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Pregnant after miscarriage



  • I Just got my first i Hate you from lily 😭 

  • Glad everything is okay with baby girl lisil that’s great news! 

  • Bobble321 I would phone the hospital or just go in. I know when I went in in my last pregnancy they told me they wouldn't have seen me if i phoned but seen as I was in they did all the checks. It is ridiculous. The lady I got the last time was horrodous. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted and your mind is at ease.

    Elexox, yup 8 weeks on Fri and my scan is the same day at 9am. I have literally no boobs but what I do have, they have definitely went up in size and are very hard and tender.  My gas isn't so bad anymore 😂 and I get cramping every so often. I feel positive that it will be a good scan. 

    I hope your okay after your fall. You should get checked out to make sure everything is okay. I'm a worry wart though.

    Lisil keep us posted but it's definitely a good sign that everyone is feeling positive and you can feel baby more tonight. 9 months is a bloody long time for 2 scans isn't it!!!!


  • That's great new's about baby Lisi, I'm clearly a few hours behind on the chat 😅 I'm so happy for you.

    Other symptom that I'm having going on 8 weeks is I'm freaking tired. I swear I could go to bed now. I'm normally up quite early as well on my days off but find that I can sleep on for ages which is so not like me. Roll on Fri for a sneaky peak of baby xx

  • Mrsmc, I mean other than my history theres nothing else really panicing me, i just want to know things are okay, and for some reason that seems like such a big deal, i think im out of luck for scan xx

  • Hey ladies, thank you everyone! I was ok the next day, albeit sore and just fragile really. I decided not to call or go in as when I got in and sat down I had loads of kicks from little miss and all seemed ok. I'm having a bit of a down week, feeling really big and uncomfortable now, migraines have started, sore arms from whooping cough vaccine and flu jab, breathless even sitting down etc the list is endless! 29 weeks today 😨 Just 11 more to go... seems so close but so far away 😩 tbh I'm struggling to enjoy the pregnancy now, nausea has come back too plus I think I've got a cold brewing too right on top of Christmas - bloody typical! 🙄 I really took the second trimester for granted! 🙁 

  • Hey girls just a quick pop in to say so happy for you all that your all doing so well, am missing you all though especially as the other thread is pretty quiet at the minute 

    just wondering if any of you didn't ovulate when regular due to stress?? I'm pretty sure one of you girls said you where really late getting af before even when it was regular...if anyone could help that woukd be great

    sorry to impose on your group just did t know where else to ask xx

  • Elexox 29 weeks already wow! Next week you’ll be 3/4 through that’s crazy! It’ll be March before you know it! Is your son getting excited for christmas & having a baby sister? What’s his name I don’t think I’ve ever asked before? I hope your cold doesn’t turn into anything! The cold weather definitely doesn’t help! Much easier being heavily pregnant In the summer with stretchy/flowy dresses as long as it’s not to hot 😂 hope you start enjoying it again soon! 

    Mrs Rees you’re definitely not imposing! You’re more than welcome to stay with us! i Can’t say ive never ovulated as far as I’m aware, I’ve never been late anyway, hopefully it’s one of the other girls! Have you taken a Pregnancy test? How have you been? its lovely to hear from you! 

  • Yeah I've taken a few first on Sunday and then Monday and today all negative, my grandad died just a few days before my previous due date and my fertile days so I think I just didmy ovulate due to the stress so now no af and back to square 1

    really glad everyone doing well :) been trying to read back through to catch up on you all :) lots of baby girls in the near future 😍❤

  • Mrs Rees it' lovely to hear from you. I also got my periods back regularly but I'm sure elexox didn't - I could be wrong though. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandad. Sending lots of love. 

    I just know 2018 will be your year 😘

  • Oh and diabetes test was clear so celebrated with loads of chocolate and ice cream today 😂😂 going to end up giving myself diabetes anyway at this rate haha!

  • Mrs Rees so sorry to hear about your grandad 😔 that’s really tough, and Ikbow you were close to him xx

    I had issues Ovulating after miscarriage, I coukdnt get a positive on OPK, AF was all over the place and Drs did my blood after 2 months and showed no OV.  I don’t think it was stress, but more my body getting used to not being pg as has surgically managed as couldn't pass naturally.  I then released 2 eggs after that. 

    Its hard when you are all over the place, but I would suggest carry on with OPK’s and try and keep at it regularly - good luck xxx 

    Ele, so sorry your finding it tough at the mo - hopefully OH will be off with you over Xmas and take good care of you.  Arms should settle from jabs in a day or 2, and make sure you drink lots of water- do keep an eye on headaches tho, as it could indicate something else.  I get a pounding head if I don’t have a coffee every da - clearly my body is addicted to caffine lol - hope you feel about better tomoz xxxx 

  • Haha lisil I like the way you celebrate 🎉 

    i was ovulating fine from June till now but this time I didnot for some reason I really think it was the stress 

    🤞 for next time 

  • Just ordered little girls first unicorn!!  Couldn’t resist XX


  • Thats gorgeous mrs fish 😍 She will love it 

  • Hi mrsrees! Lovely to see you over here! Ive never not ovulated but always after a mc needed at least two cycyles to fall again, our bodys are all wierd!

    Ive booked a scan now girls, and instantly i feel a little calmer! Anyone know what ill see around 9 weeks? Xx

  • Love it Mrs Fish.

    Bobble this was what we saw at 6 weeks so a lot more than this..


  • Hi everyone :) 

    mrsrees, I had issues with my periods and ovulating, I didn’t get either for months at a time due to anxiety/stress. It got back to normal once I was feeling less overwhelmed and my doctor told me it was just my bodies reaction to everything.

    does anyone have any tips for really bad nausea? I have three days left at work, two are very long days, and I resemble a zombie right now because I feel so ill. 

  • image

    Bobble heres my scan at 9 weeks it was an abdominal scan so if you have an internal you will see a lot more! 

    ive found sucking on boiled sweets really helps my nausea whale chick

  • Whale chick my mum always swore by plain buiscits to help with nausea and i used them when I had it on bus journey to Devon, hope that's of help xx

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