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Due in March 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in March 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Thanks Danielle!

    Shall we have a bump share to get this one started?

    This is me on Saturday with my 17 weeker :-)


  • Wow tayto you look fab bunpbis quite high up too. 

  • Thank you MrsP - how are you feeling today? How is bump? 

    I'm so excited for my gender scan! I wonder how I waited til birth the last time! image

  • image

    Here is my bump now 18+4! xxx 

  • Hello ladies. Lovely bumps! Tayto I'll get into those two shows soon 😁 What time is your scan? eeeeek I can wait to know too 🙉

  • Aww loving all the bump pics! I feel like my bump has appeared out of the blue this weekend and it's earlier than last time. It was about 24 weeks I started showing last time. 

    Tayto so exciting!! Let us know when you can :)!! 

    Got my pram at the weekend. I normally won't buy anything this early but it was just too good a bargain to miss. Making me nervous though as I'm very superstitious! I've gone for the bugaboo donkey. Just need to get the car seat adaptors and possibly the pink fabrics if 20 week scan confirms a girl next friday. I've got all blue atm but will still use that for the carrycot until she's a bit bigger anyway. 

  • IM good thanks Tayto. Thankfully my energy is coming back and I even went out for a walk yesterday with my Mum and hubby. Was tired by the end but was feeling good. I really want to do a private scan but hubby is against spending money we don’t have to do the plan is if baby isn’t in the right place for our 20week scan we’ll then do it private. 

    How is everyone doing? 

    Cute bump too. Ya’ll are making me feel massive haha 

    weve choosen a pram also. I was gonna wait until after xmas to see what was in the sale but this is such a good price gonna pop down after the 23Rd to place the deposit down. We’re going for the cosato giggle 2 in colour fjord. It comes with the buggy and pram parts. Foot muff for the buggy. Rain cover, changing back adapters for the car seat. all for £500 plus for this month the car seat is thrown in free. We can also pay in chunks each month which is good 😊 can’t wait to sort it .

    I live a good deal 

  • MrsP that's the annoying thing with bugaboo! Nothing is included in the price. Surprised they don't charge extra for the wheels!! I've got an ickle bubba stomp this time and everything was included, even the isofix base for the car seat and I love it but really think I'll need a double pram for a while with there only being a 16month age gap. 

  • I was shocked to find the base was separate for the car seat. You would have thought it would be included due to safety but I was speaking to an experienced Mum he made me realise we may not even need the base as the seat belt may be enough to strap it in. 

  • Hope you scan went well tayto, if you've had it yet that is! Window to the womb are place are open until 9 😳 

    Got my 20 week scan tomorrow at 11am 😁 I will post another piccy after it! We're excited to see our little bub again 💕 

    My sickness was trying to make a comeback this morning on the walk to school! I fought it and held it down so well haha. I thought I was done with that but I won't hold my breath!!! 🙄

    Dinky - It's a good idea to get the big/expensive things out of the way early i think. That way I'm not freaking out about money disappearing! I actually purchased my pram just after my 12 week scan (call me crazy) purely because I just couldn't risk the deal closing! 

    I would of loved a really close age gap between my children. It must be hard but so rewarding and lovely for them when they grow up! My age gap will be 6 years 7 months exactly, which is still pretty close I think? 

    Is everyone getting regular wiggles now? 😊

  • Sorry ignore the "are place" in the first line lol 🙈 

  • See I’m quite the opposite I want a larger age gap elexox more like 4-5 years. My youngest brother and I get on much better than my middle brother, as does my husband and his sister who also have 4 years between them.  Plus I’d really love to have our little one in school before we decide on a second. 

    But then again things happen when they happen lol 😂

  • MrsP they certainly do. But after experiencing mc in the past I just see this at my little miracle. It's definitely going to be tough though! Luckily my parents live nearby and have been a massive support so far. Although they are joking about moving to Spain as they will have 4 grandkids under 4 to look after haha! 

  • AH dinky I haven’t he Ickle Bubba stomp too. We brought it for my daughter and I can’t fault it. We are just buying new hoods and foot muffs for it as we are now team blue and it’s xurrently all pink lol

    lovely bump pics ladies. I’ll try and get one tomorrow. 

    ive always wanted a age gap of 2-3 year so I feel very blessed that it will be a 3 year age cap for us. 

    Cant wait to hear what the gender is Tayto! Hurry back and tell us 💙💕

  • Good afternoon ladies, hope all is well with everyone today? 😁 

    This mornings scan took AGES! My appt was at 11 and we didn't leave the hospital until 12:15! Our very comfortable little girl (confirmed again haha) would NOT budge from her position. The sonographer needed to get a better look at her heart so she had me up and down stairs, off to get food and drink, doing star jumps and she just turned to a profile for a brief second before returning back to back and breech, so these are our best shots... 



    OH and I popped into mothercare and couldn't resist these little vests 🙉😍😩


  • Aww elexox so cute. our little bean did exactly the same with the down syndrone screeing they were almost on the right position but wouldn’t budge lol 

    Our scannos 3 weeks Thursday I’m trying so hard to resist a private scan lol

  • Aww lovely pics elexox and the vests are so cute 😍

    our recent purchases are the cot bedding and cot mobile and a rockin/bouncer type chair which is so cute. I’m keen to start decorating the nursery as it’s a bit girlie at present. I’ve got wallpaper, and curtains and the furniture all picked out and OH has started painted (although he seems to have stopped half way through which I’m not impressed about). Men!

  • Thanks ladies 😘😊 I'm just laying on the sofa feeling and seeing her kick away! I'm just so in love with her its crazy 🙉 Pregnancy really is the only blind date where you know youll fall in love 💕

    MrsP We have naughty babies who don't like to cooperate lol! Oh 3 weeks isn't long, I know it feels it to you but hang in there, there's not much point unless you really can't wait of course! 

    Kara sounds good, great to get the nursery going before we all get really big and heavy! Luckily I kept my sons cot so I only need a new mattress! Baby will be in our room to begin with because we only have a 2 bed and I don't want her disturbing him at night, so until she sleeps through consistently, she's in with us! 😁🤗

  • Yes we kept the cot too elexox so just a new mattress for us too. He  be in our room too for first 6 months then in his own room. I found our daughter slept better once she was in her own room as we were waking her moving in bed. I think we slept better once she moved too. 

    Aww I’m on the sofa too watching the bake off and baby is moving so much. It’s so lovely isn’t it. I’m 18+1 today and they are strong movements now but not quite strong enough for OH to feel. I think another 1-2 weeks. 

    Mrsp yeah it’s not long. I’d hold off for a private scan now if u can. It’s 2 weeks till my 20 week scan. I must say it’s gone a lot quicker since I had my private scan and I no the gender. 

  • Aww elexox fab pics!! You’re all busy getting prepared. I have very little bought. I guess i’m afraid to just yet. Maybe nearer Christmas! xx

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