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  • It takes me a while to get comfy but once I do thankfully I manage to sleep ok, bluehawaii I had piles early on an doctor prescribed me anusol and lactolose they came back a couple of weeks ago and made me bleed so I called triage and she said I might need something stronger than the cream (suppositories) but I really don’t like the idea of putting something up my bum I just can’t bring myself to do it, putting the cream on makes me feel ill. 
    Iv also called them this morning as Iv lost my mucus plug! X
  • What did they say about you losing the mucus plug?
  • She said Some people lose it weeks before birth, It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to go into labour but to wear a pad and keep an eye out for any water and to call back if I have any pains, I wear a panti liner 24/7 anyway it really threw me when I went to the loo and there it was on the liner 😱 x
  • I can imagine! 🙈 bet it was scary. X
  • @Loz27 I've been losing mine too in pieces this week. They're right about it could be weeks. I lost mine at 36 with my little girl and still went to 41 weeks. It can regenerate too x
  • Yes! My first thought was omg what the hell is that, then I thought about the plug an I thought no surely it’s too early for that but apparently not x
  • Yeah she mentioned about it could regenerate, there was quite a lot this morning and still having bits when I wipe, I took a pic incase they needed to see 😨 x
  • @Loz27 sounds gross, but what does it look like? I’m guessing its obvious but just in case 😂
  • It’s just like jelly lol I don’t want to post pic incase some get offended do you want me to send it you? 🙈😂 x
  • 🤣🤣 these forums are great aren't they? We're here talking about bum pains and mucus plugs but daren't post incase someone is *That* person that complains like to the BBC lmao I never lost my plug with my first so I've never seen it either 😂
  • @Witmore26 I always thought it looked like the jelly you sometimes get on a pork pie 😂 Well texture wise maybe not as firm. Or the glue from a kids magazine where they stick the toy on... 
  • Ladies, I want you to remember that pregnancy is a truly wonderful and magical time. I tried to remember this while having to queue up in Asda to ask the difference between Germaloids Ointment and cream 😂 Then I had to wait for the assistant because there was an unexpected item in my bagging area! 8 weeks to go............
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 @Loz27 I just googled it 🙊
  • Mine had no blood just lots of clear thick jelly like stuff 😂 
  • Oooh! How many weeks are you @Loz27! Good job you mentioned it, if it happened me to I’d freaking out thinking she’s on her way! Hope you are all feeling good. Bar the loo issues 😆. I’ve not got that yet but I definitely notice I don’t seem to need to go as much. I get terrible reflux at night, I’ve found TUMS to be really helpful if any of you get reflux xxx
  • I was 35wks yesterday, it did worry me lol x
  • Just had my 2nd growth scan, I'm 32+2 and baby is sitting at 4lb4oz which is about 11oz less than my daughter at this stage. They reckon if it keeps on at this rate baby will be just under 8lb at 41 weeks whereas she was 9lb7. I'm sure that will all change though! 
  • Are you carrying big Evelyn’s mummy? At 31wks my baby was 3lb14 x
  • @Loz27 I'm much smaller bump wise than first time around but have a personalised chart because it's a second pregnancy. So baby is bang on average but small when they factor in height etc (I'm 5ft11 and hubby is over 6ft). I'm sure it's 1/2oz to 1oz gain per day at this stage but I never trust their measurements! 
  • No they have been wrong with all my friends when they have said the babies weight x
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