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Due in March 2018 - Part 2



  • Awwww very nice bump mel2, I think we're about the same bump size so that makes me feel better lol. I think people just say im really big for my weeks to be spiteful 🙄 Everyone carries differently, some big small high low etc but as you said, as long as baby is healthy, that's all that matters! Yes my son absolutely cant wait for his sister to arrive... he was a little disappointed that she wasn't a he but he has come round to her being a her fine now! 🎉

    I'm really looking forward to having a lovely spring March baby 👶🏻. Luckily our really heavy months will be in the cold winter months so we will escape the hot sweatyness of being heavily pregnant during the hot summer months! My son was born in August and that year summer started in April!!! It was a nightmare through April-August  😩😓

  • Welcome Mel! I shall also call you mel2 if it’s okay with you jaha! 

    If you don’t mind me asking, what part of east sussex are you from? As I’m from East Sussex too! 

    Whens your due date? I’m not sure if you’ve already said as I’m awful with catching up on here along with baby brain lol. 

    Hope everyone’s feeling okay! X

  • Aww that is true you know I’m pleased I’m due in March haha all my family is March-April including myself so I’m so happy lol 

    people can be horrible sometimes ... I work in a hotel as an assistant manager and the amount of people that say omg you have put on weight and I’m like no... I’m having a baby and you can see their poker face... haha I just ignore it ! 

    Im sure he will adore her ! How nice my niece is 8 and we are so close she comes to mine once every two weeks for sleepovers and she loves talking to the “bump“ and touching it haha it’s so sweet 😍  I can’t even imagine what your son is like 💙

  • Mel2 is fine hahaha my new name!! lol 

    my due date is 8th March! 💙 yours? 

    And I live in Eastbourne, you? X

  • What a gorgeous bump!!!! Mine is quite low I feel like it’s rather pear shaped at the minute! But it’s definitley starting to pop out above my belly button more 😍 I still can’t believe We’re team blue I’m so so happy, I always wanted a boy first when I dreamt of my future family ❤️ And my partner, well he’s on a completely different planet with excitement about having a little man 😍

    I have glaucoma (an eye condition) so I was told from day 1 I’d possibly be best having a c section to avoid causing any issues with my glaucoma from all the pushing which could lead to vision loss. Then at my 12 week scan they found an ovarian cyst which is now 8cm and was told that I’m definitely best having a c section because of my glaucoma AND the cyst. Basically where its growing from, baby could end up ripping out my ovary during labour. So a lot of things have led me to definitely having a planned c section  As sad as I am about losing the experience of natural birth I can’t risk my sight 💔 

    im due march 15th But was told I’d be sectioned a week before my section due date so March 8th too!!! I am having one of those days where absolutely nothing fills me up, I’m a bottomless pit!!! 

  • Oh Roo, it’s not all bad just think about how you are going to feel knowing that the baby and you are going to be healthy! My husband always jokes (and pls dont take offence on this one) and says that I should go for a c section so everything “down there” stays in place... I just laugh because that’s the type of sense of humour he has... now that I think about it I hope my boy has better sense of humour lol 

    we wanted a boy first too! It’s all so exciting and it’s really nice to read other stories too! 

    You will deffo be having him on 8th of March though I don’t know if mine will decide to pop out then haha I hope so as I think it’s a lovely date 08/03/18 😍 x 

  • That’s one of the first things my partner said once I said about the c section, dirty buggers aren’t they 😂😂😂 yeah at least it means we will both be healthy and any risk of issues will be minimised by it anyway. My little bear is growing really well and on track to be between 7 and a half to 8 pounds, however I weighed myself this morning and only have put on half a pound since Pre-pregnancy!!! But I feel HUGE! X 

  • Aww there you go!! As long as it all goes well and you are both healthy that’s what’s important! 😊  

    My Baby which we call Peanut in our family is growing well, my last scan which was Wednesday he was 27cm which is nice and long haha but all is well ! So really happy 💙

    i know... men... they are terrible !! And have no idea what we are going through! But hey thats why we have Babies cause we can put up with it and they can’t Lol 

    My next worry is the hospital bag and all essentials for me as I have never given birth and dont know what to expect! Lol I’m sure this will give us plenty to talk about 😂  x 

  • Aww really how many weeks are you? I’m 20 weeks and 3 days and at my 20 week scan on Thursday he measures 19cm, the sonographer said everything is perfect there’s no anomalies to worry about he’s growing really well and is just above the 50th percentile line but everyone else’s babies I have heard at 20 weeks are so much bigger?! 

    And yes I’m the same, we have also found a new house to move to in the new year so i have the stress of that and worrying about baby stuff too but luckily my parents are being beyond incredible. 

    Anyone else got really annoyingly uninterested in laws? My parents have been up for all my scans always asking us how we are feel or what we need however my boyfriends parents haven’t even said congratulations on him being a boy directly to me. We have no issues with them or problems it’s purely just laziness and being uninterested! they didn’t say to come for the scan or anything but they knew when it was. My partner rang them when we found out and it was just the usual aww how lovely. Our main communication is mainly by phone as we’re about an hour away but they haven’t even messaged me directly or liked/written anything on Facebook. Am I being dramatic? I told my partner and he just said leave them to it if they’re going to be like that then whatever. But it feels wrong? Do I ask them if somethings wrong or just leave it. They have many grandchildren from my partners siblings whereas for my family our little ones the first so it’s extremely exciting. Maybe they just see him as the ‘next grandchild’ but I don’t like it already x

  • Mel2, that's so sweet of your neice bless her! Yes my "baby isla tummy" (Isla is our definite name for now), gets lots of kisses and cuddles from both her dad and her brother lol! 

    Roo, sorry to hear your in-laws seem uninterested. Id deffo suggest talking to them about it, leaving it is only going to prolong the uncertainty. How exciting to be the first grandchild on your side!!! I'm totally with you on being team blue for first child 💙 I'm so glad i had my boy first but then I suppose that's biased! Everyone on both sides of baby's family is so excited that im having a girl! 💗 My OH has just 1 younger brother, as do I and there hasnt been a girl born on my side since me! 

    My MIL wants to have a day out just me and her, to go baby shopping which is so lovely because I never had that bond with my sons paternal gm! 

    What nationality is everyone on here? I'm brazilian and English but born and raised in London 🇧🇷🇬🇧. My partner is born and bread Spanish 🇪🇸. My son is half Jamaican 🇯🇲🇧🇷🇬🇧. The baby will be half Spanish 🇪🇸🇧🇷🇬🇧. We are a real mix match family haha! 

  • Roo I am with Elexox I would talk to them see what they say everyone is different for me my mum is the one who isn’t really excited and this is her first granchild but then she has never been one to show emotions, like I said everyone is different !! 

    im English but born and raised in spain, but my father was French (my mum is English) and my husband is Albanian haha just to give it an ever bigger twist! 

    ill be back tomorrow girls as ive got my niece for sleepover and it’s time for bed haha 

    speak tomorrow x

  • Ooooo very nice mel2. So your little one will be Albanian, French and English. What an interesting mix 😁 

    Chat tomorrow 😊

  • I just spoke to my partner about it and he said leave her to it we shouldn’t have to chase people family or not, I don’t know. To be honest since we moved away 3 years ago she’s never particularly bothered they very rarely come and see us, they only see his sisters children two/three times a year because they live at lands end!! So I honestly don’t think they’re particularly bothered. They haven’t even asked for the scan picture. whereas my parents are up once or twice a month and are really involved but not to the point they’re suffocating they’re just so supportive to the both of us.

    i think il just leave it for now and see how it goes, my partner said he will talk to her if it carries on. She’s very self centred  The last time we saw her was 6 weeks ago before we went to Spain we stayed at my parents as we was travelling very early. We popped to see her the day before our flight and she said to me ‘you’re belly is popping isn’t it, are you sure it’s not the cyst instead of the baby’. Safe to say I didn’t speak to her for the rest of the visit. I wish she was nice, for my partners sake really. But he loves my parents so I guess that’s enough for us.

  • Aww Roo it’s not nice when family are incensative. My grandad has been the same. I saw him for the first time since announcing the pregancy at  cousins birthday and asked me if I was sure I wasnt having twins. If I’m not all ready concious enough about my weight I was after that comment. 

    As for nationality I am welsh as is my husband however his parents are Scottish his mum moved back there 3 years ago so we communicate a lot over the phone. She can be a cold person at times. Came out recently when we said we‘d found a pram we liked her response was “don’t you think your tempting fate?” 

    What kind of question is that to ask given our previous mc? 

    Bit at least she’s excited about the baby. Our little bean will be the first granchild for both are parents so no doubt it will be spoilt lol 

  • Oh no what a comment!!! Sometimes people don’t realise the scale of what they say do they.

    Yeah she laughed as she said it too, almost as if she was trying to joke about my pregnancy complication. My boyfriend went ‘Jesus christ mum!’. I had visions of slapping her round the face but I just sat there and didn’t say a word and went to the loo and my boyfriend text me asking if I’m okay and he said he had told her how disgusting that comment was when I was out of the room so it wasn’t awkward. Still didn’t get an apology. we left about 5 minutes later and I got upset because it was only a week after finding out the cyst had grown and I’d 100% need a c section because of it so it was very raw and I doubt il ever forget it. Who sits there laughing and joking about people’s health? She’s a nasty piece of work! But at the same time I want her to be involved as she’s family but then 3/4 of me is rather happy she isn’t because she usually does more harm than good. I don’t know i guess I just want people to be involved with our baby but like my boyfriend said we’re chasing nobody. so I don’t know! 

  • Ah mel2 you’re so close to me! I’m newhaven! 

    my due date is 13th March 💙

    eugh I’ve just started last night to get that hip pain during sleeping. I got so angry last night as it was so uncomfortable ☹️

  • Oh my god Roo! How bad the way I see it family or not you don’t need anyone to bring you down as long as you are happy with your partner that’s all that counts! And your parents will make it up to your baba !! 

    I’m lucky that my in-laws are in albania so I don’t have to put up with my mother in law, she is nice enough for a week but more than that I start to heat up and hate her haha. My mum lives next door to us so it’s lovely and she doesn’t get involved in anything unless asked which is lovely haha 

    Elexox my poor kid won’t know what language to start speaking in haha 

    ChelsDavis oh my god!!! We are really close!! If you ever come to eastbourne tell me and we can meet up for green tea haha I was going to say coffee but it’s out of the question lol 😊 the hip pin is the worst I had a terrible night last night again it’s awful I look like a zombie!! 

    hope you are all good this morning ladies 😊x

  • Mel2 yes definitely I will haha! How strange is that that we are so close! Omg tell me about it. I don’t know how to ease it I put a pillow behind my back but it didn’t seem to help at all ☹️

  • Morning ladies! I didn’t realise I’d been gone for so long but I’ve missed loads! I worked all weekend but got 2 days off now to catch up! 

    Welcome Mel2 and congratulations on your little boy 💙 I’m also having a little boy. Me and my OH have been together 12yrs, we have a 2 ur old girl already 💕so very happy to be having one of each 😊

    Roo sorry your having problems with the in laws. If it was me I probably wouldn’t say anything. Im sure they are excited in their own little way. Doesn’t excuse her comment to you though she should know better being a mother herself!

    im 20 weeks today and feel like I’ve reached a milestone 😊 Got my scan on Wednesday and will be talking to them then about moving my consultant appointment forward as it’s not until I’m 33 weeks and I’m not excepting that due my  labour last time. 

    Nlights are getting harder for me too. Im sick of sleeping on my side lol! I can’t remember who mentioned it but when I was pregnant with my daughter I got severe pain when I turned in bed. It got so bad I had to sit up in bed to turn sides. Not had that this time but getting restless legs all night and pins and needles on my hips. 

  • Morning ladies; sorry I haven't been on. I haven't been getting the emails so I keep forgetting to check. Gonna ask Danielle to investigate for me! 

    A bit of a catch up as I've been reading all your posts - was lovely to do over my one cup of coffee this morning :-) Long post alert - this is an essay!

    Mel - We have the Silver Cross Wave on our shortlist too. Are you getting it as a single or double? (Sorry I can't remember if you've said you already have kids!) How much did you pay and where did you get it if you don't mind me asking? 

    Dinky - Love the gender reveal idea you did. So sorry to hear moving was hell. That's a bit ridiculous of the buyers - there's no need for that sort of behaviour! Glad baby was ok - I'm so angry towards your buyers for you - that really wasn't on. Lots of love; hopefully your new place is making up for the stress? xx

    Elexox - the kicks sound so adorable. Sorry about the hip pain and UTI though - can your doc prescribe anything for it? I'm in the same boat with fighting with the pillows. I cannot seem to get comfortable! Starmix are my craving too which I definitely didn't have last time! I weighed myself this morning and have gained 3lbs in 2 weeks :-( Love your bump pic. 

    MrsP - not long to go now to the 20 week scan - what day next week do you have it?I have mine on Monday and I think we're close together? Sorry to hear about the constipation - are you taking Gavison or anything for indigestion? I find it makes it a lot worse but you can take Fybogel for it which is nice and gentle. A doc can prescribe Lactulose for you if needed. We had a 3D scan for our son the last time and it was amazing. We have a video of him yawning! I love what you're doing for the gender reveal - very cute! That's really cute of your cat - they do say animals can sense these things! That was a horrible thing your partners mum said - there's no call for that at all. My H is quite good now for shooting down those types of comments from his mum who sounds very similar to your partners. She still says stupid stuff but you can see she's a bit more careful now she knows she won't get away with it! 

    Kara - I did similar to you and just called everyone. I did whatsapp some of my friends some pink hearts and some got it but most didn't! We also did an FB post with a pic of our son pointing at some pink outfits stating 'I wonder which one my sister will prefer?" Kind of cute! Re the free boots bag, I got it by joining the parenting club last pregnancy and I think I had to buy pampers nappies. I haven't seen the offer this time but I assumed it's because I got it last time. A quick google suggests they don't do it anymore which is such a shame cos I loved it. 


    Good luck for your appointment on Wednesday - that's a good idea to request a sooner one and do not leave until you get it! :-) I'm sick of sleeping on my side too - I'm pretty sure it was easier last pregnancy - must be an age thing!

    Roo - That was a lovely reveal idea. And that was really nice everyone was so excited to participate in it. My family would never go along with that idea - they'd get annoyed if I asked them to unwrap loads of paper! I have an anterior placenta this time too. My little boy used to hiccup in the womb last time - a lot! But it was mainly towards the end of the pregnancy. Sorry to hear about the scare but good that it's nothing to worry about. Don't get too upset about missing the natural birth experience - healthy baby and mama are all that matter at the end of it all xx Don't take too much notice to percentiles this early on - the key thing is that they keep growing - I think lots of people are focused on having 'bigger' babies as it's seen as a sign of health but that's not necessarily true and important to note for when baby gets here. Milk consumption in those first few weeks can often be really pushed by midwives forcing you to supplement unnecessarily so it's a good point to note that you just need baby to track their percentile from birth - even dropping one percentile isn't a big deal. Sorry to hear about your in-laws - mine are similar but I love it - I'd rather they left us alone! They're more interested in H's sister's pregnancy but she lives nearer them which makes sense. It sounds like your H is not bothered so I'd try to drop it if you can - easier said than done. Also, just noting the comment about the cyst - I tend to not tell my In-Laws anything about me that I think could be used against us. They know nothing about me these days - maybe think about diluting the info you share with them? That was a nasty comment she made so I would suggest not sharing info like that with her again. She really sounds like a nasty piece of work! Feel free to come on here and vent about her if you need to - it can be very cathartic!

    Mel2 - Welcome along & congrats on your little boy! I haven't had that pain but would recommend you mention it at your next Midwife/GP app - just to be safe. I'm sure it's just normal pregnancy aches/pains. My friend had placenta previa (low lying) but it never moved so she had to have a section which she liked actually as she was petrified of a natural birth. Fab bump pic too - super neat! Re the comment about everything staying in place after csec; it does but they don't warn you that your pelvic floor still takes a battering! image Very sweet of your niece - my niece (and god-daughter) was super excited too and asks me about bump every time we face time them.

    Chesldavis - Sorry to hear about the hip pain - how is the pregnancy going in general?

    Sorry for those of you getting backhanded compliments - that's awful! My sister can be pretty bad for that sometimes so I've learned to just tune it out :-)

    Nice mix of nationalities on here! I'm Irish; so is H and we will be declaring the nationality of our kids as Irish too. We're lucky we can do that due to the nature of the relationship Ireland has with Great Britain. We get to have both passports for our kids which is handy with Brexit looming!

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