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  • Not long to go now! 

    @EvelynsMummy6390 I think it’s something like mat leave kicks in if it’s 4 weeks within your due date (or mat leave, not sure) and pregnancy related for any time off sick?

    @Lucyros3x - yay! That’s only a few days now, you’ve got this 😀!

    @Witmore26 - Bless you! It’s hard isn’t it. Are your work flexible at all, can you work from home or work flexi hours? I’ve been lucky to work from home a few days of the week. I feel good today but some days I do really struggle. Your doing well though and you will have more time off when your baby here, it will be worth it. I feel for you moving house to, just think less than a couple of months from now you’ll have your new baby and be in your new home :-) xxx
  • @mrsg101 we move a week today! Feel sorry for my hubster really as he is having to do everything! I dont have any flexibility in my hours or able to work from home. I do 8:30 - 5 and by 9am am I yawning my head off - no joke 🙊 It will be all be worth it! Gawd I sound a sadsac tonight 🥺😂
  • I finish Friday when I’ll be 36 weeks. Early morning are hard work now so glad to be finishing.
  • This is my second week of I finished at 35wks, I was definitely ready I couldn’t of imagined going to work last week with the aches and pains I’d got x 
  • My last day is 1st November, where I'll be 36w. I've got 3 weeks of Holiday then may leave officially starts 25th November as I only get the minimum 6 weeks at 90% which should take us just past Christmas before it drops to statutory. That's part of the reason I'm making most things for Christmas presents this year! I'm 1/3 the way through doing hubby a scarf, the problem is, he now works from home most days so it's really difficult to find time when he isn't around so I can get on with it! I've also bought a lot of the things last month and this month so I don't have to do the big Christmas present shop with a two week old baby. My plan to save money will either work or it won't haha
  • @Bluehawaii90 same on Christmas! I got the wee one a climbing cube for the garden in the prime sale months l back so she's just getting wee knock knacks to go with it. New baby I'm hoping doesn't arrive on Black Friday like I'm predicting so I can get them something in the online sales and for everyone else we had booked newborn photos which should be ready just before Xmas so mum, gran etc will just be gifted updated photos of the kids which are paid already. 
  • @Witmore26 Ahhhh it will all be worth it ! Our friends are moving house next week, hubby and a few others are helping them move. I’m the project manager of take out and snacks so that works for me ! 😂 

    You guys are so organised on Christmas! I’ve been looking at Christmas outfits for the baby but that’s as far as I’ve got haha x

  • Just had my 36+3 week appointment. Everything is good and on time which is nice to know. She can only feel 4/5 of the head which means she’s 1/5 engaged! 🥰 starting to feel real now! I’ve bought my babies Christmas Day outfit. Just want to get her something to wear on boxing
    day now!
  • @Lucyros3x 😍 Thats a gorgeous outfit ! I’ve seen some really cute pinafore type dresses and little long sleeved tops under, that would be cute for Boxing Day x
  • @MrsG101

    Thankyou! 🥰 I’m obsessed with that website! It’s American so things take a while to come but the quality is really good! X
  • Oooo @Lucyros3x I'd never heard of that site before - what have you ordered from them so far? Any maternity stuff or just babies? Be really interested to hear your feedback. 

  • I’m finishing on 22nd Oct, I’ll be 35 +2 but only doing 4 days work til then, the rest at home doing admin! 
  • @Lucyros3x I've ordered from them before too. I was skeptical but it came and was really nice. Might have to go have another look.... 
  • @DanielleMFM
    Ive ordered the Christmas outfit and two little sets and theyve always been fab! I haven’t ordered any maternity wear from them however!

    Yes definitely! I just think they have some really unique things! X
  • @DanielleMFM I think it’s a mixed bag with PatPat really. I ordered 2 summer maternity dresses and a maternity swim suit from them. The swimsuit was great but the dresses were unwearable and a waste of money :( really flimsy awful material that snagged and was practically see through! 
    Seen some really cute Xmas outfits I’d like to order on there but not sure if I want to risk it!
  • Bluehawaii90Bluehawaii90 Regular
    edited Oct 10, 2019 8:30PM
    Evening ladies, am I really bad for having had enough of this baby kicking? He's been pushing his head right down at the same time as stretching his legs right up and omg its so uncomfortable. 

    I've been off work today as I managed to trip up the stairs to our office yesterday. I didn't properly fall over, I managed to stay on my feet but I've really jarred my hips and pulled muscles under my bump. It's a bit better tonight but I'm really struggling. I went to the doctor, he just said rest up and take pain killers unless I get bleeding, reduced movement or go into labour. 

    I'm beyond fed up now. I've got another cold so can hardly breathe through my nose. I keep trying to remind myself only 7(ISH) weeks to go. 

    How is everyone else? Is anyone else having to deal with being told how tired they look or how big they are? I'm about to kill the next person that says "you look really tired, probably because the baby is so big this time"....😣
  • @Bluehawaii90 hope your muscles etc ease off soon. Its so easy to hurt yourself at this stage isn't it!

    I've got 6 and a half weeks to go. We had an appointment at the bank earlier today and I happened to mention I'd make an appointment to open the new babies account once they arrived. The woman reckons I'm not even showing (I feel a bit hippoesque so that's defo not true). She's the 3rd or 4th person to comment that I'm small this time so totally opposite to you but it does make you a bit paranoid. Maybe baby is squashed because the kicks are starting to hurt a wee bit depending what position I'm in. 
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 I totally get you! I have the same. I had my baby shower at the weekend everyone said how small I am and how neat my bump is! In a hoodie you’d be hard pushed to tell. The kids at work only just cottoned on today and I finish in 12 days!
    i think baby is definitely squashed as my kicks are pretty bc painful most of the time now, it’s like alien trying to burst out sometimes! 😩 hoping baby turns back to front soon!
  • @LivyLouby it's mad isn't it. I was huge last time and this time it looks like I've maybe eaten a little much at lunch 😂. I finish up in about 12 days as well and still running into people in meetings who have no idea. That said last time I met a woman from work 6 weeks postpartum who wanted to know who I was baby sitting for so maybe they just aren't that observant! 😂

    Is baby back to back just now? I had a back to back labour and honestly didn't think it was anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be so try not to panic too much if baby doesn't turn. You've got this! 
  • Iv had my 36+4 app this morning and she’s booked me in for another growth scan as I’m measuring 38cm, didn’t say position of baby or if she was engaged or not x
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