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  • Well, like you say it's been miserable with the weather. We've played hide and seek in the house, but there are only so many hiding places!!

    Going to go up for a bath in a minute then we can chill out.

    Have a good evening.


  • well i got it right so few, my little girls are sophie 11/11/06 and nicole 19/06/04 they are really good together so really chuffed, all you gals are so nice on here its great i think ill be on here from now on lol.

    hope you are all having nice nights.

    speak soon.

    mary and girls.


  • mollie loves jumping in puddles and she didnt have a temper tantum when it was time to come in which was good she did fall over and ended up sat in a puddle it was so funny

    mollie hasnt had her dummy durning the day for 2weeks now and she doesnt even ask for it she still has it for nap timesa dn bedtimes im dreding the time when i try and take it away at bedtime not going to do it for a little while yet her talking is a lot better without the dummy thats why i wanted to take it off her during the day as she would talk with it in

    she has been really out of character the last couple of days dont know what is wrong with her think it might be teething as she has still got her back teeth to come though yet .

  • Emma, I have been wanting to get Katelin to give up her dummy during the day but am not sure how to go about it.  How did you do it.? Like you, I wont even attempt nightimes and any sleep times just yet.

    Glad they enjoyed their puddle splashingimage Cant believe all this rain we are having, and Katelin dosen't have any wellies. ( her other pair were thrown away when she fell in a swamp) Apparently its set in for next week tooimage

    Hope Mollies ok.image

  • we just decided to do it on her 2nd birthday we told her the day before not sure how much she understood when we told her and the morning of her birthday i got her up and said to her put your dummy up and she did she puts it on a shelve unit you could put it on top of a wardrobe and she was happy that she put it upo and she gets it at nap time and puts it back up when she gets up and gets it when its bedtime she doesnt have it until she is going to bed and she asked for it a few times for the first 4days we just told her gone and she was fine about it hasnt asked for it since

    how old is katelin good luck with trying to get her off the dummy  

  • Katelin was 2 in May.

    I think I may try next week. She speaks in sentences and with the dummy in, its difficult to understand her sometimes. So I ask her to take it out and sometimes she will and repeat what she's said, then other times she createsimage. But I will do similar to you and let her have it at night.  She has loads and i have to confess I'm always buying new ones , so will have to stop that otherwise I'll just confuse her.

  • we have put all the spare ones in a kitchen draw molllie doesnt speak a lot in  sentences still she has lots of single words and sometimes they will be a sentence not that you can understand the sentence you can just about pick out the single words

    mollie was the same when you asked her to take it out to talk sometimes she will and sometimes she wouldnt it was easier when we did it i was so worried that she was going to have temper tantums all the time but she hasnt not over her dummy any way for other things she has tantums for

    and i thought she was going to take abbies away when we took hers away and she hasnt if anything she gives abbie her dummy when she doesnt want it so in year and half i will be going though this all over again  

  • I thought I would test the water with Katelin today, and asked her to take it out and put it on a shelf, but she whinged, and wouldn't do it.image

    Even while I dress her, when her tops go over her head and she needs to take the dummy out, she moans for those few seconds    AAAAAAARRRRRRHHHHHHGGGGGG !!!!!!!!! I am going to have my work cut out for me.

    She dribbles when its in and I am hating it more and more. When she takes it out for lunch I might hide it. And as she cant reach the others I will see what happens. Wish me luck !!!!image

  • Charlotte still has a dummy, but she is limited to it's use. I have no intention of taking it off her completely yet especially at night time!!!!!!


  • I dont mind her having it at night time, but during the day, I want her to get rid of it. As you know, she has bear, who's label she rubs on her nose and I dont have an issue with him, but the 2 go hand in hand. She even has 1 word for them both as if they are 1 item. Boomboombear.

    Its constantly in her mouth, and she looks like the pengiun from Batman when she talks!!!!

  • i dont mind mollie having it at night time she was dribbling alot with her dummy in and was talking with her dummy in during the day im not bothered about night time at the moment she will get rid when she is ready at night time but she must of been ready during the day as she hasnt asked for it
  • Well Katelin lasted 3 hours without it before she started asking for it. At first i was able to distract her with the Argos book and singing ITNG songs, but then she started to get upset and hunting for them. I had moved them from there usual place and said they are lost and she got really upset. So I caved in!image I dont think she is ready. I might postpone it till after christmas.
  • That's ok Lucy, you never know she may even give it to Santa!


  • xmas is always a good excuse for it.

  • I hope so. Thats what we did with Aaron. We said if he left it under the xmas tree for santa, then santa will take it and leave an extra pressie. ( but Aaron was 4image)
  • My sister was about the same sort of age,my mum just could not get her off it,a woman in the pharmacy managed to get it off her in exchange for a new one which she never handed over,she never asked for it after.  My older sis constantly chewed on a tothbrush till she was 7yrs.

    Its a comfrot thing really,i still see kids at the nusery with them as soon as they get out on their way home.

  • Katelin just came into me crying, saying that she'd hurt herself. I asked her where her hurt was and didn't get any sense out of her so I asked if she wanted me to kiss it better, as she will normally stick her arm/leg out or whatever she's hurt, but this time she didn't so I said 'where do you want mummy to kiss you better?' and she replied 'in the kitchen' I laughed so much, and that made her laugh too, so she stopped crying anywayimage 

    Just thought I would share that with you as I'm still chuckling nowimage

  • Oh bless her Lucy, that has made me smile. image
  • ah bless it did make me smile as well

    mollie has been a right little madam today not doing as she told ,taking toys off the other children and would scream at them if they wouldnt give her the toys then she would have a temper tantum if she couldnt get her own way  

  • That sounds familiar!!!!!!!!!!!image

    I first joined PP as I was after advice as to what to do with Katelin. She would try and take something from Aaron and if he didn't give it to her, she'd slap him. She soon grew out of it, but at least I got to meet some lovely new friends on hereimageAll thanks to my little madamimage

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