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Due in May 2020 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in May 2020 peeps, as the earlier thread has hit the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • Just posting here so I still get all the notifications emailed to me :)
  • So girls I have been for my 20 week scan and they told me I'm having a boy... After the private scan people told me I'm having a girl, I'm upset tbh... Wouldn't have minded either way in the start but now iv got used to having a girl, we chose a name, iv baught a mountain of pink girly stuff and now I don't know who to believe... I just feel like iv had somthing taken away from me, can't stop crying, I can't have any more children after this, as it's to High risk for me, I Thaught I was so lucky to get one of each, and id have a baby girl to complete our family, and now we don't and I'm just so so upset x
  • @Rebecca1992 can you contact the private scan place? I know my local one does a free rescan if the gender is quoted differently by the NHS.

    I totally get the frustration. After my scan I was a bit upset as in my head I was thinking girl - obviously nothing official to back it up like you had tho. However a good nights sleep and just getting excited about A BABY I got my head round it and embraced it. 
  • Yea iv just contacted them and got a re scan on Sunday.... I'm just gutted, wouldn't have minded either way if I'd known boy from the start but to be told one thing then another, I'm not impressed at all and upset :( x
  • @Rebecca1992 Oh I am so sorry. I know what you mean, of course you love either one, but when your heart is set on it, it’s just disheartening. Do you have a pic of your private scan and one from today?
  • these are from today, at the NHS scan she refused to give me a potty shot and said they don't do them, but I'm sure Iv seen boy bits today and it's so weird because the potty shots are from my 16 week gender scan and they look girly to me... Find out on Sunday for sure x 

  • I would’ve said from your 16 week scan that’s definitely girly!! 
  • Aww hun I hope you get some
    answers soon did she say she was certain it was boy ?
  • Nope but I think they say that because they can never be 100% just to cover them self's, she said theres nothing there indicating its a girl... I saw boy parts, after I explained think she felt bad for me and she really checked it all and unless it's a swollen girl that's taken on the form of a willy then I'm gonna say its a boy.... Its just really annoying, iv spent so much money on girl stuff, wish I'd never found out now lol but hopefully will get a defiant answer on Sunday... I feel bad for getting upset it's not like it they are a boy I won't won't them, obviously I will love them all the same it's just ud think they would get gender right, iv spent so much money, woken up happy from dreams of us like doing stuff together when she's a bit older and now looks like it's all gone, just hard to wrap my head around, I'm upset but hopefully I will be fine tomorrow, after all I'm still getting a beautiful baby and u should be grateful and happy with that, its what some people can only dream of, the gender shouldn't matter and it doesn't it's just the amount of money iv spent and I can't get it back :/ x
  • @Rebecca1992 bless you hopefully
    you’ll get a proper answer on Sunday but it is completely normal to have those feelings your having and to be upset and disappointed with the gender. But like you say your so lucky to have this baby regardless of gender and you’ll love this baba no matter what! 
    Are you not able to return the things you brought girly? Maybe for store credit if you’ve not got the receipts maybe explain what’s happened? I’m sure your not the first and last that they’ve seen it happen to xx
  • Oh I’m sorry hun, I understand why it’s upset you. I hope the scan on Sunday can bring a definitive answer for you, either way, so that you can work on getting back to your excited space. 
    Don’t be too hard on yourself for feeling bad now, it’s totally understandable! 
    Your 16 week scan did look girly.
    By the time baby arrives I’m sure you’ll feel in a better place 😘 

    Other than having the gender news change, how was your scan? Is everything well with baby? Xx
  • @Rebecca1992 oh gosh that is a shock! You would think the private scan would be more accurate but then I guess the baby is more developed at 20 weeks than 16.  I would be feeling miffed too! I hope the scan on Sunday clears it up, as you say you’ll love the baby no matter what x
  • @Rebecca1992 That’s weird they said they won’t give potty shots since that’s the best way to see gender lol your early scan doesn’t look like anything is between there though
  • I know i don't kmow why she couldn't just give me the shot :/
    Everything was fine with the scan apart from I have to go back in 2 weeks to get a better look at the heart and brain she said all looks fine but couldn't get a good clear picture x 
  • Rebecca which hospital are you at?
  • I know peeing more is a symptom or pregnancy but I also have an increased first! Anyone else have this? Beginning to worry/wonder if I’m developing gestational diabetes. I’ve got a test at the end of Feb but just wanted to see if this was also a common pregnancy thing?
  • I must admit I’m more thirsty but in my last pregnancy it was a lot more obvious ... they think I may have had it last time but I defo haven’t got it now and I am more thirsty 
  • Ok that’s reassuring! Thanks @Lillian2410. Other than the peeing and thirst (which kind of go hand in hand!) I feel pretty normal so hopefully I’m all good - baby didn’t appear too big in scans either which I believe can be another symptom?
  • Yeah i believe it is and especially if there tummy is large too I think 
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