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Which Lakeland products have ever so slightly changed your life? Tell us here: vouchers to win!


Lakeland, purveyor of all things baking, cooking, cleaning, storing, organising, not to mention Christmas decorating and gifting, wants to know all about the Lakeland products you have, or would like to have, that are life-changing – not in some dramatic, earth-shattering way but in that lovely, satisfying way that just makes the wheels of family life turn that bit more smoothly. And you could win £100 in Lakeland vouchers for telling us all about it!

To be in with a chance of winning, please post on this thread to tell us which Lakeland products you have found, or would find, to be (ever so slightly) life-changing – AND why. Do feel free to post pictures of your chosen product, too – Lakeland would love that!

If you haven’t come across the wonders of Lakeland before, do have a browse for inspiration on their website.

We're looking forward to reading about some really great products – and what a difference they’ve made to your life!

Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win the £100 Lakeland vouchers.

We'll keep this thread open until Thursday December 8th and we’ll announce the winners’ names on Tuesday December 13th.

This discussion is sponsored by Lakeland. Please note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by Lakeland in future marketing material.



  • I love the over the door ironing hooks, to get all our ironed shirts, dresses and trousers straight onto hangars and it is a handy place to hang them all up until I have finished the basket and can put the Clothes away. It stops them getting creased. Cheap, simple and totally useful. 

  • The slow cooker because I can prepare all the ingredients turn it on and leave it to cook. gives me time to concentrate on other things.

  • I'm currently using your knives and they are awesome they help me in cutting everything easily

  • I love lakeland products I'm interested in buying your kettle so if I win this then I will buy a kettle .it's so beautiful 

  • I love your grill and toasters I wish I could win this vouchers and buy some  your amazing products 

  • I brought a slow cooker from lakeland last month and i can't believe how much time its saved me and how good the food tastes! I am using it 3/4 times a week and trying food that my family would never of normally tried before! 

  • Oven liners! So much easier to clean the oven now.

  • I love their Oxo Good Grips Storage Jars.  I am slowly replacing all my old ones for these - they are air tight, easy to open and look great

  • After having to ask my other half to unblock our shower drain for the 100th time and listening to him moaning whilst doing it (Blocked by my hair.......again  image) I saw the Drain weasel disposable plughole cleaning brushes. Now I could sort it myself and avoid all the tuts and rolled eyes. Surely, life and relationship changing!

  • My slow cooker. I do everything from bolognase sauce, meat joints, casseroles and even rice puddings. I use it at least twice a week, so it is definitely great value for money.


    This! Because you dont have to open the oven to warm your plates causing your yorkshires to go flat!

  • i think the 3 Household Waste Recycling Bags would make a difference to our family and increase how much we recycle, letting the children get involved too

  • My dehydrator.  I make all sorts of healthy food such as flax crackers and chia seed crackers which are gluten free and cost a fraction of the cost of similar things in the shop. I also dry lots of my own fruit and make raw fruit crisps and kale chips. So easy, healthy, and cheap.

  • My friend's mum bought me a Lakeland Pineapple Slicer as a wedding gift. She said it was the most useful thing that I didn't know that I needed. She was right! Now we eat lots of pineapple; pineapple rings, pineapple upside down cake, pineapple and seafood kebabs, pineapple sorbet, pineapple curry, pineapple chutney ..... ok I'm sounding a little like Bubba but you get the idea. Try one :) 

  • I was given a lakeland banana holder for Christmas. Initially i laughed but actually its really good & i use it in my childrens lunchbox to protect it

  • I bought a large square cake tin from Lakeland and have been using it for the last 6 years to make cakes for my boys birthdays.  I love it and the quality is amazing!

  • I have picked two products that would change my life!!!

    The first is a vacuum sealer for food - our chest freezer is old and keeping all the air out of the bags before freezing would be fantastic to stop freezer burn on food - not to mention a great way of storing all that glut of food an allotment makes which in turn makes it a money saver!

    The second one is a hanging shower caddy - yup sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best and with this I would no longer have to clean through the gunge in our shower tray - shampoo bottles get caked in soap residue and to have them off the floor and hanging in this caddy along with all other shower products and cleaning stuff will keep it more hygienic! I love practical things that make life easier! and with no holes to drill to fit it i wont need to wait six months for the man!

  • I LOVE the perforated cling film! It's such a simple idea, but I need to use it every day, and it saves me so much time and frustration! 

  • It would have to be the 'Master Pan' divided frying pan. Our family have lots of different requirements for cooked breakfasts; some like eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and some hate them and won't even eat food that has touched these items! This would be an absolute life saver for me!!

  • Oh, the Alphabet & Numbers Cake Tin! No more oddly mushed together number birthday cake and wasted sponge as these let you form the tin into all the numbers and letters and quite a few shapes too. I want one.

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