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Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm @DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here. 

Welcome to Due in May 2020! If you'd like to join this thread and meet others who are also due this month, please introduce yourself.

Start as many threads as you like in your Due in May 2020 category from due dates to scan dates to baby names, or symptoms, whatever you want to chat about, go for it! 

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  • hi I'm kameca and I'm 36 years old just got my bfp today. I am super nervous- i have 2 beautiful daughters aged 8 and 9. 
  • Welcome @Kbalan and huge congratulations. Thanks for kicking off our brand new birth club - don't worry, we're sure there will be loads of women joining you soon here. 

  • Hi, I'm Ri and I'm due May 4th 2020. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 23 years old. DH and I are over the moon about getting our BFP last Saturday morning (24-08-2019). I really thought I was out of the running again this month and thought for sure AF was coming that day. Guess I was very wrong lol. DH said he had a good feeling about this month too. Trust him always being right lol   ;) this week (today is wk4 day 5 for me) I've been having intermittent cramps since last friday. Some are quite nasty but most are mild (hope the cramps secede soon cos it hurts! Exactly like AF cramps). Kind of been craving healthy stuff (which is unusual for me) -like carrots, anything green, mandarines etc. Really thirsty. Excess saliva. Peeing ALL THE TIME lol. Boobs went from C cup to D cup over the weekend lol and sensitive but no longer sore like they were on the weekend. Felt a bit sick this morning but mostly good. FATIGUE FATIGUE FATIGUE I'm so tired! Around midday my body goes into sleepy mode and I just lose all energy and enthusiasm. have been having afternoon naps. But the last two days I've been not only really tired but also suffering insomnia (weird right?) like I'm exhausted but I can't get to sleep for ages, but then when I am asleep I sleep really heavily (also unusual for me) and getting up is way harder. Got my Dr appointment monday to check to see everything is normal (blood test and stuff i guess) and ask a million questions. And our town is contaminated with lead (lovely i know) so i have to get my lead levels tested regularly because obviously thats bad for bub. Anyway.. super glad the due in may thread is up and can't wait to talk to more joiners. Wishing everyone healthy happy pregnancies. ps I feel so lonely because i can't tell anyone other than DH, DH's mum and dad and my dad until i'm 20 weeks. It's driving me crazy thinking ill have to keep it secret all that time. 
  • Also congratulations Kameca. I know how you feel with the nerves. I'm so worried I'm gonna lose it. I'm sure your daughters are super excited about it.
  • Hi @Sunflowerkisses and welcome to the thread, and congratulations! 
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to this thread. I got my bfp today after 2years you f trying! To say we are over the moon is an understatement! 😊 Decided to do a test today as I was nearly 5 days late and I am always on time. Thought it was delayed due to stress or something but it I'm pregnant!
    Have had mild cramping the last few days and seeing all the time too! So excited xx
  • Sorry about the typos 😊 i meant to say I'm peeing all the time; 😂
  • Hi @Tazziebear welcome and huge congratulations! Two years trying is ages, so you must be just over the moon! We are thrilled for you! 
  • Thank you so much daniellemfm! I still can't believe it! 😊🥰
  • Hi girls congrats on your bfps!! I'm due 29th May baby no 5 here  :#
  • Hi @sara** huge congratulations on your pregnancy! And baby 5! Wow, looks like you'll be the resident pregnancy expert here! How old are your kids? 
  • edited Aug 29, 2019 10:08AM
    Lol thanks and I'm so silly I'm in the wrong bump group !!! Baby brain has already kicked in !!!! I'm due 29th April !! Sorry! 

    Kids are 9,7,3 and 14 months x
  • Hiya Ladies,

    i am due 3rd May 2020. 

    tested on day of missed AF 24th August and had a good FR positive result. 

    my last pregnancy ended 29th april.

  • Hi @Amnx we are thrilled to see you in another birth club, congratulations - wishing you the stickiest of beans. 

  • Hi @Amnx we are thrilled to see you in another birth club, congratulations - wishing you the stickiest of beans. 

    Thankyou xx
  • Hi everyone. I found out just 2 days ago that I'm pregnant for the first time. I will be due around 8th May. Me and my husband have been ttc since February and this past month has been really stressful for my health so I was quite surprised when I got the bfp! 
    Still really anxious and scared tbh it doesn't feel real
    I'm overweight and recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism so worried how this might affect everything. But for now I'm trying to not freak out lol
    Nice to meet everyone and good luck! :)
  • Hello @Shak19 welcome to the thread and huge congratulations! 
    How are you feeling so far? 
    And how is every one else doing? 
  • Hello @Shak19 welcome to the thread and huge congratulations! 
    How are you feeling so far? 
    And how is every one else doing? 
    Thank you. I was convinced I was infertile so still trying to get my head around everything. Keep expecting my period to start. I'm just so anxious.

    I'm feeling ok physically no symptoms yet really it's just mentally really. I recently got a swab done which showed I'm a strep b carrier which I know can be fatal to a newborn. My thyroid isnt working as it should so I'm worried about that too and just trying to not worry but it isnt happening lol. Aside from that I'm really excited! 

    My husband is so cool and calm and very excited. We haven't told anyone else yet altho we're struggling to keep it hush lol. 
  • Hi guys! I’ve had 3 positive tests, first pregnancy. I think I’m about 3-4 weeks. Wondering when to schedule first doctors visit? Also, should I schedule my first appointment with my primary care physician or go straight to OBGYN?
  • Hi Guys, congratulations to everyone I'm so happy for you all 😊
    How has everyone been feeling? I am about 6 weeks now and I'm feeling good apart from being abit more tired. Te cramping I had around the time I tested has passed thankfully. These first few weeks are soo hard trying to keep it all a secret! 👣
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