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Due in March 2018 - Part 2



  • Congratulations tayto! Can’t wait to hear about the birth. Lovely name too

    Aww Roo you poor thing. Just remember that all that matters is that baby is feeding well and that you remain calm and happy. Must have been so scary for you watching him loose weight. I’m glad he is putting on weight now

    Midwife went well thanks. Jude doesn’t have conjunctivitis thankfully it was just a blocked tear duct which appears to have resolved itself anyway. He had put on 5ozs at 10 days so he is doing very well. Health visitor is due today so be interesting to see his weight today. 

    How you doing MrsP - I’m still rooting for you to have this baby soon! Thinking of you 😘

  • Thank you ladies I’m convinced he’ll be here before the end of March but really who knows. We’ve got an appointment with the consultant on Wednesday afternoon. So we’ll see what happens then. I’ve been feeling odd for a couple days. The odd pmt cramp that comes and goes but nothing regular.think lots of ball bouncing is in order today. 

    Its so lovely to see all the little baby’s I’m gonna sit down and read through all the birth stories this afternoon so I can catch up before I add my own. 

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  • wow What a comp we got the giggle 2 in the exact colour love cosato 

  • How you doing MrsP?

  • Hanging in there. Just finished at the hospital. Been to see the consultant who seamed little confused About everything and why they were seeing me today. But it was a good thing she did as they are supposed to scan me routinely every 3weeks till my due date. So she got me in for a final scan and from that they’ve were able to determined baby’s weight. So the plan is to go in tomorrow to be induced as baby is weighing about 10lbs😱 if induction doesn’t work then it’ll be a c section. either way we’re gonna have a baby by next week crazy day 

  • Wowzas that’s a big bubba! Although I have heard they often get that wrong and baby isn’t as big as they thought! But either way at least you only have to wait til tomorrow for the induction and things are happening for you now 😊I hope all goes well for you MrsP and I look forward to hearing your birth announcement! Good luck xx 

  • Wow MrsP! So that mean you'll be induced tomorrow then ds will have baby in the next day or two? So exciting! Sending you lots of love for tomorrow xx

  • Hi ladies, I have been listening in or watching shall I say, but haven't managed to do personals... looks like everyone is doing well... congratulations to the mummies for the babies born since I last replied 🎉👶🏻 

    Mrsp, I hope your induction goes smoothly! Will be thinking of you tomorrow 🤗 Can't wait to see your birth announcement! 

    Hope everyone and all the babies are doing well! 

  • Wow MrsP best of luck today! What a lovely Easter present you are about to get! 

  • THANks dinky. Just had my call to come in. Scary but exciting let’s hope it’s not to long a process 😊👶🏻

  • Lots and lots of luck MrsP! Xxx

  • Good luck mrsp !!!!

  • Finally getting round to do personals!

    MrsP - I haven't stopped thinking of you all day, I really hope things are progressing and your boy is almost here xxx

    Kara - glad Jude hasn't got conjunctivitis. Are you all signed off from midwife now?

    Roo - lovely to hear from you. Can I just say, with regards to breastfeeding, support is so important - if anyone has failed, it's the midwives and the other people in your care team for not supporting you. Babies are notoriously sleepy after csection and the meds you're given (as you know only too well now) can mess up your supply. They should have helped you with this. But, you did the right thing in switching to formula and I'm delighted he's already almost back up to birth weight. You're clearly a fantastic mama! You have provided him with what he needed - a confident decision to do the best for him xxx

    I don't think anyone else has posted an update so shall we move over to our babies thread now? MrsP will be along before we know it, I'm sure! I've still not done my birth story but will start writing that tonight when doing feeds. 

  • MrsP13, we really hope all is well and you're holding your baby in your arms. Please do let us know how you're doing, when you get the chance. 

    We're going to lock this thread now peeps as it is so mahoosive. Please do come and head over to the new March 2018 Babies thread. 

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