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Due in March 2018 - Part 2



  • Amazing Roo congratulations so what does that make the group so far more boys are girls? 

  • It's...

    3 TEAM BLUE 💙 (Kara, chels and Roo) and....

    2 TEAM PINK 💗 (Me, Tayto and 

    1 TEAM YELLOW 💛 (Mel) 

    Sorry if I've forgotten anyone??


  • wow almost an equal playing field haha.  Mel I hope you keep us posted come the big event 😁 think if I remember rightly there’s only 2 or 3 of us left to find out now 

  • I second that MrsP, I'm itching to know what everyone having even mel! 😁💛Not long left now, it's nearly your turn to find out!! 🎉👶🏻🌈 

    Ive started to plan a baby shower theme... baby pink, cream and rainbows for my rainbow 💕. Also bought a baby bag today, it's brilliant as it's a backpack design so perfect if I'm using a sling to pop to the shops or do the school run. Safe to say the itch was NOT scratched with the baby clothes yesterday... it's made me want to get everything now now now 😩😂🙈 

    I'm so ready to be a mummy to a new baby all over again! 🙉 

  • Yay Roo another little Boy in the group 💙💙 So pleased for you! 

    Elexox well done for keeping track on who’s having what. It does get confusing!

    ive been looking at changing bags and just can’t make my mind up what I want. I need something that will fit nicely in the pram basket rather than go over the handles as I figured if I have a buggy board the bag will be in the way for my daughter. But I obviously dont want anything too smal either. 

  • Ahhh girls you have me thinking about finding out!! For now, i’m team 💛 but how long will i resist??! Lol 

    Congratulations Roo, a lovely little boy! 💙💙 It’s so exciting! 

  • Kata, this is the one I ordered, comes in all kinds of colours...

    Thought it was a very reasonable price too. I've seen the same thing for £70 elsewhere so thought I'd grab it off amazon 😁

    Haha always the way mel 🙈 Up to you of course but I wanted to know as soon as possible! Although if I ever had a 3rd, I'd do my best to stay team yellow! 

  • That is a cute bag elexox. I’m just not sure I’d ever use it as a backpack so would seem a waste. Great idea for you with school runs etc though but I haven’t got that just yet. I’ll keep looking. Amazon does seem a good place they have hundreds! 

    Dont let us tempt you Mel. Good for you for staying team 💛 I think it’s lovely and traditional. 

  • Evening ladies! Sorry - I've missed loads of posts for some reason - must check my emails are on!

    Firstly, huge congrats to Dinky on girlie and Roo on boy - exciting times for you both!

    Elexox - love your bag! I must admit I went a bit crazy this time. After using the Boots free one last time, I've gone for the slightly more expensive image Pacapod Mirano (£88) image You missed Dinky in your post for girls I think?

    Mel - I managed to stay team yellow the first time but I couldn't manage it this time! How is the pregnancy going for you? Sorry - I've probably missed some of your updates x

    Kara - A backpack one like elexox's might be a good idea? The boots free one I had last time always fitted nicely in even the smallest of buggy baskets. 

    MrsP - remind me - are you finding out the gender at your 20 week scan? Bout 2 weeks to wait if i'm not mistaken? We're around the same date, aren't we? xx

    Had the best day with my little man. Nothing special but he was just in such great form compared to the last few days - dunno if it was a growth spurt or teeth or a cold or what it was! Can i share a sneaky snap of him? I'm so biased but isn't he so cute? 


  • Tayto!!! What a gorgeous little man, he will make a great big brother. 

    I think i’ll try stay team 💛 though we have two 4D scans ahead so who knows. We might get a peek when it’s not expected. 

    All is going grand here besides hip pain and sleeping is non existent. But i’ll just have to grin and bear it. We ordered our pram this week, went for silver cross wave. Going to keep it in the shop until Feb. It’s all getting very real!! 

  • Congrats Roo!! Brilliant news 💙 

    Aww lovely Mel, a friend of ours has the wave. It's seen them through 2 children so must be a good one! Still looks lovely too. 

    Tayto what a handsome little man! Glad he's feeling better too.

    I've got a baby beau changing bag this time but must admit it's not the most practical. It's really pretty but it's quite heavy even with nothing in and there's no compartments. A friend of mine has this one from Amazon and she can always find everything she needs while I'm rooting through for ages!

    Off to finish the packing and move house now!! Leaving my little dudes first ever family home so feeling a bit emotional. 

  • Ahh good luck with the move Dinky! I know you’ll have so many memories there but just think of how many lie ahead for you all in your new home! 🏡 xx

  • Thanks ladies, I'm so pleased they invented a backpack version for a changing bag. Had a look at your bags Tayto and Dinky ... very nice!! 

    Gorgeous boy tayto! Look at that little face 🤗 

    Sorry to forget you dinky on TEAM PINK 💗 Good luck, hope the move runs smoothly 🏡 

    As Kara said mel, don't let us tempt you into finding out... I love that at least one of us isn't finding out 💛 I'm struggling with sleep and hip pain too ☹️ Having an absolute fight with the bed and my pillows every night now.

    Baby girl is active most of the night and during the day too and I'm getting massive kicks and turns now visible through clothes! 👣

  • 20 week scan is 2 weeks away (2 weeks yesterday) can’t wait I do want to know but I’m going to get the sonographer to write it down as my mam will be with me and I don’t want her to know. I’ll let her know a couple days later lol. 

    Great abgs ladies. I’m ok with a Bag being over the badge bars so since I got one free with my cosato pram no need to buy one. Plus I have a backpack if it’s needed all ready. I received a free 3D scan for purchasing my pram so will be looking forward to doing that come the new year 😁

    hip pain and lack of sleep are very real and for me the constipation is back 😞 (sorry if tmi) manager is still a stress head even more so but it’s only for another 5months lol 

  • Are you doing a gender reveal MrsP? If so how! I love gender reveals 🙉🎉 

  • We are but only to family so as both of our parents are divoried we have two way so of doing it.

    so my Mum and aunt are coming for breakfast with us on the Saturday morning and my dad nan and brothers are meeting with us in the evening for a meal. I have crocheted a pair of baby booties one in blue and one in pink I will wrap which ever in numerous layers of paper and play parce the parcel with them until it’s revealed lol I do enjoy watching them suffer hahaha

    and then with my mother in law and sister in law, I have blue and pink balloons I will blow the relevant colour up  places them in a box and we will then video call them ( as they live in Scotland and us in Wales) we will then pull a cord on the box letting the balloons rain down on us. All a bit of fun fun for us lol 

    anyone else reveling or revelead in fun fun or interesting ways? 

  • Oh MrsP your gender reveal sounds lots of fun. I just called people and told them it wasn’t anything too exciting 😂

    ah tayto your little man is VERY cute! He looks like he Is having a blast!

    How did you get a free boots bag? I’ve never had one. Is it decent?

  • Waow MrsP, that sounds fab. I’d love to see the reaction on all their faces. Very exciting!! x

  • Thank you so much everyone! My parents came up for a little reveal and they both said they wanted a boy before they found out and I wrapped a little blue heart in loads of layers like pass the parcel for them to open between themselves whilst we filmed them and they both screamed the house down when they saw the blue 💙💙💙💙 such a good day for us, I’m absolutley exhausted 😂😂 we have a very happy healthy little boy who is growing on route to being seven and a half to eight pounds 💙

    I hope everyone is well! Has anyone had any bizarre cravings? A woman got in the lift at work with a drumstick lolly and I haven’t stopped thinking about sweets ever since 😂

  • Love that gender reveal idea MrsP and Roo 🎉👶🏻👏🏼 

    I'm good thanks Roo... apart from the back end of this pesky UTI I've had for 3 weeks undiagnosed! 😩 Totally there with you on the bizarre cravings... Haribo starmix have been a hit and chocolate hob nobs! And I never really eat sweets or biscuits. Marmite on toast is still popular with me too 😂🙈 I seem to be eating a lot of beige things too!

    Anyone else's appetite absolutely skyrocketed??? 📈 I'm back to being hungry horris! I had a lovely pasta meal at a restaurant today at about 3:30pm. By 6:30pm I was starving like I hadn't eaten all day! 😩

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