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Welcome to due in May 2021 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

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  • Hi there, I'm French but living in the UK, soon to be 35 (in a less than 3 weeks). I had my BFP on 21/8 and my due date is 4th May (May 4th be with you haha). I already have a little boy who is 18 months. 

    Hope to find bump buddies here :) 
  • Hi ! Just found out I’m pregnant today :) it’s still very early , my due date is 14th of May :) hope we can all give each other advice on here xx good luck to all the lucky ladies x 
  • Hi Ladies, congrats on all your bfp’s - just a quick thing I am dpo13 having a lot of urgency to go to the toilet - anyone have this before bfp?
    going to hold out to test as doc said better to do that then disappointment for a few days x
  • @Clarissa78 : I'm sorry I didn't notice anything like that before the BFP. Only "clue" for me was the lack of spots. In the days leading up to AF I get a few spots on my jaws (hormonal) and my skin was clear this time. Also a bit more creamy CM (sorry TMI) but that's about it really. Every person will have different symptoms as well so this could be a sign for you. I keep my fingers crossed for you !
  • @Mary58 thanks Mary.. shouldn’t really be asking in this thread as it is for anyone due in May. Only time will tell when... Delighted For you all tho 😊😊
  • Welcome @Mary58 and @Beni96 and huge congratulations to you both! 
    We've dropped you both a hand forum tips private message which we hope you find useful. 
    @Clarissa78 good luck when you come to test and fingers crossed we see you join this thread soon! 

  • Bess8619Bess8619 Regular
    edited Sep 2, 2020 6:54PM
    Hello everyone! 
    Today I took 5 tests.. all faint positives, but positives nonetheless. This is my FRER from today. 

    I am a little in disbelief after a bad experience with evap lines 2 months ago, so we’re taking everything with a pinch of salt!! 

    But I think 5 tests MUST be correct 😁 staying positive anyway! 

    I will be due May 16th 2021. I cannot believe I’m going to say these words; I’m gonna be a Mammy!!!!! 😍
  • Hello everyone, finance and I have been txt for 4 months as it took along time for body to return to normal after being on the depo Injections.

    Yesterday I had a faint positive in the morning and a yes from digital in the afternoon at 11dpo 😁😁😁💕 I just tested fmw today and the line is stronger
    I have booked an appt with the doctor tomorrow to get it officially confirmed 

    So excited ! Looking at May 15th due date 
    Have my fingers 🤞 for everyone on here for a healthy pregnancy journey ahead 
  • @Treesaregreen25 I was reading your comment thinking what on Earth, that’s EXACTLY the same for me.. just I had been on the implant not depo :smiley:

    I tried to contact GP today as this morning at clinic I was given antibiotics for BV... I am surprised they didn’t PG test me there tbh! But I done 5 tests today and also 11dpo and all positive. Hope I can see GP ASAP. 

    is this your first pregnancy? Xxx
  • @Bess8619 oh really!?

    Nice to know someone has been going through a similar thing😁

    Sounds like yours is definitely positive too.
    I would have seen my GP today but she doesn't work Thursdays 😔

    This will be our first ! What about you?
  • @Treesaregreen25 Lucky you ha ha! Our practice has 4 GPs, yet at lunchtime today I couldn’t even get to speak to one on the phone. With the antibiotics, I dare not take them until GP says otherwise so wanted advice. I hope I can get an appt very soon, I want to tell my Mam before we all go out on a big leaving do next week for her! I can’t use the antibiotics tactic and I love a glass of wine THAT much she’ll guess straight away if I’m not having one 😂😂😂

    Yes this will be our first baby. I got my implant out in Feb but only had a chance of pregnancy for 4 out of those 6 months. 

    Please let me know how you get on tomorrow, I would love to know what I’m stepping into when I go for mine! Hope to keep in touch and take care xx
  • Good idea @Bess8619, I would hold antibiotics also until did tells you what do.
    Don't won't to risk anything this early on!!

    Aww your mum will be so excited , hopefully!
    My mum new we were TTC but I am thinking of telling her AF came so I can make it more of a suprise for her if she thinks it didn't happen ☺😆

    I will let you know once I have seen GP tomorrow. It's only Thurs morning here so a whole 24 hours to wait....

    Take care for now!
  • @Treesaregreen25 and @Bess8619 : Congrats! 

    It's my second and I'm trying to keep it a surprise for my mum too. It's her birthday on 6th October and I'd love to be able to tell her then. She lives in France so she won't suspect anything either.  

    I didn't go to the GP as it is possible to self-refer to the hospital online. I think a midwife will call me to organise an appointment soon. Don't have many symptoms yet, slightly 'plumped' boobs  and had tiny waves of nausea (not in the last couple of days). 

    Good luck with your GP appointments :) 

  • Congratulations @Mary58💕💕💕

    How exciting no matter the number, just to be growing life is truly amazing 

    That is a great idea re your mum. Did she know you were TTC or it will be complete suprise?

    How did you @Bess8619 with the GP?
    I went this morning and will get bloods back this afternoon hopefully 🤞🤞
  • @Treesaregreen25 sorry to mention and bother you hun x which country are you from ? I live in the uk 🇬🇧 and would like to call my GP to let them know I’m pregnant , and would like them to do a blood test for hcg levels as had a misscarriage last year . I don’t know if they will do that here tho :( 
  • Hello!

    We got our BFP on Friday! Due 14th May 🥳 
    I have a son who is almost 2, I find the beginning of pregnancy so difficult to keep a secret but found a forum on here so helpful last time throughout pregnancy as you have others in the same boat and don’t have to worry about slipping up! 

    I’m currently laid awake feeling sick... and so it begins. 

    Looking forward to chatting with you all and congratulations ❤️
  • Hi, 

    Been doing tests every day this week - all positive. Think I am due around 10 May. This is my second baby - first is 13 months 😅
  • ButtercupmummyButtercupmummy Regular
    edited Dec 7, 2020 5:48PM

    Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • @Treesaregreen25 hey!! Sorry I haven’t replied, I didn’t seem to get the notifications through!

    GP and sexual health nurse said to take them as normal, I have got slight case of bacterial vaginosis so glad I caught it when I did!!

    Had some weird cramps last couple days guys.. anyone been the same? Headaches are killing me too. AF is actually due today.. but I’ve just took a CB digi..... 

    And now it feels even more real!!! Omg I am SHAKING! Seeing that word right there has just eased any nasty negative thoughts! Xxxx
  • Hi everyone 
    congratulations on your BFP. I thought I would join as these forums helped me in my last pregnancy.
    2nd pregnancy and fingers crossed a baby comes out of this one for me.
    fell pregnant May and had an ectopic that passed naturally in July. Found out I was pregnant again last week. Due May 15th. I’m 26 hoping this is my time.
    i wish everyone all the luck in the world x
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