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Due in March 2018 - Part 2



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    That was our gender reveal for our little boy. We didn't know the gender until we cut the cake either as the sonographer sealed it in an envelope for the cake lady. We haven't done one this time though with the move and 1st birthday being so close. Bless her!

    Moving day was hell. We got our keys to the new house late then just half an hour later our buyers turned up and started threatening us with legal action as we weren't out yet!! Then I started to get really bad cramps and pains and ended up going to hospital. Luckily just there for a few hours on a drip but baby was fine thankfully.

    Yes elexox my appetite is finally reappearing. I remember about 23 weeks last time I started eating lots more too. Baby might be having a big growth spurt and need all the calories :) 

    Loving the gender reveal stories!! They sound so exciting. 

  • Cake idea is cool dinky. I did think about cupcakes but oh thought it was too over done. 

    That sucks dinky about people being so  in-comprimisable and getting you all stressed out that’s the last thing you need on top of moving as if that isn’t stressful enough. 

    Glad that baby was fine despite the pain. And that you moved ok despite of of the problems. 

    My appetite has gone crazy too. I had a small cooked dinner for tea at 7 last night and a portion of custard and by 9 I was starving again. I’ve had to go to the extent of buying loads of snacks to help see me through the work day. As I get to hungry before tea. Burn if it means baby’s growing well I’m happy 😁

  • Dinky that cake looks very tasty! I love cake reveals 😍🍰 and yes I had a google last night and apparently it's due to the baby packing on weight now, which makes me feel a bit better about it! 

    Anyone doing anything nice this weekend? 

  • Family time for us this weekend father in laws today and dads tomorrow just a nice relaxing weekend 😊 hope everyone has a nice weekend 😊

  • anyone Else noticed that there cat/s wont rave them alone? This is how I woke up this morning ...


  • The cake was very tasty thanks. It was very blue too haha! I've seen some where there's just a hint of dye in but our cake lady made sure there was no guess work. As you can see I even cut into the blue side as I was so sure it was a boy. 

    I've been forced to rest today by all the family so they are doing all the unpacking and even looking after our little boy so that I don't move at all. I feel useless but also know it's necessary to keep little one safe. 

    MrsP one of my dogs has been extra clingy the last few weeks but I think cats sense things even more. 

  • I’m glad your family is looking after you dinky. Resting is the best thing. Funny how animals react lol 

  • Hi ladies!

    hope you don’t mind me joining in the conversation, im 21 + 3 and having a little boy. This is my first baby!!!! Super excited as it Was planned :-)

    Suffering at the moment as can’t sleep very well... everytime i turn my tummy hurts so much like a sharp pain. So I have to turn very very slowly, this happened to anyone else? 

    Thanks x 

  • Hi Mel you’re more than welcome in to the convo. Congrats on baby boy. I bet you’re super excited! I haven’t had any tummy pain when turning over in bed at night just hip pain for me. Have you mentioned it to your midwife maybe they know what it is

  • Hey mel02, we've got two mels in the group now! You are due a day after me☺️... Congrats on your pregnancy and having a boy! 💙 There's 4 boys on the way in this group now! 🎉

    I'm having the same problems with sleep, turning gives sharp stabbing pains in tummy and then the sciatica in my back and bum strikes and is so shocking I can't move at all. I've found getting used to sleeping with the pregnancy pillow again (my second baby) hard, but it does help. Is your little one a wriggler? What neck of the woods are you from 😊

  • Hi MrsP, I have my next midwife appointmoment in Nov. So I will mention it to her... see what she says ! 

    Elexox we are super excite, we have been together for almost 10 years and thought it was time to bring in someone new into our relationship lol.  Omg I suffer from sciatica too it gets to the point where I can’t move ... it’s awful!  I have a pregnancy pillow but at the moment it doesn’t help me sleep, I use it when watching tv ... 

    I’m from East Sussex UK! How about you ladies ? 

    And thanks for for letting me join in, everytime I ask questions to my mum or family who have had kids i get the same reply : -you wait until you get bigger!.... I am already huge and only 21 weeks haha 

    oh and Yes!!! Our little boy is a footballer he does not stop !!! 💙

  • What is it with people at that reply? People ask me how I’m feeling and I say that sleep is hard at the moment with my hip pain. And its the same response. “You wait till you get bigger” I figured It would get harder if I thought it was a doddle I’d have done it years ago lol. 

    im 18+3 so myvlittle one dosent wriggle much at the moment (that I’m aware of -I don’t know what I’m looking for lol) 

    im from Cardiff Wales. This is our first also we have been together 4 years and married for a year so all is new and exciting. 

    My oh keeps putting his hand on my tummy and asking the baby to do something so he can feel lol bless him I want him to feel baby ASAP but I know it’s a process lol 

  • Hey Mel, welcome along from one Mel to another! 🤗 And congratulations the news you’ve a lovely little boy on the way! I think there are quite a few of us suffering during the night with pains of some sort though mine are like MrsP and are in my hips and then sciatica too. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it! 😊

  • awww how nice ! Congratulations to you all it’s so nice! And the way I just cant believe we are actually creating a little person inside us! It’s amazing!! 

    It does go quick MrsP I count every week and send my sister pictures of the app and what the baby is developing each week! My baby started kicking properly at 18 weeks I could feel him every day 💙   My husband can’t feel the baby yet but it’s only because when he puts his hand on my tummy the baby stops and then he takes it off and he starts haha I just laugh and say he is cheeky like his dad! Lol

    Thanks Mel 😊 how sweet! You are all so nice im so glad I joined the conversation x 

  • Oh no I’m sad the house move was dramatic!!! The house we’re buying has gone to subject to contract so all the legal side needs to happen then we can move in in round 6-8 weeks! So we can slowly pack away bits we don’t need and things but i think we are going to move round January. We’re lucky that someone won’t be moving into ours the day we move out as we get to state the day we want this house until. I hope you’re okay after all the stress, try and relax and rest ❤️

    im getting the same with struggling to sleep. I find myself waking up to reposition and my back and shoulder hurts rather a lot from lieing Just on my left side, but it isnt too bad. I haven’t had any tummy pains though. 

    at my scan they told me I have an anterior placenta and that kicks won’t be frequently felt from the outside until around 25 weeks but we can feel the odd one or two before that but they could be placenta! So that’s interesting to know as I have felt one ‘rumble’ from the outside but it could have been the placenta. Definitely feeling him wriggling round at night when I’m lay down though and the odd random wiggle after eating.

    anyone else get hiccups randomly too? I feel like the hiccups are corresponding with when I feel my baby move, but I’m not sure! We joke that when I hiccup it’s baby saying hello! 

    There was also a little scare at my scan as the sonographer thought I had an amniotic band!!! Basically a string of tissue that goes from one wall to the other in the sac and the baby can get tangled round and things 😞 but after me walking round for half an hour to reposition him she confirmed I don’t. But they’re going to keep a look out anyway. The Cyst I have hasn’t grown but it has moved to the middle but she said it can move from day to day really because the baby kicking and things can move it around which has petrified me. But at least it hasn’t grown  

    Lots of love ladies x 

  • Hi Roo,

    my placenta is low so i have another scan at 32 weeks. I’m sure it will be fine the baby has to come out one way or another! I have also had cyst but my sonographer told me it should go away and it did, it may come out when you give birth! Fingers crossed for you x 

  • Aww lovely, can I call you mel2? So I don't get confused between the two lovely mels 😂

    Im from north London 😊 OH and I have been together for 5 and a half years. I already have a 6 year old son from a pervious, he was planned but I wouldn't change anything for the world. OH and I sadly suffered a mc last year November and I had a lot of problems after that with my cycle as I wasn't having regular periods or ovulating. We finally conceived this little rainbow after a difficult 7 months! 🎉 We're having a girl and couldn't be happier 💕👣 

    Ive had quite a few back handed complements too! Like people are trying to say nice things but you can just feel the jealousy and bitterness in them. 

    Low lying placentas usually move up and out of the way in time for labour so hopefully yours follows the rules 🤞🏼

    Dont worry I feel massive for 21 weeks too! This was this morning... 


  • Omg i should really proof read! 

    *previous *wasnt planned 

  • Oh my god what a beautiful bump!!! 😍 

    Mel2 is fine haha. Well that’s what my mum told me, so fingers crossed it all works out but to be honest I’m not too worried about labour or having a c section as long as baby is ok I don’t mind! 

    how nice one of each I’m sure your 6 year old is over the moon? 

    That is one of my main fears is having a mc it must be awful and that the only thought I have for the first 12 weeks I kept talking to my belly saying please be strong and stay in there! Lol 

    and that’s me 1 week a go ! Probably bigger now haha x


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