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Starting Clomid March2016 anyone else?

Hi there,

Me & my hubby are ttc for over a year now. I know I have PCOS since a very long time, this time round we went to fertility clinic and I'm just about to start Provera on Saturday, then on the AF going to take first round of Clomid 50mg.

Is there anyone esle starting Clomid?

How are things going anyway so far ? 



  • Anyone else ??

  • Hi

    I started clomid 50mg in November 2015 after being diagnosed with secondary infertility aka no known cause. I have two older children from a previous marriage and my husband and I have been ttc since August 2014. Three days ago after our 4th round of clomid, and just about given up hope, we got our BFP and couldn't be happier.

    Hang on in there, and please try not to be disheartened like me when it didn't happen after the first go. I was so excited to start the clomid and really hit a low after the months passing and believing it wasn't going to work for us. 

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • Hi SarahHH :)

    I'm so happy for you guys xx  Big big Congratulations !

    And thank you for a reply. I'm sorry to hear about your struggle too. I know it must have been devastating for you:( Especially that the reason is unknown, so it must have kept you tormented after BFN's.

    You are right, we both are so excited so far and will be disheartened from bad news. From all our BFN's previously, I just thought to give up, I was letting myself down and then dragged my DH with me to the rock bottom. I will try to stay on top of that, until the last cycle of clomid if none of them works  then we will fight harder with more options... therefore I'll take your advice deep into my heart- it's needed :)

    I am so happy for you! I don't pray but I will keep my fingers crossed that there will be no more dissapointments on your way. 

    I wish you all the best too x take care and enjoy your bump :D

  • Hi! 

    I started Clomid March 10, 2016. This is my second round. 

  • Hello Shasha007 :)

    Sorry to hear that first round didn't work. Fingers crossed for your second :) !!!

    Did you do your blood test at 3weeks from the start of the first round? Do you know if it work on you at all?

    My fertility doctor wants me to do only this blood work and nothing else to monitor me during those clomid cycles.

    I will also be booking myself soon for the fellopian tube scan/x-ray. Apart from that, I feel kind of left out. Been reading a lot of chats here and there, it looks like it depends where do you live and who's your fertility doctor to get a better care for one.

    I hope you are feeling okay ?!

  • Hi

    On my first round I had an internal scan at around 12days to check there was a maturing follicle and then bloods at 3 weeks to check progesterone levels to ensure I had ovulated. Both showed good results so then we were left to it for the following months taking the clomid as instructed and told to return after 4 months if we still hadn't got lucky.

    S x

  • Hi

    That's great they checked you out. I will call mine tomorrow and ask him for a ask too. 

    Mine said "take clomid for 6cycles 50mg, do blood work at 3weekd from the start. If it work you will get AF every 4weeks if not concieved, if it doesn't work then AF will be late and you will not concieve as the drag would not work basically. If your second cycle you get AF, increese to 100mg following months, so short period of trying but double dose. If this doesn't work then I hope you have a back up plan and I will see you in a year time" oh and just to let him know if we managed or not. That was all. The rest of it I did my own research and had to ask him all the stuff and he would happily make sarcastic comments that if I really wanted to get pregnant then I would have already... yeah, because it is THAT easy right?!

    Thanks for the info:)I will have to keep a track of my doctor more than myslef lol 

  • It was supposed to be ask him for a scan too *** 

  • That doesn't sound like good planning to me!! I believe the reasons for closely monitoring doses are so that you aren't over stimulated as that can bring issues itself! 

    Definarely call them x

  • I know Sarah, and he didn't even care to tell me that. When I have asked him about it, he quickly said something about getting my priorities right. Like he did not like the fact I am not dumb and that I have read it all.

    I read all about it as he insisted on operation for ovarian drilling and I have disagreed. I think since then he just ignores me and is even more rude. I know he tried to manipulate me into cuttig my body, thretening me about it and comparing my body to a car's MOT. There is no way in hell I will let him do that without trying other, safer methotedes first. 

    If he refuse to help me now, I will change the doctor and make a official complaint about him. 

  • Hi , I started clomid in January and just finished my third round. I too have a child from a previous marriage and my partner has a child too from previous . We have also been trying since sept 2014. hope clomid works for you , i would recommend taking clomid before you go to bed to sleep through any side affects. 

  • Hi, 

    Yes, this is our second round. I thought that our first round went "well" ... we did achieve pregnancy, but on my 48 hours blood work (after the blood work that was positive for pregnancy) my levels dropped  and I was told that I had a chemical pregnancy. So at least we know that it "worked"! 

  • Hi Uandi,

    Thanks for the tips, I will do :)

    Stay strong, I also hope that it will work for you and all of us here ! Xx as they say, I wish us all the sticky BPF's !

    I'm will take my 3rd provera out of 5. I can slightly feel it working so hoping it will happen soon and then I can take my First Clomid maybe at the end of this week, perhaps next Monday... fingers crossed.

  • Hi Shasha007 

    I'm sorry if I did sound insensitive and sorry that this one was chemical. I feel for you.

    I wish you better luck next time. Like Sarah said previously, don't get disheartened, it's tuff but we can all do it. 

    Take care 

  • Hi ladies

    Uandi, you must be looking at your ovulation now :) good luck:)

  • So, I have finished my last provera pill yesterday. Now just waitig for AF :) then finally clomid :)! How is everyone else doing ? 

  • I'm doing well! I had a check up this morning, and I have to go back tomorrow, for another follow up, as I may be ready for my trigger shot tomorrow, and IUI on Saturday. This go around I'm very emotional and sleepy! My first IUI, I went to work after, this go around I'm taking the day off to relax and sleep! 

  • Hello, so I think I ovulated beginning of the week but I have bloods tomorrow to confirm. I've been abit more relax about it all this month, previous months I became obsessed with charting , making sure we did the deed on the correct dates etc. My partner confessed a few weeks ago that it was getting him down with how id become so obsessed with it all and doing it wasnt fun anymore , so I kinda get where he's coming from. I'm unsure if we timed it right this month but I still have a little bit of hope. 

    MamaAsh, great you start clomid soon, good luck to you x

  • Well that sounds like two great news:) 


    Gooduck with tomorrow :)! Of course you are sleepy and emotional, it's a quite a fight for you. It brings worries and negative thoughts, but it's so worht it in the end. And you worry, becuase you want the best to happen! Try and relax, I find it easier if I sit down and do some colouring in Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom. Or if I feel like crying I watch any chick flick or hillarious comedy and letting myself cry a bit for any or no reason. Sometimes that is all it's needed to have a "break". Best wishes and luck on today's St.Patrick's Day !! 

  • Hi Uandi,

    Great that you are relaxed ! 😎 Yeah, your partner must have it tuff as well, in the end those guys secretly have a sensitive hearts 😝 and yet, no idea what a journey it is for a "mom-to-be". At least he was honest with you and didn't shut you off, panic in this situation would only make him and then you feel really bad.

    I hope you managed thought 👣👣 fingers crossed fxfx. If not, then maybe this cycle we could all test around same time and get all our BFP's. 

    So girls, looks like you gonna test together soon enough :)! I'm so excited already for both of you :D

    And thanks xx Haha I might have a easter bunny-bunny spirit soon for my clomid 👯👯😂 

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