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  • #pregnancyblessed 😂
    @Bluehawaii90 we've just spotted this post and we are 😂😂😂
    Please tell us one of them has worked? 
    So, guys, in the Due in October 2019 thread, have had two thirds of their babies already! I have this super old list, so sorry if you're missing/things have changed! 

    Bluehawaii90 - 30/11 - BLUE
    nikkinarno - 29/11 - BLUE
    Lpops -27/11 - PINK
    Evelynsmummy6390 - 25/11 - YELLOW 
    LivyLouby - 24/11 - YELLOW
    neenaricci - 23/11 - PINK
    MrsG101 - 20/11 - PINK
    Witmore26 - 10/11 - PINK
    Larat84 - 8/11- PINK
    Loz27 - 4/11 - PINK  
    Lucyros3x - 3/11 PINK
    Healthygenes1986 - 9/11 BLUE

  • @DanielleMFM it burst on Friday night so "worked" is debatable 😂 I used Anusol Cream with my daughter around the same stage and I was cleared before labour. This time around its worse but I've stuck with the same cream lol if a review of bum cream and the pros/cons, I could be your reviewer lmao 
  • Oh @Bluehawaii90 you have made our day with all the talk about your bum grapes. Apparently, Anusol can work wonders on under eye bags too! 
  • Ooh i’ll Make one of these charts for our group too 🥰 so exciting!
  • I’ve been popping back and forth to the October group! I’m amazed they had 9 babies before October! 
  • Wowie! It’s crazy to think our little ones will be here soon. It has gone quick hasn’t it. I’ve got a health visitor app tomorrow, mine is at a children’s centre, from what I can see they usually come to your home? Has anyone had theirs yet? x
  • @MrsG101 a health visitor appt has never been mentioned to me in all the time I’ve been seeing my midwife 🤷🏻‍♀️ I dont know if/when I’ll be given a red book or even what its for! 
  • I had the health visitor come round last Tuesday (35wks) the midwife had not mentioned it I just got a letter through the post the week before, witmore I don’t think they do red books anymore I think it was just all your notes which they do online now x
  • @MrsG101 I had mine last week, they combined it with the wee ones 1 year check so I was only 32 weeks which I think is quite early.

    @Witmore26 with Evelyn I never met my HV until she was 11 days, I got my red book then, but she did call and introduce herself when I got discharged from hospital. That ladies now retired so the new one only popped along to meet me. She didn't really do any checks. 

    @Loz27 I hope they've not done away with the red books, I find mine really useful for checking the wee ones milestones, but also feel for anyone not computer literate. It might vary from one trust to another though. 
  • Health visitors are a waste of time. My daughter was two in May and we've only seen her 3 times. She was very keen to be telling us what not to do, but was never around when we needed advice on moving to solids early or when she started searching at the boob despite never feeding from them lol we found out very quickly it was doing what we felt was best at the time and just trying EVERYTHING. We didn't have a visit with our first and it hasn't been mentioned so far, although it's all over the NHS website, so I'm a bit confused about it. 

    The red book never made sense to me, especially since it was down to me to fill out! Our sure start centre run a self weigh on a specific morning and there is literally no-one there to help, let alone fill the book out. I took Harper every other week to a room where there was a set of scales, a ballot box, some sticky notes (no joke!) and a changing mat. I had to strip her off, put her on the scales, keep a hand on her whilst scribbling down the weight! not sure if it's just a local authority thing, but it's a nightmare! They also suggested we went to the health centre two days after having her ( stitches and all) for a check up. I said to them "I'm not able to walk up the stairs without help from my husband as I'm in a lot of pain...." The woman I spoke to said and I'm not joking "you shouldn't have left the hospital until you felt better". 

    Suffice to say I don't have a lot of confidence in health visitors anymore lol
  • @Bluehawaii90 that's a shame they've been so crappy with you. I must say the first HV was a bit useless, she was part time 2 days a week and there's no weigh clinic at all in our town. We got her weighed at home until she was maybe 6 weeks then she disappeared off the radar - maybe that's when she retired, we were never notified.

    The new one seems much better. We actually had met her twice at around 7 months when I was worried the wee one was losing too much weight after weaning and she told us just to ring her if we wanted her checked again (as it is in destined to have a child whose a beanpole. She's 2ft8 at a year old and only 20lbs 😂). I'm hoping she's going to be as good with new baby.

    The midwifes by comparison have been useless. I'm under consultant care but my mw assured me I'd be called for an appointment by a colleague because she was on holiday. That was 5 and a bit weeks ago and nothing. I have my growth scans 4 weekly so not going unchecked by any means but I do feel a bit forgotten about. 
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  • I’m 36 weeks Friday and not heard off hv yet. Baby still breech I hope she turns soon. anyone had an ecv before? 
  • My health visitor is coming next Monday. @Larat84 I’ve never had a ecv before, quite frankly it makes me feel a little bit queasy. I have given birth to a breech baby without problems before but I think they try and avoid this now. Hopefully baby will turn. I think if she stays breech they would offer you a section. 
  • Not heard anything about a HV before baby arrives? Or after for that matter!
  • I can’t say I want it to be honest, I just thought they tried to turn the baby but there is quite a few risks attached to it. I was hoping to find someone who had it done. It may all depend on if baby has grown this week though.
  • Thanks ladies :-). I had my HV app today, not at home but a local centre. No mention of a red book, it was just more of a kind of chat. She was very nice, I wouldn’t say I gained much from it but she was lovely. They come out when the baby is a few days old she said and said they would call me after baby is here?

    How are you all doing? I’m 34 weeks tomorrow and finish work in a few weeks. When do you all finish up? X
  • @MrsG101 sometimes I think these visits are nice to have so you can put a face to a name. I found it quite daunting letter someone I'd never met into my house when I had a newborn.

    I'm 33 weeks yesterday and due to finish up on October 22nd for a month's annual leave, then I'll start proper leave at my due date. I feel so cheeky as ive had to phone in sick for this week. Wee one has the dreaded hand foot and mouth and now I'm starting to get spots. I don't think they can force me off yet as it's too early on and it's not pregnancy related? 
  • I’m 36+2 and finishing on Friday. So ready now to be at home and just having housework to do! 
  • I’m 35+3 and finish on 31 October 😫😫 I’m so tired now and totally ready to finish but holding out to delay the SMP due to moving house 🙈
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