yet. We are all different take this time to enjoy time befor baby arrives. I can imagine it’s hard not having that bump to show off x

  • I have felt exactly the same regarding bump size. Lots of people have said ‘oh you’re so small for 18/19 weeks’ and I have started to think oh is there something wrong. i had an appointment on Monday as I had bleeding after bowel movements and she checked the heartbeat and said everything is fine with baby their hearts nice and strong. I think I still want to POP and have a nice strong bump, I just look like I have eaten a good few cheeseburgers. But our time will come. Everyone is different ❤️

  • Try not to worry Samanthajane, as the girls are saying...everyone is different. My friend recently had a baby boy and no-one realised she was pregnant for a long time because she was so neat. Boys are traditionally bigger bumps too if you were to acknowledge the old wives tales but that was definitely not the case with her. Your 20 week scan isn’t far away, hopefully that will help you to settle a bit. 

  • Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the reassurance!! My 20 week scan is in 12 days so just got to wait until then! :)

  • Hey guys just having a catch up, hope everyone’s okay!

    my bump seems to have gotten smaller I think ☹️ However kicking is still in full swing. My belly done that weird thing where it pushes out on one side when babies moving and it honestly freaked me out so much 😂😂

    scan in only 5 days now!! I thought it was dragging but it’s actually going so so fast!! 

    Have a bump picture at 19+2 🙂image

  • Cute bump chelse. 

    ive had a panicy day where I was worrid about  our little bean not moving as I haven felt any movement since Monday. But I have to remember that things are still early 

    anyone else have worries? 

  • bump Is coming on nicely chels! People at work have said I’m showing more now which made me smile. It’s the only time in your life you want your belly to get bigger 🤣

    mrsp I feel like this all the time. I was just thinking about an hour ago that I hadn’t felt baby move since last night. I’ve sat down down somewhere quiet to eat my lunch where I can focus abit more and felt him straight away. I think it’s just still so early that unless your paying attention it can go unnoticed. I might sure that’ll change very soon though lol! 

  • Thanks kara. I’ve evening trying trying all day to concentrate on feeling for movements but it’s not possible to do in work I might be lucky later this evening normally theres movement after tea. I wasn’t sure if I felt something this morning had like butterfly sensation but wasnt sure. Trying ever so hard not to book a private scan lol

  • Hey ladies! 

    Chels, lovely bumpy pic 😊 And I've heard it's normal to feel your bump going up and down at this stage. I think I'm smaller than I was yesterday, so you're not alone.

    Mrsp and Kara, my bubs is having a quiet day today, I have to admit it does make you worry a bit but I'm sure all our babies are just fine. My app says that baby is only awake around 6 hours per day at 19 weeks + so that could be the reason for not feeling much. And remember we only feel movement when the baby hits the uterine wall, which is only with big movements and big kicks/stretches 😊

    Just come back from the chemist with a weeks antibiotics, I've got a flippin UTI!😒😞 poor baby, I was blaming her for leaning on my bladder! 

    On a brighter note - Here is my 20 week bump taken yesterday! 🤰🏻Everyone says I'm glowing and carrying really nicely but I feel frumpy, full of acne again and exhausted 😩 Anyone else? 


  • image

    Heres my 19 week bump! I’m the same with movements I keep thinking I have felt things such as twinges or butterflies but this is my first pregnancy so I don’t know what it’s meant to feel like. I had a doctors appointment on Monday who checked the heartbeat and things and everything was fine there, she even said its still rather early for a first pregnancy to definitely know if it’s a kick of not. Saying that as I’m typing this I just felt tickles! 

    A week to go until we find out pink or blue, eeeeeek! 

  • Sorry I'm so late back ladies! We're having a GIRL! And I went out today and bought 2 little outfits for her! Some pics:



    Fab bump elexox - glad the scan went well.

    Sorry ladies; I gotta leave it there as my throat is on fire and I need to get to bed. Think I have a cold coming on - will hopefully be back on tomorrow to catch up properly.

    Hope you're all well. Lots of love xxx 

  • Awesome tayto baby looks fab woo for team pink lol outfit is cute as. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Yaaay another girl!!! Congrats Tayto. 💕🎉 thanks, lovely profile shot on scan! I hope you feel better soon!! 

    Roo, nice bump! Looks like we're all showing nicely now 😁 1 more week to go until the big reveal 💗 Or 💙... You'll start getting obvious movements very soon, hang in there 🙉 

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