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VERY VERY FAINT line on first response test!

Has anyone here used a first response test and had a very very faint line? Im 9 dpo and have used 2 tests today and both had very very faint positive lines within the 3 minutes. I nearly didnt bother testing as had cramps this morning and really felt like my period was coming. Can implantation cause cramps? Han x


  • I had a couple of very faint lines when I first tested positive. Try again the day after tomorrow, your HCG hormone will be stronger and the line will be more visible. Good luck! x
  • sounds very good to me sweetie i had very faint line on FR at 9 dpo and they got progressively darker. As for feeling like af was going to arrive, i was constantly knicker checking for the first few weeks.
    Fingers crossed but sounds like your preggers.
    my tests

    25 weeks
  • I did a couple of tests with faint lines, just wasnt sure what to think of them. The next day I went out and bought two clear blue ones which tell you how many weeks gone you are, then they came up positive, think cos its a digital one it gave me a definate answer! Try a digital one.

    Good luck!
  • Hi i got a very faint line last wed and then again on the thurs with FR, it was so faint i could barely see it. then on sun when AF was due i did a CBD and got my very definate BFP.

    Try a digital test because i think they can be more accurate.

    Good Luck xx
  • I had a really feint line with FR too - so feint I thought I was imagining it! I also did a boots own one a couple of days later and that was feint too - but there! I did a FR one recently just cos it was there and the preg line was darker than the control line so it's work doing them every 2-3 days xx
  • I had a faint line on FR at 13dpo & then tested with CBD the next day to be sure!

    Sounds good though,,,,,

  • did you test today?
  • I agree - the digital Clear Blue one is the way forward. I looked at the ones with the lines in the shop but got confused just thinking about it! The Clear Blue one quite clearly says Pregnant or Not Pregnant - no room for doubt there! You can test up to 4 days before af. Also, the pack says that if you are testing early you should use the first urine of the day as that is when the hormones are the most strong. Good luck!
  • Hi all yes i have tested again today twice lol. 1st with FMU and then another this evening. Both still have faint lines but geting slightly darker. Im going to buy a clearblue digital 2mo so hoping that is positive. Surely 3 tests all with faint lines means its positive. Han x
  • Hi hun i got faint poaitives with both of my children. Just be careful though because sometimes if you test too early the line can come up sinply because its too close to you ov days of because its a chemical pregnancy. This is unlikely if you've got all 3 possitive test though so does sound like you pregnant congrats hunx x
  • its sounds very positive the chances are tomorrow will be darker again.
    congrats sweetie and ill keep everything crossed that its a sticky bean.
  • Sounds good hon! I had a very very faint line on a FR the day AF was due, and that was with FMU. I tested again two days later and the line had got darker, and then two days after that with a CDB which said 'pregnant 1-2'. Congratulations honey! x x x

    Em 23+2 x x x
  • I've had that before, it's waiting for a couple more days and doing again. It was negative for me in the end x

  • It's torture isn't it hope it's my bfp and I get past 8 weeks with both miscarages ended about he 8/9 week mark it's strange as had fertility treatment with both my boys that failed then fell both times the nxt month now I'm getting preg no probs but have ended image
  • I had this with my son... I had terrible period pains and didnt even want to test cos couldnt face disappointment... our line was so feint hubby couldnt see it... it took me until I was a week late to get a line dark enough to convince us it was real xx whispering congrats and good luck x


  • Omg I'm so confused its stressing me out I did tescos own test came up possative did a first response this morning and nothing image
  • When I was PG with ds in 2007,I did several FR tests...

    3pm Weds BFP

    5pm Weds BFN

    6am Thurs BFN

    10am Thurs BFP.

    11am Sat BFP.

    You can get a false negative (not enough HCG hormone), but not a false positive!! Congrats!! x

  • Ty Louisa 25 iv not done a test since so will do one this afternoon I think I had a miscarrage in dec last yr and had a miscarrage last month I have 2 healthy children with no probs can't understand why it's happening feeling really low at the moment image
  • Also Louisa what tests did u use ?
  • I did a first response and it was a bfn image
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